Dead guy on the street

Dead guy on the street

“Girls don’t look good in India that’s why he came here to have sex. Having sex with girls here is like heaven for him.”

Having sex with girls is like heaven for him? Where is this guy living? Does he live on an island with only monkeys around him? Lol. Very nice information ... thank you for sharing. Lol. Yeah, this is one statement that they make in order to demonize every aspect of a person’s life. They take one simple thing and try to give it a twisted angle. 

Firstly, India has some of the world’s most beautiful women. And the city that I come from ... it is India’s IT center. Tens of thousands of students and professionals come to my city only for IT education and jobs. We have thousands of IT companies there. The “India” that this guy probably knows is from some remote village TV serial or a villager that he might have met from India. 

Secondly, I live in Banjara Hills. It is the most posh area of Hyderabad city. I used to rent 8 apartments in a building there. I use to live in one apartment and then sub-let the other apartments. I myself had very good looking girls living in my own apartments as tenants. 

Thirdly, the Indian Crew Team was simply crazy about me. They used to flood me with girls. Ah, he is single ... he is alone ... it is a shame that we cannot get him one girl that he likes. They used to be angry at themselves for not hooking me up with someone. I don’t want to write the whole thing ... just go to the website and make search for terms like indian crew, girls, dating, sex ... you will see the whole thing that used to happen in India. 

They used to maintain a line of girls for me. They loved me. They used to hunt any and every type of girl that I would like ... and try to hook me up with her. They used to sit and analyze what type of girl I would like ... right from facial features to body and dressing style. There was absolutely no shortage of good looking girls in India.

Why do you think I tell you that I don’t date in supermarkets? It is because of the continuous dating attempts by the Indian Crew in supermarkets. I had to come up with one reason to calm them down. A good girl is good anywhere ... it might be a supermarket or at a club. Does the girl change if the location changes? I used to tell them ... a better location to meet a girl is at a bar or a club ... so that they don’t bother me at supermarkets. Lol. And I never used to go to a bar or a club. Lol. They would be pissed ... ah see, he is playing with us! Just send the girls wherever he goes. 

The Indian Crew was very lovely and very supportive of the work that I was doing. They used to care a lot ... of me being alone and spending time by myself ... and then they had the American Crew behind them. The American Crew would be like ... what are you guys doing? How long has it been? Can’t you take care of only one guy? He chooses to stay in India ... if he had chosen to stay in America then we would have done anything for him. They used to keep pushing the local Crew Teams to take care of me.

The American and Indian Crew Teams had connected with some politicians also in the city so that no legal issues were created around my work. They created a kind of security shell for my work. The only reason why I left India ... was because of the change in political parties. It was the Congress Party that was fully supportive of my work. It was doing excellent work also for the people. But surprisingly it lost in the next election and it was replaced by BJP. It was because of this reason that I left India. I was not very confident about the support that I would get from the BJP government.

That’s the reason I chose to go to Indonesia and Malaysia ... because the political climate out there is suitable for my work. It is the same reason why I travel in countries that are close friends with Russia or Germany. Because I know that Putin can make moves that will help in the secure working of the project.

The talk about girls happens mainly for two reasons. Firstly ... I am close with the Crew System. I talk about everything. It is more of fun talk ... as friends ... casual sharing. Secondly, sometimes one or two members try to use the sex angle to create an issue. Sharing with them helps in taking care of these malicious individuals. 

The reason I didn’t date in India was because of the three things that I already told you about ... I didn’t know the personal plans of the girl ... the objectives of the Crew Team that was behind the girl ... and what would I do if this girl is maliciously used by these guys that I am working against. Because of this I never bothered dating anyone. The countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Russia and some others are relatively more secure. Even if you change governments in these countries ... the new guys will still support the work. So the risk level is drastically reduced. 

That’s why in Indonesia I opened up to casual friendship who will give me some information on the people and culture of the place. It helps in my work of getting to the city and people of the place ... as well as the Crew can stop complaining that I am alone. But I put sex off the table ... just to see how things move forward initially. Maybe I will move in closer relations once the work moves forward and I get in touch with a few politicians or so.

A temporary casual friendship ... like a tourist guide ... is what takes care of things from several angles. That’s why I came up with that particular model in Indonesia. But soon after, I got occupied with work and researching on info and I did not get time to do even that. 

But the nice thing that the Crew Teams do is ... wherever I go, they network with the police department, intelligence agencies and politicians in order to create a security shell for the work.

The reason I am sharing this information with you guys here is that ... we save our time and not repeat past mistakes. I have already been to a few countries and I have seen repetitive cycles of the same behavior ... not only different countries but if I changed locations within my city in India ... even then these cycles would repeat. So, what’s eventually happening is that ... we are locked in a repetitive stalemate ... and where we are losing the most is that ... the progress in the work is very limited. If we avoid these repetitive mistakes then we save ourselves a lot of time and energy ... it gives us room to make more constructive moves and helps us move forward with a better understanding of each other. It will fine tune our efforts to focus on the main points ... instead of shooting blindly in the air and hoping to accomplish something using our own imagination.

I will give you some examples so that you understand what I am talking about. I told you guys that I look at relationships at three different angles. These are the things that have already happened before repeatedly at several locations.

Personal Front

This is what the girl or girls are told at a personal level by the concerned Crew Team.

  • Ah, look at that cute guy. Don’t you want to date him?
  • He is all alone ... don’t you want to give him some company?
  • He is going to be rich and famous. Do you want to miss the opportunity of being in his circle?
  • He loves people. He will make a good leader and probably be a top politician one day. 

Cute, single, rich, famous and powerful ... if you put this in a girl’s head then just imagine what she is assuming or expecting. Her mind is already on the clouds ... but half of the stuff is not even realized yet ... I am still at cute and single and the rest is still imaginary. If a girl comes forward with this expectation then imagine her commitment ... and then imagine her disappointment if she does not get that for some reason. When the expectations are at such levels then just imagine what all planning she does ... about the relationship, marriage, kids and everything. This is how they get marriage-ready girls instantly. They don’t even know my full name and they are ready to marry me and have kids. And I am like ... what? Shouldn’t we actually see each other for at least 2 years before we decide on something like that? I don’t even know you ... what have they put in your head?

Both of them are wrong, isn’t it ... her expectation as well as her disappointment ... none of them should actually happen. Why would I want to put someone close to me with stuff that is not even real?

Crew Level

That’s at a personal level. Now, look at the expectations at the Crew Level.

  • Yay! He chose us. He is going to be with us forever. 
  • We have the best leader with us. Our people are going to benefit the most.
  • Our city and our country will blossom. 
  • We will have access to all of his works and projects.
  • We will be dealing with multi-hundred-million dollar works.

They are expecting this ... and now imagine ... I move to another location. Now what happens? All of the above just evaporated? The high expectations convert into disappointments ... and sometimes also into envy and jealousy with the other location. If you see in both the levels ... Personal as well as the Crew Level ... I have absolutely no hand in creating these expectations. They themselves did it ... they themselves created these imaginary expectations. 

My work is into problem solving. That is my utmost priority ... to solve the problem. To work on the project and solve the problem ... I try to deal with all of the coming obstacles and hindrances. Sometimes the obstacles are political in nature ... and it requires relocation. For example, take a look at our Newsletter. We send out emails to all embassies in the world including ministries and government offices in key countries ... and to all media agencies around the world that is possible. This is the third time that hosting companies are refusing to run our Newsletter. Obviously, some people are upset with the information that we send out ... they are contacting these companies in America and telling them not to support our Newsletter. We are having to relocate to other servers for the third time now. This is their response to a simple Newsletter ... imagine their response once I take this content live on TV. Lol.

My work is not a regular business that operates from a fixed location ... as of now that is. If some people don’t support my work ... I have to find alternates ... stopping the work is not an option. Visas are an issue, regional politics are a concern and fund raising is a major factor that I am trying to work on. Visas, politics and funds ... these 3 factors determine where I stay and for how long. If any of them are affected then I have to look for alternates. There is a “risk” factor involved in this project ... which causes uncertainty. And all of the above planning that you guys are doing ... they apply to regular businesses and regular work. 

I am in a battlefield. Sometimes I even wonder what will I do if they shoot me dead while I am walking on the street. These guys are malicious rascals who are killing thousands of people. What if they decide to shoot me dead to silence me? Then what will happen? 

Corporate Malice Level

This is the third level. My work mainly targets Jewish Bankers and Corporations who are using criminal techniques to exploit people. They are exploiting billions of people using the support of the government. What if they make moves against me?

  • What if they start threatening my girlfriend that you want to setup so badly?
  • What if they start using her to make wrongful statements like they have done with others?
  • What if they take legal action to stop my work?
  • What if they drug me to give me some unexpected problems?
  • What if they send in their thugs and beat me up?
  • What if they just shoot me dead on the street?

I actually sat down and thought of the different ways of how they can kill me. 

  • What if they shoot me dead?
  • What if they send a few guys to butcher me?
  • What if they kill me in a car accident?
  • What if they drug me giving me a weird disease that stops my work and I die?
  • What if they give me a stroke and I go brain dead?
  • What if they take me down using a sniper shot from any rooftop?
  • What if they kidnap me and then torture and kill me?

Did you apply for any job or start any work that involved helping people and ... you had to make a list of the different ways of how you can be killed? 

With every page that I write ... I have all of this in my mind. I consider all of this ... put it on the side ... and then I do my work. Cute, single, rich, famous, powerful ... or maybe a dead guy on the street? How many of your girls want to date a dead guy on the street? Or maybe a guy who has chances of being shot dead on the street anytime ... how many of you want to date him? No, you don’t my friend ... no, you don’t.

It is this security loophole that I want to fix once I get some politicians who will support my work. The chances that I will live will be realized. Then I can put in some fixed parameters for the work regarding its location and operation ... and then I can think of some relationship or whatever. Welcome to my life.

Temporary and Casual

Seeing the parameters that I deal with ... I said, okay fine ... there is a possibility we do a temporary and casual thing ... you know something like a friend and tourist guide. But there will be like one or two negative guys ... who will try to give this also a twisted angle. What they say is ... “ah see, he is afraid of making a commitment ... he is not committed”. 

You know what ... I think I will agree on this point. But if you see ... when did I start this work? Around 2007-2008 ... it has been about 8 years ... and since I have started this work ... I have not stopped it. If you are doing something consistently for the past 8 years ... then there is a word that is used to define this ... maybe that word is “commitment”? But wait ... I have spoken on several political groups on Facebook ... and many people have defined my approach and my work to be “passionate”. He is passionate about this ... that’s how they defined it and you can see it in my writings and work. So the right statement would be ... “he is not just committed but he is passionate.” Lol.

Now, when it comes to girls ... temporary is not what I want ... temporary is what is possible right now. Let me give you a preview of the options that you propose. He should make a few girlfriends ... he should go out with her ... dine in restaurants together ... hold each other’s hands and walk on the street together. I am not against that ... all of that is just fine. But the option that you don’t look into is ... while holding hands together on the street what if I am shot dead right there and then? How will she react? What will be the expression on her face seeing me dead on the street?

This is just a girlfriend ... what if I have a wife and kid standing next to my dead body? I can’t even imagine that scenario ... it is simply unimaginable for me. You send those pretty girls in the supermarket ... I look at her and think ... how she will react seeing my dead body on the street? That’s the stuff that goes on in my head. You want me to take her phone number after that? Heh.

This is not current information. This is something that I analyzed like 5 years ago. These are the options that I face every day of my life ... am I going to be shot dead ... or are they going to use some legals against me and put me in prison?

If you look at the model of a friend who can provide info on the country ... what will happen in this case? Just in case I am shot dead on the street ... she won’t even be with me on the street ... she may get to know or she may not even know that it happened. If she gets to know ... maybe she will pause for a few seconds in surprise ... after a few minutes she goes on with her life. “Temporary” is not what I have chosen for the girl ... temporary is what I have chosen for myself. My own existence does not have a guarantee.

Beware of Deviants

When I talk about the risk in this work then sometimes they try to capitalize on this opportunity to move things in their favor. One or two malicious guys will take this approach ... ah see, the poor fellow is under so much stress ... it is not fair ... he should be happy ... he should not take up such risky work ... it is affecting his life so much. We should relieve him from this work and we should take it up and get it done right. We know how to do things better ... we have better connections and we will not be affected like him. 

Lol. That’s again a deviation technique. If there was some guy who was handling this ... if they themselves could manage this then why would about 500,000 people die in Syria and 10 million people get displaced from their homes? They used this technique in India itself ... 4 years ago ... and see what has happened since the past 4 years. Anything got better?

I told them several times ... if you can fix it then please go ahead and fix it ... be my guest. But don't create excuses to stop my work ... if you fix it then I don't even need to do this. It's been several years ... did they do anything? It is one of their reject, delay or hijack strategies.


This is not about being pessimistic or being optimistic. I see both sides of the coin ... I analyze from every angle. The pessimistic side or the worst case scenarios help me prepare for the worst and protect my work ... while the optimistic side of being successful of helping billions of people keeps the work moving forward. If I was only optimistic and I saw only the good side ... then these guys would have easily locked me into one location and used regional politics to put me in prison. The work would have stopped a long time ago. Relocation was compulsory and keeping an eye on the worst moves that could be made has helped in the movement of the work.

Girls or Politics?

That’s why I tell you guys ... stop putting so much emphasis on girls. I don’t need you in that segment. If I want to hook up with someone I can do that myself. I don’t need you there. Where I need you is in networking with politicians and media companies. Here is where you need to put in efforts. Once we build some political support ... all parameters change.

Having sex is not a heavenly achievement ... putting smiles on the faces of a billion people is a heavenly achievement. Walking on the street with a billion smiles around you that were created because of your work ... that is heaven. Wanna help me to get to heaven?