Political Notes 24/07/2016

Rudy Giuliani FULL EPIC Speech GOP RNC Convention


Fear mongering is nothing but marketing activity for our weapon manufacturers. Politicians like these are their marketing agents. Welcome to the business of war. And yeah, everything he said about ISIS and Islamic Extremism is bullshit. ISIS is as bogus as 911 ... just like 911 was done in coordination with internal elements , so are ISIS attacks, operations and its growth. Our own guys are feeding ISIS with weapons and supplies. And they are blaming "Islam" for ISIS. There is no "winning" with ISIS ... they have already rigged this game ... they have rigged it only to keep extracting our country's resources by the billions. The "let's fight and win" thing is only an excuse to make you keep playing the game. This is a game that you don't need to fight ... you can win by just using your brains.


An 'Herstoric' Achievement 240 Years In The Making


You know something ... the women who actually say "vote for me because I am a woman", they are actually incompetent with no skill sets. If you look at all of the powerful and talented women like Angela Merkel or Margaret Thatcher ... they don't use the woman card at all. Do you think Angela Merkel went around saying, vote for me because I am a woman? No, they don't. They just go out there and kill the competition ... they have the knack, the talent and the skill sets for that. They have what it takes to go the mile. The women who say, "vote for me because I have boobs" actually belong to the loser section of womankind. 


Debra Messing DNC Speech


Hello excuse me ... 911 is the Republican's punchline. This is the Democrat's Convention. Are you sure your taxi dropped you at the right place?


Actress Chloë Grace Moretz voices support for Hillary Clinton at DNC


Can't blame her vote ... the first President that she actually saw in action was George W Bush. Lol. The millennials don't even know what a normal America is.


Full Speech: Chelsea Clinton addresses the DNC


Aww, I am sure she is a wonderful mother filled with love and justice for all. How about visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey and giving this speech about your mother there? How about telling how lovely your mother is to the families of 500,000 people who died in the civil war that she started in Syria? How about telling this to the 12 Million people that your mother displaced from their homes in the name of democracy and protecting the Syrian people? She has created a total disaster in Syria and not once she stood up in support of the refugees fleeing the country. She rallied to create teams of countries to supply weapons and bomb Syria ... she went to the Security Council again and again to bomb Syria ... and not one speech she has made in support of the people fleeing the violence. Your "mother" is a monster when it comes to politics. And yes, you are right ... she is a lovely mother ... she should sit at home and continue being a lovely mother ... and leave politics to those who know what they are doing.


Full Speech: President Obama addresses the DNC


So many logical fallacies. That's what happens when honest people try to support Hillary Clinton. Lol.


Obama's 2004 DNC keynote speech


He could have been so much more. Not just America but the entire developed world would remember him and love him. His name would have been written in the history books of several countries around the world.


Actress Meryl Streep addresses the DNC


Interesting thing is that ... women talk about equality and then the next thing they say is vote for me because I am a woman. This is not a breast feeding assignment madam. The fact that you are a woman does not indicate any skill sets required for the job. May be you should stick to stuff that is more relevant. But this is Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign. She has absolutely no skill sets. Her entire campaign is about licking every ass possible to get the votes. It might be the black community or latino or women or white or yellow ... you name it and she is ready to lick their ass to get the votes. That is Hillary's campaign strategy, "I am the ass licking champion ... the more asses I lick, the more votes I get."


Full speech: Former president Bill Clinton addresses the DNC


What Bill Clinton is actually saying is Hillary's major accomplishment is that "she is my wife" and that's what her complete political career is about. She climbed the ladder and got away with all of her crap only because ... she is my wife. Bill is one of America's best diplomat ... he could easily come up with statistics to justify the vote for any candidate. But the thing with Hillary is that she has "no accomplishments" and no stats to support the same. Her only accomplishment ... which actually happened because of Bill's insistence ... so you cannot even define it as an "accomplishment" ... it is more of "luck" that she is Bill Clinton's wife. And that's the only card that has helped Hillary be wherever she is. Otherwise, she is no better than Carly Fiorina. At least Carly Fiorina made it to being HP's CEO ... Hillary won't be able to do that either on her own. She is a no good candidate. In the best interests of the American people Bill should stop pulling the strings for her. 


Michelle Obama addresses the DNC


Michelle Obama after the speech: Ah thank God, this was my first and last speech in support of Hillary, the monster. I hope I am never put in such an awkward position again.


Meet the Parents | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS


Yeah, Tim is a nice guy and that's the problem with this ticket. People are looking at the "VP" as the human, positive and honest person ... which the main candidate is not. This ticket is like the Devil picking a nice guy to be his assistant ... and the Devil is telling the world ... "ah look, I have a nice guy as my assistant ... now vote for me, believe me and do as I say." This is the main reason I told Elizabeth Warren not to step into this equation. All the nice guys that Hillary picks are essentially to load off her monstrous image. This is the main reason she sends out Bill and Chelsea to campaign for her because people don't give a damn about her. She actually openly admits that she is a failure and a monster when she uses other nice guys to promote her. When she uses other guys ... what she is actually saying is ... "Yes, I am a monster but a nice guy like Bill is my husband ... now vote for me. Yes, I am a monster but a nice girl like Chelsea is my daughter ... now vote for me. Yes, I am a monster but a nice guy like Tim Kaine is my VP ... now vote for me."


Sanders booed after voicing support for Clinton


This guy was a lying prick right from the start. Everything he said or promised was a lie. It was all bullshit. I pity the people who believed in him in the first place.


Obama: I didn't watch RNC, I got things to do


Obama dear, pls don't campaign for Hillary. I know you are a great guy. I know you are very helpful and supportive. I know as a Democrat you would like to help Hillary against the Republicans. But don't do it. She is a "monster" and you know it. She killed 500,000 people and displaced 12 million people right under your nose. She will be the biggest monster that America has ever seen in power. Pls do not campaign for her. She is running for the seat, let her do the dirty work associated with it. And by the way, she is respecting you now ... she is supporting your political stand right now ... because she needs your support to remain outside prison. She is supporting you only because she does not want to be indicted. The moment she gets elected ... that is if she gets elected ... she will shove all of your policies and support under the rug. She will just stomp over you ... she won't give a damn about you.That is Hillary Clinton. She is pure evil. She ran the State Department as if you did not even exist. She was making all of the calls as if she was the President. The moment she gets power ... she is totally a different woman. Do not allow her to exploit your soft corner of being a Democrat. She wants to be President? Let her pull her weight. Her entire campaign is a truck full of lies. She has been in politics for more than a decade and she has not done shit what she talks about. She is a total liar. Do not provide help in pushing that truck of lies for her. You will only end up sharing the monstrosities that she will commit if she becomes President. Kindly do not provide her any support. You are a great guy and the last thing you should support is a pile of lies. 


Trump doubles down on JFK assassination-Cruz dad link


Trump should stop wasting time on Ted Cruz. Cruz is crap and the people know it. Don't explain yourself. You have better things to do. Don't let Cruz take your time or attention. He is not worth a minute of it.


Hillary Clinton: The next VP is Tim Kaine


Well, I must say thank you for not tarnishing the image of Elizabeth Warren by putting her on the ticket. She is a super clean person and putting her on the ticket would be casting a question mark on her authenticity. And that would be one of the worst things that you would do while walking out of your political career, Hillary Clinton. So, thank you to whoever persuaded you not to chose Elizabeth Warren. You already know that you are going to lose. So, try to enjoy the ride as much as you can. Don't take things too seriously ... don't take anything to your heart ... just play the opposition role that you are assigned and give the American people a nice show ... that's what is required from you. You have already got your "moment of history" of being on the ticket of a major party in USA. That's the most you are gonna get. So, like I said ... just try to enjoy the next few months. Enjoy the ride and then, its time to chill at home ... with kids and grand kids. And pls don't teach politics to Chelsea. Teach her genuine and honest ways of making money. Whatever ... prepare to enjoy your family life. I am sure Bill will help you get over it. He is a great guy. He has already helped you once ... he will be there for you again. Bill was one of the best things that you did in your life, by the way. Good luck!


Senator Gillibrand gives us the good, the bad, and the ugly of current sexual assault policies in the military. Unfortunately, the "good" portion is pretty small. 


Why they resist to pass this bill is because our country is essentially controlled by Jewish groups who have "Satanism" embedded in their culture ... owing to which homosexuality, transgender and all sexual deviances are actually a part of their "culture". Christians refusing sexual variety is going against Satanic Jewish "culture". This is the main reason why the pioneers of porn, homosexuality and transgenders are mainly "Jews". And all of these Senators who refuse to support this bill ... they are puppeted by AIPAC. What they basically want you to do is ... walk nude on the street and have sex with anyone and everyone. And they are actually facilitating laws to accomplish this. Skin painted women are being given permission to stand nude at Time Square with just paint on their bodies. This is also one of their additions to the American Christian life. Welcome to Satanic Judaism.