Process Design and Control

Process Design and Control

This is one of the key elements that is giving them success in their works. Their works are terrible, disastrous and nothing but total exploitation ... but even then, they are able to achieve success. They are able to silence and suppress opposition ... and continually proceed with their works. How? One of their keys for success is “process design and control”. 

What these guys have done is ... used their heads ... they are none other than devil worshipers and witchcraft lovers from the Middle Ages. But once they moved into Europe and got a proper education ... and understood how developed countries work ... they have tactically implemented their “ideology” into this developed world. Their ideology is nothing but Satanism and Crime ... it is plain exploitation of the people. They took all of their ideas and principles ... and tactically introduced it into the modern developed world ... under various skins and under various names. 

This is Satanism ... Satanism is nothing but bogus promises that lead to destruction. Destruction for the guys who follow it and destruction for the guys who lead it ... its destruction for both. This is why Jews have been repeatedly expelled from countries. Their ideology teaches them all bogus promises ... misleading techniques and mental voodoo. If you see ... all of their promises are nothing but bogus and mental voodoo ... designed to mislead people. That is exactly what Satan does. And these guys ... being Satan followers ... follow the exact same technique ... to openly lie and mislead the people ... in order to obtain success for themselves. 

Some examples will help. Communism ... what was it? It was an open lie to the people. They openly lied and misled the people into revolutions. Only bogus promises were given to them which were nothing but mental voodoo. In reality, Communism did no benefit to the people ... it was designed for the benefit of the few people who led the concept. In actual practice ... it was nothing but exploitation of the people ... it was nothing but a crime. 

What our wonderful witchcraft lovers have done is ... they have studied how the modern world works and they have systematically designed “processes” for self benefit. Their success lies in the “design and control of these processes”. Communism was one such process. Anything that has to be done ... they sit there ... design an entire process behind it ... put the process under a skin ... put people in power who will support that process ... make sure that the legal system will be under control ... and they carry out their process with the full support of law, power and media.

That’s exactly how they designed, established and ran Communism. Full fledged support from media which they ran ... 90% of Communist leaders were Jews ... since they ran the government the entire legal system was in their hands ... they had all 3 factors to successfully run their process and establish their system.  The whole thing was nothing but a scandal.

Now, here is something interesting. This was done in Eastern Europe ... now look at what is going on in America. The whole election process is a scandal ... it is nothing but a corporate show designed to propel the candidates that they want in power. It is not an “election” at all ... it is a corporate show. The Democrats and Republicans are having their “primaries” right now. Okay fine ... so why should the people know about it? Are these government organizations? Are these elections carried out by the government? Does the government monitor these elections? Does the government have any control over the authenticity of these elections? Nope. These two are “private organizations”. Why is there such immense publicity and media mileage being given to these “private events”?

The American people are given an “illusion” of an election. By whom? The majority of politicians from both of these parties are controlled by AIPAC and Jewish interests ... and 90% of media entities in America are owned by none other than Jews. So, what they are doing right now is ... giving several months of immense publicity to their own candidates in the media agencies that they own. 

On top of that ... if you see ... the success of candidates in these primaries is based upon “polls” ... if you are not doing high in the polls then you don’t even get to run as a candidate. And who issues these polls? The media companies. So, who is eventually deciding who is your candidate? The media companies. Who owns the media companies? Jews. So, who just decided on your “Presidential” candidate? Jews. 

For almost a full year ... the American people are bombarded with massive publicity ... about events of two “private organizations” ... that are highly controlled and monitored by private interests ... which are none other than Jewish. And the general election ... which is a government activity ... it lasts only for a couple of months or so. The actual election is given a very very short duration of time comparatively ... in which everybody competes. By the time of the general election ... almost everybody has made up their mind who they are going to vote for. So, even if there is a third party candidate that wants to run ... then he hardly stands a chance ... because of the massive publicity already given to the chosen candidate and the ongoing publicity that will be showered on him. What are you looking at here? Process design and control.

Tell me how is this even legal? How is this fair for all of the other candidates? Why such massive publicity for the affairs of “private organizations”? Okay fine ... if you want to select or elect your Presidential candidate then do it within your company. Who gave you the right to utilize the media for one full year for this? This is unfair competition. This is false advertising. This is designing bias among the people and casting a shadow over all of the other candidates.

But then again ... if you see this is a Jewish strategy of “mental voodoo”. It is not the actual election ... it is the affairs of a private organization ... but you are given the illusion of an election ... of the real election itself. If you look back at several decades ... this is exactly what they have been doing ... and it is a terribly successful strategy. If you want to be the President of the United States then you have to be on their ticket ... either Democrat or Republican. If not then your chances are near to nil. The whole thing is a scandal. 

There are elections carried out in other Democratic countries as well. India is the largest Democratic country in the world. Even India has political parties ... but in India they don’t carry out bogus primary shows. “Real elections” happen in India. In India, people don’t give a damn who you select or elect as your party leaders. Selection of party leaders at various national and state levels is a private party affair ... it is not an election show in India. The people are more concerned about who will lead the country and who will represent them ... that’s what people participate in. Once all party leaders are decided ... all parties campaign at once ... giving equal mileage and a fair competition to all candidates. Which is why elections in India is not a corporate show ... which is why India is not run by companies. If the leaders change in India then the policies change in India. But in America ... faces change but policies remain the same. Because the whole show is run by the same Jewish Establishment. This is process design and control ladies and gentlemen ... process design and control.

Why am I sharing this topic on this site is ... the politicians, media and law ... is at the top level. They have established several processes and systems that are controlled by them. These are their strings of control at the top political levels. And they have designed several systems in order to monitor and control the general people as well. These guys are criminals ... they are always afraid ... thus, they carry out maximum monitoring to secure maximum security for themselves. NSA basically accomplishes this for them. This is one of the main reasons why they spy on every American ... on every email and phone call that they make. They are afraid of the response from the people. People have to be managed.

Which is why they have the “Crew System” ... this is one of the primary reasons for the establishment of the Crew System. You are given the illusion that it is being done for your good ... all of that is bullshit and lies. One of the main things that the Crew System delivers especially in America ... is the control and management of the people. Everything that you eat and drink is controlled ... every job is controlled ... every person is controlled and dictated ... almost. This system is not designed for you ... it is for them. So that they can tactically silence and suppress anyone who exposes or stands up to their systems. That is the main purpose of this system.

But the major drawback that they face from this system is that ... it is run by Gentiles. With just one switch the entire system can turn against them ... already several segments have. However, the subject is ... process design and control. See, track and record ... how these guys are designing processes and controlling these processes to their benefit. See the end result of each process ... most of the time it will end up benefiting them under various pretexts. This is their primary game. To design illusions, to fool you, to use mental voodoo and eventually get things done that benefit them.

We need to reverse this system ... not only break the system ... but we need to reverse the whole thing. Instead of people being silenced and suppressed ... we need to raise people against this system ... we need to reverse systems to benefit people. We need more and more people in top political positions who will fight for the people ... we need to change laws to benefit the people ... we need as much media mileage as possible. And these guys do the opposite to run the system in their favor. Being the Crew System ... you are requested to look 10 steps forward ... what is the end result of what you are being asked to do? What is the end results of your current activities? Is it going to help in exposing them? Is it going to help in getting the right people in power? Is it going to help in changing the system? Or are they using you to accomplish their own goals for their own benefit to run the same damn system under stupid pretexts? 

Take a look at their process design and control in everything that you get involved in. For even simple things around me ... they design processes for that. For every process they will put people as per their plan ... they will use info from my life as per their plan ... and they will try to get things done as per their plan ... which is essentially delaying everything or rejecting it. Observe your role in what you are doing. Try to fight the system.