The American Slave System


First read this page: 

This page basically talks about the systemic control of the political system in America. Since the Crew System is designed by the same Jewish Entities ... it shows a striking resemblance in its mode of operation. In the above illustration, the only thing you need to do is:

  • Replace Politics by Crew Members and
  • Replace Media by Drugs / Tools

Then you get the working system of the Crew ... with the same objectives. The objectives of the Crew are exactly the same ...

  • To maintain Jewish monopoly in politics, media, banks and business
  • To track any activity against this monopoly and
  • To deviate any possible changes in this system

That is the main objective of the Crew System. They have intruded American lives on the “pretext” of loving them, caring for them and helping them. When that is nothing but bullshit. When you look at the bigger picture then you will realize that they are doing nothing but caring for themselves while making slaves out of you. This entire system is created based upon the Jewish Ideology of Jews being Masters and non-Jews are created only to serve them. It is a slave system. They have systematically enslaved the American people under various skins. The below illustration will help you understand better.

Let us start reading from the inner circle. At the core if you see ... the only thing that they want the American people to be is “good workers”. 

  • Just go out there and do your job
  • Don’t think logically, don’t analyze and don’t try to change the system
  • Just do your freaking job and don’t bother about the rest

Almost every American Citizen is controlled via the same Unit System. They are forced into this system via: 

  • Drugs, threats, success at job / business.
  • They plug in other members who constantly keep a track of their activites. NSA is just one of the system that monitors the activities of every American.
  • Events are created to control and direct their lives.

All of this is covered with a lot of love ... saying that:

  • We love you
  • We care for you
  • We are making you better and bla bla bla.

If you give in to the Crew System’s demands then you are taken in with love and you work under their directions. If you don’t give in to their demands of control over your life ... then you are threatened and subdued financially as well as socially. The Crew System is designed to enslave the person into obedience to a system that is designed by Jews. 

Once you give in ... yes, the love and care is there ... and you are directed at being “better workers”. Your life is controlled, your decisions are controlled and your job and business are controlled. You end up living your life in a circle ... just doing your freaking job and not questioning about anything else. You can’t reason and logic:

  • Why are most banks owned by Jews?
  • Why are most media companies owned by Jews?
  • Why are the largest corporations owned by Jews?
  • Why do our politicians suck up to Israel? What does Israel actually do for America?

Forget about reasoning and logic ... you have to turn a blind eye to all of this and just nod along to whatever is told to you ... just like a slave. “That is none of your freaking business ... you don’t think about that ... you just do your job”.

Why are these guys interested in making you better workers?

  • Well, firstly ... it is an excuse to intrude into your lives and control your activities. 
  • Secondly, the better you work, the better their companies run and they make more money. If you work in a bank then it is very likely that you are a worker for a Jewish Master. If you work in a media company then there is a 90% chance that you are a worker for a Jewish Master. If you work in a large corporation then it is very likely that you are a worker for a Jewish Master.
  • Thirdly, if you don’t even work in an organization owned by Jews even then you pay taxes, don’t you? It is very likely that these taxes trickle down to a Jewish company. They have systematically made the American government outsource everything to private companies ... especially the defense segment. Did you know that America spends around $1 Trillion every year on its military and defense? And most of the defense industries are owned by Jewish groups ... and this $1 Trillion that we spend actually trickles down to Jewish groups. Yes, this $2-3 Billion in aid that is given to Israel is peanuts. The only reason they have restricted to $2-3 Billion is because they have to keep the aid proportional to other countries. Otherwise, they are spending $1000 Billion on defense every year and a huge chunk of it trickles down to Jewish groups. And yes, this is your hard earned tax payer money. Now, do you understand why America spends more than the next 10 countries combined on military? Now do you understand why our politicians keep talking about having a large military? “We will build the largest military so that no one messes with us!” You already have the largest military ... you already have more than 5000 nuclear war heads ... and nobody is messing with you ... who is messing with you? Is Canada saying that it is going to attack America or is Mexico saying we want America? All of the stuff that these guys sell is bullshit ... it is just Jewish companies ripping you off under different pretexts. I can give so many more examples of this ... but let’s get back to the topic.

If you see the inner circle ... it is all about making Americans better workers ... without giving them the liberty to think, reason or do anything different. Yes, some deflections will be there ... some people do rise against this system. But you never hear of them ... why? Because 90% of the media is owned by Jewish groups ... they don’t allow this type of content to hit the mainstream media. Such deflections are kept away from:

  • Mainstream Media ... such content is never talked about in the main channels.
  • Political Levels ... deflectors are not entertained by top politicians ... because AIPAC controls 70-80% of the Congress.

So, you may talk against this or try to do something about it ... but if it never reaches the media or political levels ... then it just remains as gossip. The people never get to hear about it ... they never ask for a change ... and life goes around in circles just as they designed it. 

Such content as speaking against your “Masters” is treated as anti-Semitism. “Ah, ow my God! How can you speak against Jews? This is hate and racism. Shuusssshhhh ... be silent, you can’t just talk about this.” Even if one or two politicians do dare to talk about this ... then they are severely hammered by the media for being anti-Semitic and hateful ... and their very political career is threatened. In fact, many such Congressmen are have been rooted out of their seats in subsequent elections.

Now, look at the outer circle in the illustration. Everything that is done in the inner circle by the Workers trickles down to the Masters. All of the cash flow moves to them. Politics is what Jewish Masters control ... media companies are something that Jewish Masters own ... Banks are something that Jewish Masters run ... the largest Corporations are something that Jewish Masters should own. And you, American Citizens, you just go out there and do your job. This is the Master-Worker Relationship that has been designed in the American society. And it is exactly as per Jewish Ideology ... of Jews being the Masters and non-Jews are created only to serve them.

My dear lovely Crew

The reason why I am writing this on this site is ... I have a different relationship with the Crew. I know that you guys love me ... I know that you care for me ... and I know it is not of a Worker Relationship. We have already sorted that out. We are working together as mutual friends. I know that the Crew System is like an application ... which can be installed and operated in any society around the world. It is not necessary that it is run by Jews. But what I need you to do is ... look at the bigger picture ... what is this application doing? How it is intruding in other’s lives ... how it is controlling other’s actions ... and how it is eventually delivering different objectives at a larger scale via a disguised mode.

Political Superiority

I have seen the Crew operate in several countries. You know the major weakness of the Crew? It is the Government. The Government is Crew’s major strength in countries where politics is dominated by Israel or Jewish groups. But in countries where Israel or Jewish groups don’t have much political influence then the Government is one of their major weak points. How much ever massive these guys may be ... whatever techniques or technology they might have ... but once the government gets involved then these guys run away like Satan fleeing the scene. 

Take a look at the below illustration:


That’s me in the center as “Subject”. Subject is someone who has not joined the Crew System. They generally intrude into my life using drugs or events. They might drug my body under various pretexts or since they continuously spy into my life ... they use silly events to control my activities. Some of the famous excuses till date to delay the work are:

  • Will he join our company?
  • Will he run for office? 
  • Will he sleep with our women?
  • Will he stay in only one city?
  • He is gay.
  • He is an angel. He speaks all languages.
  • He is dumb.
  • Can he make it rain? Can he stop the rain?
  • He is just one person.
  • He is Nazi. He is Hitler.
  • He is a racist. He is a hater.
  • He is trouble. There will be a lot of problems.

If you see ... all of the above are nothing but mental voodoo. It is just playing with the minds of the people around me in order to delay or reject the work. But the interesting part is ... this does not work in countries where these guys have limited political influence ... for example in Russia. All of these crappy techniques don’t work at all. In fact, the Russians kept a fantastic watch over all aspects ... right from food, drinks to people around me ... and they didn’t pay attention to any event that they tried to create. It was perfect management. The Crew System ... despite its massive network, technology and influence around the world ... could not do anything negative in Russia. Not that I am challenging them to or inviting them to ... but that’s what I noticed. Why were Russians so successful? Because firstly ... all of these Crew activities are illegal and criminal ... you can’t spy into people’s lives and abuse them or drug them. Secondly, because of negligible influence of Israel or Jewish elements on the Russian government. 

This is a typical example of how this entire Jewish network built in America can easily collapse. And the number one priority for that is change in the political system in America. Once you break the Jewish monopoly in politics then everything else is just tic tac toe.