Decision Making and the Jewish Establishment Games

Decision Making and the Jewish Establishment Games

Politics and Media

Alright ladies, time to get the on same page. What you should you realize is this ... these guys run their games by dominating politics and media. This is their strategy ... to put as many politicians at high positions who follow their instructions ... who run their agenda. The second aspect is to control "media" ... they have literally bought off 90% of US mainstream media entities. And they run these channels based upon their agenda. 

And their agenda is very simple ... run countries for self-benefit. The non-Jewish population is managed using these two elements ... politics and media. The politicians keep ranting the propaganda that is given to them and the media plays along. Using the politicians ... they are controlling the power in the country and using the media they are controlling the minds of the people. This is how they are enslaving the entire country. Their entire system is nothing but exploitation. 

And if there is a person or an entity coming up ... against this strategy ... against this pattern ... against this system ... then automatically that person becomes a threat. Why I am sharing this aspect with the Crew System is that ... they have established a widespread Crew System that monitors everything that the common man does in almost every developed country. And this system is designed to help them suppress such threats. 

Their objective is to own the power, media and the money of the country. They follow a widespread strategy in order to subdue anyone who  comes close to reaching politicians or media against their system. If you see the games that they are playing using the Crew System then this is what they are addressing. They are allowing only those moves that do not obstruct their systems. 

  • Aww, he is such a nice guy.
  • Aww, look he is so kind.
  • He is so helpful, he is so lovely.
  • He is a hero. He can be a good leader.

What is all of that? It is just in your mind ... feelings, emotions and thoughts. These things do not obstruct their activities in real time. Okay ... the non-Jews want to like the guy? Let them like the guy. They think he is a hero ... okay, let them think. They dont have a problem with mutual affection. Jews get upset only in money matters. You stand up and do something that affects money ... then you are a problem and you need to be silenced. 

Decision Making

They have established a widespread network that helps them establish this. The ideology that they follow ... provides "proven techniques" ... that give results. I will give you an example of their proven techniques. Generally, if a guy want to steal someone's wallet ... then he looks for an opportunity and he takes out the wallet when the other guy seems busy. But this is very raw technique ... used by novices. It has several drawbacks. For example, if the wallet owner turns his attention toward the thief ... then he will be caught. The wallet will be in his hands and obviously he will be caught red handed. The alternate way to do this is to use at least three people. One guy goes and deviates the attention ... the second guy takes out the wallet ... passes it on to the third guy who walks out of the scene with the wallet ... the first and second guy stay in the scene for a while. If the guy notices that the wallet is gone and even if he doubt's that the other two guys took the wallet ... then he will not find the wallet with them. In fact, these two guys can stand there and continue to play games with him ... and deviate his attention ... asking him to look for the wallet here and there ... and also probably pretend to help him look for the wallet. They were not only able to carry out the event but they  were also able to manage the person's response to that event. Thus successfully covering their work. This is a successful proven technique. It delivers results. And it keeps the people who use the technique quite safe. You carry out the event as well as you keep yourself safe. 

That is just one example. To carry out these techniques ... you need a widespread network that reaches every crucial decision making point. And here is where the Crew System comes into play. This widespread system that they have developed ... aids their system in several ways. All of their strategies are designed around "Satan". These guys actually believe that the Satan is their savior and god. They study the works of the Satan ... how he operates and how he carries out his tasks ... and then they use his ways in their tasks. For example, lying and misleading ... these Satanic Jews are very upfront in lying and misleading ... and they do it boldly and in full volume. All of the Communist revolutions was nothing but lying and misleading the people into a false exploitory system that they had designed for self-benefit. And they did that in full volume ... they lied to the people boldly and openly. Another strategy that they use from Satan is ... using a third person to push him to make wrong decisions. 

For example ... if I approach anyone ... they will use 2-3 people to lie and mislead the decision maker. "Ow my God, see ... this guy is trouble ... he is major problem ... do not do what he says ... it will create a big problem. Don't meet with him. Don't listen to him." I will create a big problem for people? These projects will be one the most fantastic things that the people have ever seen. I will not be a problem for anyone ... but these main beneficiaries who are exploiting the people. So, they just reverse the equation in order to protect themselves. 

What you are seeing here is the active use of the Crew System in delaying the work and rejecting every major step that is required for the work to progress. The Crew System is fantastic in keeping me protected. And even they dont have an issue with that ... okay, so you want to protect the guy? Okay, go ahead and protect the guy ... no problem. Why? Because, just protecting me doesn't affect the system at all. You can love and you can protect ... these are the feelings of the Goyim ... there is no problem with that.

They are afraid.

They prevent me from reaching the top politicians. But they themselves are so afraid of what is going to happen in the coming years. Their mischief is so massive and the scale of its effect is so large scale. Why do you think Trump wants to shut down the internet? Because of ISIS? That's bullshit. Trump gets his advise from his Jewish advisers and that is what he is feeding to the American people. They see shutting down of the internet as a requirement because of the large scale inter-connectivity that the internet is providing in the developed countries. In Communist countries like the Soviet Union ... millions of farmers were starving to death but the people in the city had no idea what was happening there. How? By the control of media. Today, there are thousands of people protesting against the French government but the American people have no idea about these protests. Why? Because of the control of media and disconnection between the people over social networks ... obviously, it is a different country on the other side of the ocean in a different language ... you would not expect much networking. If you compare the coverage of the attacks in Paris and the protests in Paris then you will understand how they are controlling the people's minds. 

Take a look at the below link:

Antisemitism normalised in Labour party, says Zac Goldsmith 

Why do you think there is so much emphasis on "antisemitism" in the West right now? Why do you think that they are raising these issues? Why do you think that they are trying to propose "mode of conduct and laws" to combat antisemitism? Because this already happened in the Soviet Union. Many Russians knew that this Communist system was designed by Jews that is exploiting and killing millions of Russians. They organized several revolts against the Communism and these revolts were ruthlessly suppressed by the government. They introduced a law "giving the death sentence" for antisemitism. Why do you think that a "death sentence" was required for antisemitism in the Soviet Union? It was designed only to safeguard the ruling Jewish Communist leaders and terrorize non-Jews into silence. 

What I am suggesting is ... we come up with laws in order to break the monopoly of the Jewish groups in politics and media. They are successfully holding us behind ... while they are successfully using the same tips to consolidate their rule and control. They are trying to come up with laws in order to silence the people against the Jewish monopoly around the Western world. Do NOT allow the formation of any laws against antisemitism in the West. I don't care if it is the US or the UK. You cannot allow the formation of laws that will ruthlessly suppress people.

My lovely lovely Crew System, understand their games ... look at their games and try to see the end result of the game. Is it going to result in the silence of the people and the continuation of their monopoly ... or is it going to help the people rise up against the system? Try to understand the end result of their game before you start following through their instructions. Today, they are trying to hold off just one guy from reaching the media and politicians ... but what we actually need to do is expel hundreds of politicians from power ... we need to come up with thousands of media agencies that will independently voice the truth without being controlled by monopolies. The rise of one guy is just the beginning ... there will be thousands of media agencies coming up against this system. 

So, don't worry a lot and don't be controlled a lot. I won't be alone ... there will be a huge rise against this system. And by being the Crew System, you need to facilitate this. We need a revolution. You can't be puppeted and expect a revolution. You are worrying about only one guy rising against the system ... but we will be needing hundreds of leaders and politicians against the system. Details later.