Political Notes 08/07/2016

Theresa May appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


Hillary should move to UK and hope to be elected as Prime Minister in her next birth.

(Sshhh Bill, don't let her do that either! Make sure to get married to her again and take her for an expedition to Antarctica for 25 years. Lol. Penguins won't have a problem with her ... they don't speak English.)


Hillary Clinton comments on new investigation


Just look at her smug face saying, I can do whatever shit I want and there is nothing you can do about it. She says, the formula is to "follow the evidence" ... she deleted 30,000 emails, she deleted the evidence and now she is challenging us to "follow the evidence". Such a smug.


The O'Reilly Factor 7/7/16 - James Comey Testifies on Clinton Email Probe, Donald Trump & RNC


You want to prove "criminal intent"? Okay, this is how you do it. Firstly, there is a video out there of Hillary Clinton "discouraging" the use of email to another colleague. She was asking, "why would anyone use email?" ... she was questioning as if "it is not a safe practice for communication" because it can be tracked by a third party as the information is stored on other computers and servers. She did not even like the idea of using email. It was because of this "insecurity" that she setup the server at her home ... it was not carelessness, it was not stupidity ... it was very carefully planned to hide her email communications from the State Department. 

Her email scenario is something like this. A guy enters the bank ... goes into a high security locker where all the cash is kept ... and he does this again and again for 4 long years every day. When caught ... the guy says, I am just a customer at the bank and I went into that room by mistake. But what he also does is ... he manages to delete the footage from the security cameras for 3000 hours of the total time he was there in those lockers. He says ... yes, there are 10,000 hours of footage available ... check those hours of video and you can see that I did not do anything wrong. Now, will you believe this guy? Firstly, he was at the wrong place where he should not be ... secondly, it was not by mistake once or twice ... he was regularly there for 4 years ... and thirdly, he also manages to delete the footage for about 3000 hours from the security cameras and you have no idea what he did in those hours? Will you say ... okay fine, we could not prove any criminal intent and we should let him go?

Your priority would be to find out ... what did this person do in those "missing hours"? He deleted 3000 hours of his activity in the bank. If he did not do anything wrong then why was there a need to delete that footage? That too, that footage would not be made public ... only the bank or the police department would look at that footage. So why did this person delete that footage and did not want to show it to the police department? What did he do that he was so scared of the police department looking into it? That's exactly where the malice is. That's exactly where the "criminal" activity is. 

This is the exact scenario of our lovely Hillary Clinton. So now, if you want to confirm her "criminal intent" then you need to look into those deleted emails. How would you look into deleted emails?

1. Just call the NSA. They track all emails sent. They definitely have a copy. 

2. She only deleted the emails. But the data still exists on the hard-drives. Use any data recovery company to recover the deleted data ... unless she has changed the hard-drive itself ... which would definitely be very criminal. 

3. See if any hacker has her deleted emails. Declare a million dollar prize for the hacker that will provide Hillary's deleted emails. And you will get those emails in no time. 

What will be in those emails? The correspondence from her Wall Street buddies ... donations to her Foundation ... political favors ... you know, the regular corporate malice. This is exactly what she wanted to hide ... this was the purpose of keeping the server at her home. She did not want her favors to the corporate segment known to the State Department. So, stop the political rhetoric about this ... get technical ... retrieve the deleted data ... that will clarify everything.


The Kelly File 7/7/16 - Megyn Kelly on Dallas Protests, James Comey testifies on Clinton email probe


They are not going to indict Hillary. You should look at the bigger picture. If Hillary is indicted then obviously the Republican candidate wins. Bernie doesn't stand a chance. And the thing is ... it might be a Democrat or a Republican candidate ... the plan is to bring chaos in America under either of them in the next Administration. What happens is,... if Hillary is indicted ... and chaos comes under the Trump Administration then the blame will fall on the "FBI" for indicting Hillary and removing her from the race. At a later stage ... the FBI operation will seem rigged and pre-planned to facilitate the victory of Trump. So the game here is to allow the people to choose ... let the people choose, let the people elect ... so that later nobody is blamed ... "the people chose" ... democracy played its way and people chose this. They are putting enough pressure on Hillary and giving her the required negative publicity so that she loses. 

That being said ... is Hillary victimized in this game? No, she actually deserves 100 times worse because she is 100 times worse than she is being shown. Someone out there is a little bit more comfortable with Trump. The Establishment is just making sure that democracy follows through its course ... while making sure that they are not exposed in this show. I told Hillary in the beginning itself ... you are not gonna win ... the plan is only to use you for the show. She has been in America for 70 years and she cannot see through this ... that's incredible. I support the show, by the way. Trump has the strength to use common sense unlike Hillary ... Hillary is a total puppet. She is getting what she played into.