Don't worry about my approach to Iran

Don't worry about my approach to Iran

Don’t worry a lot about Iran. It is not about staying here or there. I like you guys. But I told you ... it is more about politics, visa and funds. I have to work on all of these three factors. I can be as much right as possible ... and I might have the best solutions ... but if I don’t have the funds to run a proper media campaign or design the materials properly ... then nothing will help ... all of it goes waste.

Without reaching out in the media ... without reaching out to at least a few million people in the US ... nothing is going to change. Change will come only if we can take the message to the people. The site that you guys are seeing ... ... it is like a preview of the work that will be done. It not the actual site ... it is just one guy’s efforts of a few hours a day. I will probably take down this site and come up with a new one. The new content will be much more professional ... in video format like a TV channel ... the content will be screened through several angles of legals, comedy, politics and overall plan ... and then content will be formulated. I need to hire an entire team for that ... only to work on the production of the content.

The site is just one man’s effort to help people understand the concept. I created this site with the consideration that ... what if I don’t get any funds at all? What if nobody chooses to invest in this ever? What if I have to be totally alone by myself on this project? Then at least I will have one website ... as simple as it might be ... and I can email the content of this site to thousands of embassies, ministries and newspapers at a worldwide level. At least I can do that myself. 

It also helps the Crew System understand the process and steps involved ... so that they are on the same page. And they know and understand what we are doing. Several streams of content will be formulated via several channels ... can’t explain that in detail out here. 

However, I can’t do that without funds. I like Serbia because:

  • Politically correct. Most importantly it is politically correct for the project. The mainstream politicians here will support it. Secondly, it is very close to Russia ... whose cooperation is required on the project. Putin has an important role to play in this project.
  • English. You guys speak English. Our target audience for the project is America and Europe. So, English will be very helpful in reaching out to countries like USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and so on. 
  • Manpower. The manpower is comparatively quite cheap out here. If I have to hire an American or British, I have to pay about $5000 per month. I can get people to work for me for only $500 here. This will help me control running costs for the company. 
  • Lovely and Friendly. A nice thing is, you guys are lovely and friendly. Working with you will be very easy.
  • Technology. We have good internet access and speed here. We have the necessary technology support when it comes to equipment like cameras, computers and so on.
  • Real Estate. Real Estate is not that expensive ... so office costs will be less.
  • Western Styled. I was looking for a location that was a little bit Western styled. Because I would be hiring some advisers from America and other locations. Belgrade has a wide range of restaurants and clubs that will meet their requirement. I don’t think they should have a problem living here comfortably.
  • Climate. The climate is also not too hot or not too cold. I think they can manage that too.

From several angles I am finding Serbia to be a good place to setup a branch or a center. I need to raise funds for this ... not only Iran ... but once I get some initial funds ... I may visit or collaborate with other Arab countries also in generating funds. So, don’t worry about me calling the Iranian embassy or even going to Iran ... it is all related to work and raising funds. 

I like you guys ... not only because you are cute and lovable ... but because you are right for the work from several angles. Most important of them is your relationship with Russia. I thought of setting up this in Moscow itself because Russia would give utmost security for this project. But I was wondering how I would arrange for manpower ... it would be all foreign employees ... and costs would be so high ... I had no idea how much funds I would generate. I could not hire local Russians for some positions ... because they speak English with an accent ... and if I put a Russian guy or girl as the news anchor ... then their accent would say everything. It would be difficult to sell that news in America or UK. But your English is like native English speakers ... and that really helps. For the same reason, I could not hire staff from India ... those guys also speak with an accent but Indians also look totally different. I cannot sell content made using Indians in America. 

I mean ... I can ... but then it will not have the required effect. They will be like ... why are Russians talking about American politics or why are Indians talking about American politics? So, that slows down the impact of the project. And they would use American medial channels to tear down our message ... they would make minced meat out of our message. There are many things to be considered at every step. So, let’s see ... I am still at the ground level ... trying to pull a few strings. Nothing is guaranteed till it falls into place.