Isolate and Abuse

Isolate and Abuse

Do you know what is going on outside on the road? And why there is a need for a road reconstruction? Keep an eye on three things as far as government infrastructure works are concerned:

  1. Water supply
  2. Electricity
  3. Roads

You must be wondering how these three common elements can affect a person or how they can be used to control a person. I will show you how.

Their primary process is something like this:

  1. Isolate the person. Cut off his funding supply, political connections and keep him away from the media. This is step one. Once this has been accomplished then they move on to the next step.
  2. Abuse the person. Pressurize the person to stop via direct abuse and drugs. In the first step they make sure that the person cannot do anything at a large scale. Still the person is an active threat to their malicious systems ... and this person needs to change his mind and stop his work. For that they initiate direct abuse techniques.

Direct abuse techniques can be classified into two categories.

  1. Government 
  2. Private

Water supply, electricity and roads fall under the government section. These guys have setup a massive network in various government and private institutions to enable this. This is exactly how they use the government elements in order to directly affect the target person.

  1. Water supply. The water supply is tweaked. They don’t directly poison the water ... it is not that drastic. What they do is “tweak it” in small proportions. They can tweak the water in several ways.
    • Electrical Sensitivity. If you drink the water from the main supply ... then it can increase the electrical sensitivity in your body. If you keep drinking that water day and night for several days or weeks ... then your body becomes very sensitive to electrical and magnetic fields.
    • Drugged Behavior. Apart from inducing electrical sensitivity ... they can also slow you down, make you sleepy and other similar behaviors.
    • Drained out minerals. They can also drain out minerals from the water source ... reducing the mineral content in your body ... which also be one of the reasons for the increase in electrical sensitivity.
      Where I go to stay on a long term duration ... for some reason water works will begin ... something will go wrong ... and for some reason they need to work on the water supply system. Happened at almost every place I stayed in India ... in Malaysia ... in Russia and now in Turkey. Russians made sure that nothing was done in the second trip ... it was only in the first trip that they were playing around.
  2. Electricity. The water supply helps them to weaken the person’s body and make it very sensitive. And then what they do is start working on the electrical supply ... they sit there tweaking the voltage of the electric supply ... creating different intensities of electric fields in the room or apartment. What happens is ... the brain itself works on tiny electrical signals ... if you make the person highly sensitive to electricity and then create strong electrical fields in his room ... then you put a lot of stress on his brain and render him unable to work. All of this is criminal activity being done in plain sight using government infrastructure.
  3. Roads. If you are not able to create enough electrical fields using the electrical wiring ... then what they do is come up with a road reconstruction idea. What road construction does is ... it helps them to create electrical intensities in the entire area. The construction material used in the roads enables this. 

Water, Electricity and Road works were done at almost every place I stayed in India. They start this within a few months of my stay. The issue that they had in India was that ... Congress was in power and they had no legal access to stop my work. Congress did not allow anyone to even touch me on these issues. In countries where they don’t have legal access to me ... they use other control points. The above are some of the government control points. If you look at the private sector.

  • Food and drinks. Hundreds of companies in the food industry are all owned by 6 Jewish corporations. The food industry works as a network for them to target anti-Israeli elements. They sit there ... tracking which products I buy and from which shops ... and then they tweak the composition of those products. 
  • Technology. All of these tracking and tweaking technology comes from the biotechnological labs from Israel. They have successfully designed techniques and drugs to enter the non-Jewish lives ... drug them as per their requirement and then get away with it. They already know of all of the present tools and technology that are available in our market. And the set of technologies that they use is far better than ours. These guys are criminals and this is exactly what they work on ... research and improvise every single day. How to do trash out there ... without getting caught ... and control people and systems in our favor.

I am sharing this info because I think ... I will be staying in Turkey for a while. Obviously, they will not have legal access to me and they will be very eager to use these alternate techniques. It is a simple two step process that they follow:

  1. Isolate. Isolate the person from financial, political and media channels.
  2. Abuse. Use government and private sector tools to abuse and silence the person.

Heh ... they are criminals ... this should not be a surprise. And the reason I have the Crew System in my favor is that ... they are already aware of all of these techniques ... they know how to control these elements. 

Reverse Psychology

And you know the fantastic thing about these guys ... they use my name in order to carry out these things. “Ow, do you know there is a very important person in your neighborhood ... the American Intelligence works with him ... he is a journalist ... he is very well connected ... we need to fix the water system, electrical lines and roads ... what will he say if he sees this terrible condition of the place? We need to fix it right away ... we don’t want to give him a bad impression about us and our city.” This is what they say ... but what they are actually doing is ... not fixing things for me ... they are tweaking things in order to abuse me. This is reverse psychology ... it is a fantastic tool that can be used to fool the people and use their resources for their good.

They use the same technique for food and drinks as well ... “ow, ow, do you know who is coming to your shop? Do you know who is using your products? We have to customize these products for his good.” ... when that is actually bullshit ... in reality they are doing totally the opposite.

The same goes with holding back the work ... “ow, ow, this is very sensitive work ... we can’t let him go to the media with this ... if we allow him to get funding, he will create a storm out there and we can’t protect him ... we have to protect him ... we have to keep him safe. We need to make sure that he does not reach any media channels for his good.” ... which is again bullshit ... I don’t need protection ... I already have fantastic and very powerful elements protecting me. It is these guys who need protection ... by blocking me ... they are keeping themselves safe and protecting the systems that make them money. 

It is simple reverse psychology that seems to be their winning formula to fool non-Jews into making wrong decisions. Criminal minds at their best.