Political Notes 28/6/2016

Elizabeth Warren Campaigns Alongside Hillary Clinton


Elizabeth Warren should stop shocking the American people by supporting or campaigning for Hillary. You have a clean record and you campaign for a woman who is neck deep in corruption and puppeted by banks and wall-street? You are damaging your own record and image by the choices that you are making.

Hillary is smiling because she has not seen so many people cheering and clapping in front of her for a long time. Yeah Hillary, why don't you start talking and see how all of this soon changes?


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wage Gap


Men and women are not equal. Get over it. The only reason we have the clause "men and women are equal" at the work place is to avoid discrimination of women. If women actually think that "men and women are equal" then they should stop declaring their inferiority themselves. "The first women to climb Mt.Everest" ... why do you even have "The First Women to" awards by the way? If men and women are equal then why aren't women happy to call themselves the "118th person to climb Mt.Everest" and be happy with it? Why do they have the urge to emphasize that a "woman" could also do something that a man did several decades ago? Because deep down they themselves know that they are not equal to men ... and the very fact that they were able to do something that a man has done gives them great joy ... thus we have "The First Women to" awards. These awards, which women wear with such high pride, they themselves are a declaration that women "agree" that they are not equal to men.


Bernie Sanders Is Not Dropping Out Tonight


I am pretty good with Arithmetic and the Arithmetic tells me that $27 donations are still coming in and I am not the guy who gives up on money - Bernie, the Jew.


Clinton: Trump's Books 'Seem to End at Chapter 11'


You were pathetic as a lawyer ... you were pathetic as a politician ... and you are even pathetic in attacking your opponent. You don't even know how to attack Trump. Attacking Trump is the easiest thing that anyone can possibly do. This only shows your lack of vision to be able to see through. You can't even see your opponent properly and we are supposed to hand over the most important country in the world to you? You suck at so many different levels madam.


Video shows 13-year-old buy a gun on first try


Good work CNN. Do you see all of the comments on this video "against" CNN and in support of the gun seller? This is how the Jewish network works in America to support laws and policies that benefit Israel and Jewish Corporations. And yes, the shares of the largest weapons manufacturers in the US are held by Jewish groups. All of these assholes should be deported to Israel and let them setup their crappy laws and system in Israel. Stop destroying America.


Elizabeth Warren visits Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters: 'Don't screw this up'


The moment you make a choice between Hillary or Trump then you have already lost to the game that the Jewish Establishment is playing. The Establishment is going to win either ways ... and the American people are going to be screwed either ways. The only way out is to change the damn system itself.


Gunman in Orlando pledged allegiance to ISIS; at least 50 killed in shooting rampage at gay club


Here we go ... "events" beginning in the United States. I told you, they will design events that will get Americans killed. Obama has not even left the office ... just wait till he steps out ... then you will see the chaos.

One way or the other, these "events" will be linked to ISIS or Al Qaeda or Islam or Muslims. Why are they doing this? Because the season to bomb Iran is near. They need this events to facilitate action against Iran.


Israel PM condemns 'horrific attack' on Florida club


Awww ... look at that. Who is condemning the attack? One of the guys who designed this attack. It is a Jewish Banker game.


Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Donald Trump During ACS Convention


Woman, woman, woman ... just stop. You are supporting a mega monster, Hillary Clinton. Hillary has the deaths of 500,000 people and the displacement of 10 million people. You are only tainting your own reputation every time you support Hillary. Warren and Hillary is like Honey and Acid. Every time you support Hillary ... you are pouring acid into the beautiful bottle of honey that you are.


Hillary Clinton Speech | Slams Donald Trump


This is how empty and deceiving the supporters of bankers and weapon manufacturers sound. Just imagine how the real culprits would sound if given the chance to speak publicly.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ayn Rand - How Is This Still A Thing? (HBO)


Ayn Rand, the Jew, was trying to teach the materialistic principles of the Talmud to the non-Jewish people. 


Britain reviews aid to Palestine days after US pledges $40bn to Israel


Tens of billions given to Israel doesn’t seem to make much news in the US … or … is it deliberately censored? Obama gave $70 Billion just before the start of his second term … why on Earth do they need $40 Billion more? American tax payer dollars seem to be Israel’s piggy bank.


Exclusive: Clinton ally Warren weighs potential VP role, sees hurdles


Warren should not go for the VP post with Hillary. She may endorse her but DO NOT go for the VP role. There are two major disadvantages for Warren on this. Firstly, she will be fighting a battle that is already decided. Hillary will lose as a guarantee. There is no use wasting your time and attaching your image to the losing side. Warren has immense public support and has won beautifully in the Senate. She should hold on to her victorious style and play her moves when she has the edge. We will give her that edge ... ask her to hold on.

Secondly, it is a terrible idea for Warren to attach her image to a monster like Hillary Clinton. There is a huge portion of the American people that hate Hillary ... that don't trust Hillary and she is going to be only a monster leader if by any rare chance she gets elected. It will be political suicide for Warren to stand along with Hillary Clinton. Yes, the VP role might be lucrative and an up from her Senate position ... from political career wise it might seem nice ... but trust me ... this is suicide. DO NOT tarnish your image by being a part of Team Hilary. 

Elizabeth Warren should hold on ... Hillary is a monster ... she will try to gain as much mileage as possible for her campaign. She exploits her husband ... her daughter ... and anything and everything that is possible only to get more votes. Do not let her prey on your beautiful and righteous image. Don't jump into the fire. Hold on.


Hillary Clinton on State of the Union - Full Interview


I voted for the Iraq war and it was a mistake. But the moment I became Secretary of State, I bombed Libya and started a civil war in Syria. For which, by the way, I have no regrets. I make mistakes and people die all the time. Trump is in the business of keeping people in 5 Star comfort and I am in the business of blowing up people. I have more experience! Vote for me! - Hillary Clinton.


Paris Floods ... yes, yes, just flood the cities to stop the people from protesting. This only shows the drastic measures that these guys will take to cover up their work and stop people. America and Europe should prepare itself for a wave of diseases that is going to come its way ... once again. Because this is one of the "strategies" that these guys use to keep you occupied by chaos.


Guys ... make sure to keep Jews away from Donald Trump ... especially Jeff Sessions and his son-in-law. Trump is new to politics ... he has no idea what these guys are. They will use him and destroy America.


CNN Becomes Laughing Stock As Thousands Demand Bernie Coverage


All major news channels in USA are owned by Jews and all of them know what type of trash Bernie, the Jew, is. That's why they don't cover him. Because just in case this guy gets any prominent political position, he will expose all of the crappy lies that Jews sell around the world. They just cant risk this level of exposure. News channels not promoting Bernie is ... bad asses are covering their bad ass.


The Americans - Best Scene


"Respect Jesus and not us" ... well this is the system created in America by Jews. Jews are the ones who created laws to break the family structure in America and limit the influence of parents over their children ... so that it is easy for them to pull innocent Christian minds towards their vile Satanic culture. Don't blame the Bible for it ... asshole.


Chelsea Clinton on Her Mom Running for President


Working at the Clinton Foundation, I think she has realized that this foundation runs on political donations. The only way her company will survive is ... if she enters politics. Otherwise, she doesn't have a career or a company or any money ... and her Jewish husband would be quite pissed off. Because this gentleman married a daughter of a President who inherits a multi-million dollar foundation ... if none of that exists then the Jew just married an illusion. Good luck Chelsea! I mean ... with your married life.


Clinton: Electing Trump would be a 'historic mistake...


Fights for rapists as a lawyer ... creates civil wars, kills 500,000 people and gets 12 million people displaced from homes as a politician ... drives millions of funding illegally into her foundation as Secretary of State ... and now talks about an honest man who made billions worth of fortune using his talent and hard work. I don't think "thin skin" is the problem here my dear lady ... it is the very nature and talent of the person that is in question.


Clinton Calls Trump a 'Fraud', Accuses Him of Trump U 'Scam'


What's shocking about this video is that "Hillary Clinton" finds a simple thing such as Trump University as a "SCAM". Madam Hillary Clinton, you raised a civil war in Syria in the name of democracy and protecting people ... and then got 500,000 people killed and more than 10 Million people displaced from their homes ... and you haven't spoken a word on providing refuge to the people displaced because of your actions. You are a monster of no comparable proportions. And you are bothering to take out time to talk about a university scam? This scam is not even a fart compared to the load of shit that you are.


Christian Arab-Israeli wins Israel's first transgender beauty pageant


See what our lovely “Jews” are doing in the “Holy Land”. 


Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump A ‘Small, Insecure Man’ For Housing Position | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Elizabeth Warren: If you think that you are supporting Hillary by trashing Trump then its not a good idea. Relax, sit back and enjoy the show. If you knew the forces at play then you wouldn't support either.


May 25th: Hillary's Emails, Cap's Boyfriend and James Bond


Daniel Craig was an emotional cry baby, lack luster and boring. I hope they give us a real James Bond that is charismatic and attractive when it comes to appearance ... tech savvy, cold and stylish when it comes to taking down the bad guys ... knows how to deal with women in style ... and has classy punch-liners with a fantastic script. And stop relying only on special effects … use your imagination and come up with some sexy gadgets and use them in style. The last few bond films were the worst bond movies ever. These guys need to get back into style.


Bernie Sanders Blasts Hillary Clinton's Refusal to Debate as 'Insulting' to Voters


It is raining in cash for the Jew and he will run his campaign shamelessly till the last penny that he can get. Hillary should really stop focusing on Bernie and focus on how she will lose to Trump.


Bernie Sanders' Wisconsin primary victory speech


Yeah right ... the American people are asking who owns the majority of the banks? Jews do. The American people are asking who own the largest corporations in America? Jews do. The American people are asking who own 90% of the mainstream American media? Jews do. The American people are asking which lobby controls the top politicians in America? The Jewish AIPAC lobby does. The American people are asking who is Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a lying Socialist Jew. The American people are asking why does Bernie want gay marriage to be legalized in all 50 States. Because LGBT is a part of Satanic Jewish culture. The American people are asking why does Bernie want to legalize marijuana and drugs? Because drugs are a part of Satanic Jewish culture. The American people are asking why does Bernie want to free prisoners and keep as few people in jail as possible? Because crime was widespread in Jewish formed Communist societies all over the East. This asshole is a lying socialist Jew who is only misleading America. Give me the name of one Jewish politician who did anything against Jewish interests. The "bogus promises" that he is making only "sound" right. The truth is all of these big banks and wall-street companies that he talks about taking action against are owned by "Jews". And the truth is "no Jewish politician in America has ever taken any action against any Jewish interests" ... never ever. The guy is a lying rascal who will mislead America into the worst scenario possible ... America will literally "burn" if this guy is ever elected.


Full Speech: Donald Trump Town Hall in Janesville, WI (3-29-16)


Did anyone notice that Trump has replaced "Huuuuuuuuge" ... by "Bigly". Lol. Trump dear, bigly does not sound even closely as good as huuuuuuuuge. Lol. Just because the media imitates your words, it does not mean that you change your vocabulary ... and that Miss.Wisconsin thing was a setup.


22 veterans committing suicide per day??!!


These are "American soldiers"? AMERICAN ... SOLDIERS ... COMMITTING SUICIDE?? And your media does not cover shit about it? Nor do your politicians talk about it? This is so freaking outrageous. How do you allow your country to get out of hand like this? This is unbelievable ... ah Jesus Christ!


Germany: Thousands march in Berlin against Merkel's refugee policies


This is what these guys do to topple politicians that they dont want in power. They will bring in an alternate guy ... give him huge funds ... a lot of mileage in the media ... negative publicity to the guy they want out and they rig the votes to favor the guy that they want in power.

This is a routine operation in many countries.


zebra attack and kill lion- lion severely injured on zebra attack


I like the fact how lions kill their prey first and then eat its meat. On the other hand, Hyenas directly start biting and eating the animal while it is still alive ... which seems so totally barbaric. It is the wild ... both of them are wild animals ... but it is amazing how the lion still maintains its royalty.


EU-Turkey migrant deal overshadowed by claims Ankara expels refugees


Why isn't "Amnesty International" talking about the European countries that are closing borders, closing roads, pepper spraying, using water cannons and sending away millions of refugees ... and forcing millions of them to live in the wild with no food, water and shelter? Turkey has already taken millions of refugees ... if it sends away a few ... it is a human rights violation? First get on the freaking same page ... take as many as Turkey has taken and then dare to point the finger.


Brazilian President In Hot Water


This is Jews using opposition to boot leaders out of power who dont support their policies. Dilma Rousseff was a major voice against NSA spying. In fact, NSA spying is an activity that tracks every American and sustains the operations of the Jewish establishment in the US. She is a hardcore opponent of NSA and has close ties with Iran and Russia. So, she is basically the enemy of Jewish interests ... that's why she needs to be booted. 

They use intelligence access to dig up dirt on politicians that they want to kick out ... corruption and scandals are some basic things that they dig into. They did the same with Mahathir Mohammed in Malaysia and tried to pull a similar trick against Putin. This is the Jewish Establishment booting gentile politicians who they see as a threat. 


Donald Trump's Daughter Ivanka Gives Birth To Her Third Child - Newsy


The Jew is going bang, bang, bang ... making as many kids as he can ... to make sure that he does not lose the Billion dollar inheritance that Ivanka is going to get. Lol.


Brussels Airport and Subway Explosions Kill 34


They will blame this on the refugees. Create strict laws to push refugees away. And then later start blaming Russia for arming and supporting these refugees. Expect more of such events ... killing people is a part of their strategy ... using terror to shape politics and drive political actions is their strategy. This is Jewish Banker management ... not just Netanyahu or Israel. The entire show is banker designed.


Netanyahu hopes U.S. rejects U.N. Palestinian statehood bid


Fear and hate marketing specialist. You guys have taught this subject to a lot of American politicians very well.


Trump: We have to be very careful who comes into our country


This is Jewish Banker designed chaos. You are already sleeping with the enemy ... there is no terrorist coming from "outside" America. And Trump, you are right. You have absolutely no idea what is happening.


Bill Clinton slams 'awful legacy of the last eight years'


Bill is somewhat right on the awful legacy of the last eight years. But he can make that statement only right now. Let the next Administration come into place and you will see the chaos that will enter America ... then you will miss Barack Obama ... then you will miss the peace that Obama maintained in America. You will realize his major accomplishment once he leaves office.


Hillary Clinton: We're moving closer to the nomination


1998 nomination would give you the Presidency madam. They are allowing you to run and will give you the nomination because they know that you don't stand a chance this time. You are just blowing up your time. Just make sure that the Clinton Foundation gets as many donations as possible because that's the only thing that is going to remain with you. Lol. And probably that would be one way of doing some good in this world before you go. Help your Foundation.


Bernie Sanders On Campaign Strategy After SC Loss | Meet The Press | NBC News


Do you know why this rascal is not winning more "delegates" and why he is winning votes from "young" people? Because delegates are aware of what is freaking Socialism and Communism. And young people have no idea that the evil that this rascal represents. They have no idea what they are voting for.


Democratic Candidates Debate by MSNBC - 02-04-2016


Hillary's instinctive goyim disadvantage is that she cannot lie as well as Bernie the Jew. Both of them are a bunch of liars, by the way. Bad luck Americans.

Bernie's campaign is like a carrot on the stick. He is telling the American people ... hey, you want this carrot, donkey? You want this carrot, donkey? Run donkey, run ... and vote for me. That's his strategy. They just sat there and cataloged everything that Elizabeth Warren said ... they noted down how and why she was popular. They realized that this is what the American people want. Now, they gave this list to Bernie the Jew ... and told him ... hey, run using this agenda ... it works. But in reality ... you should do what we tell you to do. That's what's going on there.


Bernie Sanders Explains Why He’s Different From Trump


Can you someone please use a body language expert and see through this lying prick?


Man with 2 guns, ammo & Koran arrested in Disneyland Paris


Do you see the plain target designed in this setup. Why would anyone carry the Koran with himself along with guns and ammo? All of these activities are ridiculously designed to create Islamophobia. That too this is happening in France. Do you know why they are choosing France for these activities? Because they have politicians that "cooperate" with them on the War on Terror. Nothing happened in France before Sarkozy ... but once Sarkozy, the American puppet came into power ... terrorist activities sprang up in France as well. 

All of these terrorist activities are "planted" in those Western countries where politicians are already rigged ... these politicians are already prepared to cooperate on these activities and promote these activities in the media as required. This is why you are seeing a series of activities planted in France.


Health scare in Denmark as refugees bring back diphtheria after 20yr absence


All of these are planted activities designed to demonize refugees and discourage accepting them into European countries. Denmark has been the worst country giving the coldest shoulder to the refugee crisis ... taking every measure so that refugees don’t come to Denmark. Now they are saying refugees are bringing in diseases? It is all bullshit.

These are all Israeli games. They don’t want Muslims in Europe because Muslims speak openly against Jews and Israel ... and this public opinion will infiltrate into the European society ... which endangers the psychology that they preach using their owned media entities. Putting cases of rape, violence and diseases ... are all planted activities. Their policy is to "create circumstances for your success" ... this is what they do. Israel does not take in refugees ... nor is it in the best interests of Jews and Israel that Muslims are accepted in large numbers in Europe. These are the circumstances that they are "creating" in order to stop the migration into Europe.

Their main purpose of bombing the Arab world is to silence and eliminate those who speak against Israel and Jews. And if millions of Arabs are accepted into Europe then the very purpose of their war has failed. Millions of Arabs migrating to Europe is ... the voices of millions of people who will freely speak against Israel ... because they are coming from a totally different background that has allowed them to do so. This is exactly what they want to stop.