Systems that Backfire

Systems that Backfire

You know ... sometimes, criminals end up creating systems that backfire ... their own created systems start becoming their weakness, stop working for them and start working for the very people that they wanted to exploit. 

I will give you an example so that you understand. You know, the British Rule over India ... it wasn’t exactly a “rule” over a country ... it was more appropriately the British “Loot” of India. They did not rule over our country ... they were not exactly expanding the British Empire in India. India was just another colony from which they were looting all of the natural and agricultural resources. The Colonial Rule was nothing but exploitation and suppression ... which was one of the main reasons why it failed around the world. God doesn’t put up with bullshit for long. Doesn’t matter who the heck you are or how powerful you are or how big you are ... if you are going around doing bullshit, suppressing and exploiting people ... then know that the days of that activity are numbered.

So ... one of the things that the British did in India was ... setup vast railway systems. India is a very large country ... and it was terribly difficult for the British to manage and rule. They needed a railway system in order to transport soldiers, goods and natural resources from various points in the country. It helped in their military operations as well as in the commercial exploitation of the country. So, this vast network of railway systems that they created was to strengthen their rule and operations in the country. 

But interestingly ... the same railway system backfired against them during the fight for independence. The same railway system was used by the revolutionaries to attack various British posts in the country. The same railway system was used in the organization and management of a unified revolt against the British Rule which led to their overthrow. So, in a way the British created systems which led to their own failure. Lol. God works in mysterious ways. God used the knowledge and skills of the oppressor against his own oppression. 

Otherwise ... in those days the Indian people were living like slaves ... everything was stolen from them. In order to rise against the British Empire ... you would need horses or elephants or tanks or trucks ... the Indian people were dying out of starvation ... forget about owning an army or any means of transportation. And voila ... right of them was the massive vast railway system that was created by none other than the British. Lol. And the entire system came to them for free! So, it was kind of a blessing delivered to them by the hands of their own enemies. 

Now, this was the stuff that happened about 70 years ago. Today we live in a more modern time ... that is ultra high-tech and scientific ... and today’s criminals use much more modern science than just railway networks. Yes ... today we are dealing with “human networks”. The entire Crew System was created for the better management of human activity and the tactical suppression of anyone who stood up against the system. A system that mainly benefits banks and the high-end corporate segment. Yes my dear wonderful and beautiful Crew System ... you have been designed by a “criminal mindset” to benefit their own personal agenda.

Why I am sharing this aspect is ... so that you understand your role. Yes, at a personal level ... they will tell all Crew Members and Subjects ... we love you, we care for you, we are making you better and bla bla bla. Yes, they love you and make you better ... every owner wants the best slaves that he can get. Better you work, the better slave you are. They guide you in work, they show you better options in work, they manage your personal life ... just because you are their worker. If you perform well then their company performs well. It is a part of a slave system.

Just look at your economy and prices ... how much are these guys making you pay for everything ... right from healthcare to education ... cars to commodities ... consumer products to real estate. Do you save anything? You save nothing and live a life in debt. For education ... you have a debt ... you want to buy a nice car ... debt ... you want to buy a nice house ... debt ... God forbid, if you get some serious health problems ... debt. They loot every single penny that you earn. Do you call this loving you and caring for you? They are just cracking the whip and making you work hard and better so that they take away everything that you earn. This is a slave system.

Life in the Middle East is not like this. You want education ... you get it for free ... healthcare ... free ... house is provided by the company ... car is provided by the company ... there is no income tax. Whatever you earn is yours and it is your savings. Why is there such a stark difference in the lifestyle? Why can’t a US company provide a house and a car to its employees? Why isn't education and healthcare free in America? Because your system is run by criminals ...  the ideology that they follow leads them into the creation of “slave systems” ... where everyone is a worker and all of them work for the benefit of a few at the top. This is your major problem. And the Crew System ... is one of the network established to enable and sustain this system.

Just like the railway network in India backfired on the British Rule ... the same can be done using the Crew System in America and Europe. It is their created system ... it is a human network designed to deliver information from every household to a centralized system. It is designed to eliminate rise against against these policies and to control decision making at various corporate and government levels. But just like the railway system ... this entire human network system can backfire against this slave system that they have created. 

Why? Because this system is created on the basis of a Satanic Jewish Criminal ideology and the entire system is run by gentiles. Just at a few key places they have placed their loyal ones. And this system is enslaving billions of people in the Western world ... adversely affecting several countries. 

Now, for argument’s sake ... let us say that the railway networks in India had “brains” of their own ... and they could change their tracks based upon the passengers inside. Let’s say ... if each train would keep the revolutionaries circling around their own village instead of taking them to any British posts or where they wanted to go ... if the trains did that ... then would the revolution be successful? If the railway system worked in favor of the British and kept the revolutionaries isolated then would the revolution be successful? If the railway systems made sure that the revolutionaries never did their work, never connected with each other, never formed a group and never took any measures against the British ... then would the revolution be successful? Well, thank God the railway systems were not that high-tech.

Now, look at the Crew System. I like your protective shield ... you are doing a good job. But that is not the major task at hand ... that is just step one. If you stop at step one and never take another step forward then where is the fun in this? You will just remain where you are ... which is exactly what they want. Understand my dear ladies ... understand the wonderful role that you have to play.