It’s a vote pulling tactic

It’s a vote pulling tactic

That’s what they are doing. They are using the punchlines and the ideas that we give ... in order to just pull the votes. They are taking my ideas and giving it to the opposition. 

That’s what they did with the Republicans ... they used the “for the people” strategy and how the government is incompetent and how it does not deliver results only to gain more seats for the Republicans in both the houses. They used the strategy only to pull the votes. Tell me one thing that the Republicans came up with that is “for the people” ... one simple change or one simple law that they came up with? They did nothing. They just used the entire concept only to pull votes. 

Now, they gave the “pull jobs from China” concept to Donald Trump. In fact, if you look at his entire political strategy this is the only point that is good. This is the only reason why people are choosing him. This is the only reason why he is getting votes. Because none of the other candidates have this concept on their agenda. If you remove this concept then Donald Trump is as junk as all of the other Republicans ... on top of that he is a racist of monstrous proportions. He might not be a racist himself but the changes that he is suggesting are turning out to be very racist.

They know that the stuff I talk about is very popular ... it sells very hot and very quickly with the people. It is people oriented ... it shows direct benefits for the people ... and it attracts people. So, what they are doing is strategically picking a few points and using that as a magnet to pull votes ... and put their candidates in key positions. 

What the American people don’t realize is “why the government is so incompetent”? Even Obama promised a lot in 1998 ... stopping wars and pulling jobs back from China was also on his agenda. Go back and check his speeches ... he talked about manufacturing equipment being pulled off from its roots and shipped to China. 7 years in power till date ... did anything change? How many jobs did we get back from China? Once you enter Washington, you realize how the establishment controls the political machine. They control the entire system. 

Well, at least Obama maintained the peace. We had 7 years of peace. But that is not going to be the case with Republicans. They are planning to start exactly where George Bush had left off. Look at the American scenario right now ... discussing war, bombs, explosions, surveillance of mosques, racism against Muslims, fighting Radical Islam ... all of these were existing scenarios during George Bush. These events are not a coincidence. They are planned by the establishment itself. They have already recreated the George Bush environment. Trump is suggesting that other countries should also send in their troops. What does this mean? This means hundreds of thousands of American boots on the ground. Moreover, they are planning to go for Iran as well. 

Americans that are shouting Trump, Trump, Trump right now ... need to realize that they need to pack their bags and go fight wars. More than a million soldiers were recruited in Iraq during Bush. Most of them came back with PTSD ... Trump, Trump, Trump? Details later.

This is one of the reasons I stopped talking about solutions. They are taking the content & the important points and using it to do the opposite. They are misleading the people ... and this time they are attaching my name to it to get even more support. I said we need an outside guy with a killer instinct who can talk fluently ... who can slaughter all of these useless current politicians. I asked the Democrats to come up with that. And they gave us Trump ... okay, he is an outside guy with a killer instinct, knows how to trash the opposition ... but he is carrying the entire Republican agenda with him. The Republicans are showing opposition only for namesake. Otherwise, he corresponds to everything that the Republicans stand for ... I mean for the "bombing part". A large military, a need to fight endlessly with other countries, major wars, a clash with Iran, termination of the nuclear deal ... why do you think he likes "veterans"? Because there are going to be a lot ... a lot of veterans once he comes into power. 

They are using my points only to empower monsters. That's why talking solutions is really not helping. We need to execute solutions ... rather than present them on a platter for them to extract the content and mislead people. That's why I turned my attention towards the people behind the issues and their ideology. Well, almost everything I write is interesting ... but we will start talking about "solutions" once we launch the work. Till then we will talk only on ... who is creating the problem, what problem they can create and why are they creating these problems. That's whats going on since the past few months.