We Love Putin

We Love Putin

Alright ladies ... time for an update. Well firstly ... glad to be back in Moscow ... love you all ... you are one of my favorites. Now, here’s the thing ... currently, my travels are all about “raising funds” for the project. So, don’t think that it is about me picking a country to live in ... that is not the case. In fact ... while we are on this topic ... I think I should inform you that ... the work is planned to be distributed across a few countries in different cities. Some of the cities that are on the list are ... Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Belgrade, Istanbul and New York. All of these cities have been picked based upon the different ways that they will contribute to the project. We may add in more cities to this list depending upon how the project moves forward.

The most important reason why we are planning to distribute the work into several cities is because this project is politically very sensitive. And our lovely counterparts from America might ... not sure ... they might try to influence the project at other locations. If one country decides to pull off support then the whole project should not stop instantly ... its divisions in other countries keep running ... while the affected division redistributes to other places. We are not expecting it to happen ... but the project is important and it’s just preparation for the worst case scenario.

Fund raising is important ... the project is going to cost us a few hundred million dollars. When you look at the project then the amount is actually small. There will be many countries that will gladly sponsor the project. This project is a dream come true for many countries out there. But for us to reach out to these countries and initiate the project ... at least a few million is required. This will help us kick start the project. And once the project starts rolling ... trust me ... there will be a lot of ... lot of ... people interested in this.

Here is the important point that I want to share especially with the Russian Team. Don’t worry too much if I travel to or work with countries like Turkey, Germany and USA. Each of them have a unique thing to offer to our project. I know that currently there is some friction between Russia and Turkey. But I need you to take a look at this ... before you come to any conclusions. This friction is not “normal activity” ... it is “created” ... this friction has been created under preplanned steps. Otherwise, Turkey is a fantastic country and Erdogan is a fantastic leader. They have misled Erdogan in taking these steps. I will show you how.

Today’s world politics are a little bit complicated ... but it becomes easy if you understand the strings that are attached to these politics. You need to take a look at two things in the leader:

  • Leader’s Ideology ... what is the type of ideology that the leader comes from.
  • Jewish Control ... the extent of Jewish Banker control over this leader.

For example ... George W Bush and Hillary Clinton ... these two American leaders are typical examples of no leadership, no vision, no talent and no capability ... but they are under full Jewish Banker control ... therefore the decisions that these leaders make ... will be for 100% benefit for Jewish Bankers and Corporations. You will be expecting them to do something reasonable for the people but they will do something totally irrational ... which has no direct benefit for the people. And if you step back and see ... the end results of their actions have benefits only for bankers and corporations.

But then there is another type of leader ...

  • Very good ideological background ... the guy is talented, capable and works towards the benefit of the people.
  • Limited Jewish Banker Control ... there is some influence in his actions and decisions by the Jewish Bankers ... but it is limited.

Examples of these leaders are Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ... these leaders are talented, they have excellent vision for the people and they know how to benefit the people. This is what I call good ideological background. But there is still some banker influence over them ... so when you look at their actions or policies that they might come up with ... then you have to separate the two. 

  • What does this person actually want?
  • And what does the Jewish Establishment want?

Is this a move coming from the person? Or is this move coming from the Jewish Establishment? You need to be able to look through these moves. For example ... Obama has made several moves that are good for the American people ... the Iran Nuclear Deal ... this deal was in pretty much in accordance to his pro-diplomacy and anti-war stand that he promised. He fought against Israeli politics and got this deal done. You can easily see that this was “his move”. But at the same time ... he made a few decisions that were not in accordance to his own policies ... for example the actions in Libya or Syria. These actions are “dictated” by the Jewish Establishment in America. This is actually the current state in America ... politicians are not fully powerful ... they are controlled. 

The same thing applies to Erdogan. He is a fantastic leader ... a good person, a good vision and he works for the good of the people. He is not a Jewish Banker puppet. Jewish Banker puppets are the “problematic” leaders out there. These puppet leaders are the ones who create a lot of problems in the world. Yes, I agree ... the actions that he took against the Russian planes ... that was totally wrong. It was a bad mistake ... a very bad mistake. But this decision came from the Jewish Establishment from America ... these are the guys who pushed for that action. It is not an Erdogan or Turkey owned action. Trust me ... once we revolutionize America ... Turkey will apologize for this mistake. They will not be your opponents but they will be one of your best friends. Why? Because Germany and Turkey have been the victims of these Jewish policies in the last World War. Germany knows all of these techniques and strategies ... they are very well aware of Jewish malice. And coming out of a Communist government ... you know very well what Satanic Judaism does to a country. Having been through the aggression of the same ideology ... all of your countries ... Russia, Germany and Turkey ... all of you know what these guys do to countries. You guys are very well aware of their policies ... which makes you the ideal countries to support this project.

Yes, they will use dividing lines to separate Russia and Germany ... to separate Russia and Turkey ... to create a wall between NATO and Russia is their current goal. They will use the pretext of what happened in WWII in order to facilitate this division. This is nothing but Jewish Banker politics designed for their best interests. This is the very control that we want to take down ... we want to abolish this banker control over the West. 

By leaders with the “right ideology” ... I mean leaders who understand Jewish malice and that are not influenced by this malice. Erdogan and Turkey is one of them. They understand the atrocities of Israeli politicians ... they understand the control of Jewish Bankers and Corporations in America ... and they would love to see this control to be broken apart. The same goes with Germany and the same goes with Obama. This is why we say that the Obama Administration will support this project. Obama is a good guy and he will be on our side.

And by the way, I told you guys a few months ago that there is a 90% chance that Donald Trump will be the next President ... you can move that slider up to 95% now. I will give you info on Trump later.

The reason we love Putin is because there is a third type of leader in today’s world.

  • Leader with a good ideology ... highly talented with the capability of doing fantastic things for the people.
  • Zero Jewish Banker control ... the Jewish Establishment has zero control over these leaders.

Putin is an example of such a leader. He is a very talented guy and he is absolutely not controlled by bankers or corporations. That is like a blessing for the people. The Russian people have no idea what kind of a blessing Putin is for the country. He is the perfect example of a leader that is required in this era. 

Now, if you see the only “issues” that Germany or Turkey or any NATO country will create for Russia is only because of the Jewish Establishment and their plans for war games. It is these guys who are planning all of these aggressive moves and war games. But if we succeed and break down this banker control in America ... then trust me ... you will find fantastic changes not only in America but in complete NATO. They will be one of your closest allies ... and it will be a beautiful blossoming relationship. 

The only major task at our hand is to fight Jewish Banker politics ... which might be at a ...

  • Personal Level ... where they will try to stop the project, not allow funding for the project, derail the project or obstruct the project and so on ... using varied stupid reasons.
  • Political Level ... they might create events to create political tension between NATO and Russia. Being responsible leaders, I would suggest you to look into this angle for all events of friction and conflict ... understand Jewish Banker involvement in these events ... understand their involvement in the creation of these events ... understand their benefits from these events ... and hold off on any major confrontation. 

This is basically what they want ... a major confrontation ... and they will sit there and design events to facilitate this. Expect events to fall into place in the near future ... which will be designed to facilitate friction and conflict between NATO and Russia ... and attempts to increase the chaos in the Middle East. My sincere request to these fantastic world leaders is ... kindly ... please ... hold off on any major confrontation ... instead allow us to breakdown the control of these assholes who are trying to create war for all of us.