It is a Multi-Layered Fight

It is a Multi-Layered Fight

Now, if you want to take down these systems of exploitation then you face a Multi-Layered fight. You have to take up the fight from several angles in order to move forward, survive, overcome and win. These guys have established systems and they have also protected these systems from several angles. The moment you take measures against these systems ... doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are in ... they can initiate measures against you in order to stop you. You can be an individual, a celebrity or politician ... or you can be an entire country itself. They have established tools in order to initiate action in all these 3 levels to protect their systems. 

Let’s take a look into these tools and techniques ... how they work at these 3 levels ... and what needs to be done in order to take down these systems. 

If you are an individual ... this is what you face.

  • Drugs. They have established a system in order to drug people and individuals via their food and drinks. Jewish Entities own most of the food manufacturing industries in America ... hundreds of food and beverage industries are owned by a handful of Jewish Corporations. These industries work as an excellent channel of drugs against individuals who rise against their systems. Examples ... Charlie Sheen ... the guy speaks against American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ... after that in the following years ... he goes cranky and extreme ... and ruins his public image and career. He showed extreme levels of drugged behavior. Another example ... Robin Williams ... an excellent comedian ... but also an open critic of wars in the Middle East. Once he starts speaking against these wars ... he breaks down to such a level that he commits suicide. This is again drugged behavior ... that has destroyed the individual. 
  • Relationships. Who you are dating or who you have slept with ... can be used as tools of offense against you. Example ... Julian Assange ... he slept with two women in Sweden and now they are exploiting that relationship to destroy Assange’s public image and take legal action against him.
  • Career. Your job or business is adversely affected once you start rising against these systems. Jewish Entities have a vast influence in America ... they own most of the major corporations ... and if you are an employee in America then you live at their mercy. Example ... Mel Gibson ... Hollywood is dominated by Jewish groups and he made the mistake of speaking against Jews. They gave him immense bad publicity and ruined his acting career. They also drugged him so immensely that he freaked out against his wife ... which was also widely publicized. They create flaws and friction in your personal life and then give publicity to that in order to affect your image and career.
  • Legal Action. They have vast control over legal entities in America and many Western European countries. Using legals against you in order to silence you and stop your work ... is just one of their tools. Example ... Julian Assange ... they are trying to pursue him for “espionage” against the United States. What did he do? He exposed the US war crimes in Iraq. The government did something wrong but he is the one who is being persecuted. 
  • Politics. If required ... they will use top politicians in the country in order to initiate action against you. The whole legal case will move as they have pre-planned it to be.

If you are an individual then you are looking at a fight from at least 5 different angles on a daily basis ... drugs, relationships, career, legal action and politicians. 

If you are a politician then this is what you face.

  • Action from other politicians. These guys have crawled up the political ladder in many countries around the world. And the thing about these Criminal Jews is that ... they are united in their work against non-Jews around the world. Doesn’t matter which country it is ... if there is a politician rising against them and their systems ... they will use other politicians against you to either silence you or drown your voice in their majority against you. Example ... Angela Merkel ... she moved forward with supporting refugees ... this policy is against the interests of Jewish Entities ... they don’t want Arabs moving into Europe or America. They are using several politicians against Angela Merkel to make her withdraw her policy.
  • Events. When it comes to countries and policies ... they design and sponsor “events” to direct politics and policy formation. These guys are sponsoring several anti-immigrant organizations all over Europe who are literally abusing and beating up immigrants ... to the extent even creating fires in their residences. They also sponsor some immigrant individuals who will do weird illegal activities in order to demonize the image of all the refugees. 
  • Media. These events are given a wide publicity in Germany and all over Europe to show that refugees are violent and criminal. Thus it is Angela Merkel who is wrong and she should withdraw her refugee policy. The only thing she is doing is helping innocent people facing war and death ... how can that be wrong. But if it is against Jewish Corporation interests ... they can create scenarios to show that it is wrong. It is interesting to note that Saudi Arabia has taken more than 2.5 Million refugees from the same countries and not a single incident of crime has been reported nor it has been given any publicity out there.
  • Losing political support. Eventually what happens is that ... with this events, demonization and bad publicity continuously in the media is that ... you start losing political support. Your own position in the party and support from the people starts dwindling. Thereby, directly impacting your own career as a politician. 
  • Criticism from foreign politicians. And just in case you have a good standing in your own country and they are not able to reach your politicians or media ... then they demonize you using other foreign politicians ... from countries like America, France or Britain where they have good influence. They put international pressure on you so that you withdraw from your statements or policies. 

So, even if you are a top politician in your own country ... even then you face 5 battles against you and your policies. Internal uprising from politicians, events happening against your policies, bad publicity in the media, losing political support and pressure from foreign countries. Lol ... cool, isn’t it?

If you are a country then this is what you face.

  • International Pressure. Immediately politicians from other countries speak up against you. For example ... the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko ... he made some statements against Jews. Politicians from several European countries spoke against him and pressurized him to retract his statements. In America and Europe, you can say anything against Christians or Christianity or even Jesus Christ. In fact they will put up billboards on highways ridiculing Jesus and making fun of him in the name of Atheism and religious liberty ... but if you make a statement against Jews ... then you better take it back ... doesn’t matter if you don’t even live in America or Europe ... even if you are the President of another country ... even then they will ridicule you and pressurize you to take it back. You make a simple statement ... this is what they do to you ... taking “action” against them is like exploring unknown territory.
  • Removal from power.  They get involved in your political system and try to remove you from power. Example ... France ... Jacques Chirac was an open critic of the American war in Iraq. He used his veto power to stop the UN resolution against Iraq. He was replaced by Sarkozy, an American puppet who fully supported all of America’s wars. And he is followed by Hollande ... who is also pro-war. They sponsor candidates in foreign countries who support American policies. Another example ... Italy’s Prime Minister ... Silvio Berlusconi ... he was not very cooperative in America’s bombing campaigns. Several times he refused to send his war planes to bomb other countries ... in fact he made fun of America continuously bombing other countries. What happens next? They get involved in his private life ... and expose his sex life all over the media ... eventually removing him from power.
  • Protestors. They try to remove the “uncooperative leader” via sponsoring his opponent or they try to overthrow governments using protestors. For example ... Libya ... Gaddafi was removed using protestors within his country.
  • Sanctions. If you are against Jewish Entities or Israel then “sanctions” is one of the new tools that they are using against you. For example ... Iran, an open critic of Israel. They will use any excuse to put sanctions on you, control your moves and cripple your economy. 
  • War. The last possible option against your country is also war. They might pull you in war using any excuse.

If you see their work at all of the three levels ... what you are looking at is a massive network of criminals. Criminals with the same ideology and purpose ... who have blended into the society ... moved up into key positions ... in several powerful countries in the world. And they have established systems that collectively work in helping each other.

If you had to catch one criminal or his gang ... then these guys have limited capacity. He is generally located at one place or he may have a network in a few countries. His staff will range from a 100 guys to a 1000 guys. Eliminating such criminal networks is very easy ... because they work against the law. But these guys use the law and politicians for their systems. The entire government becomes their machinery ... their ownership of media and businesses give them a different influential power. These guys work with immense resources and power ... with established procedures, ideology and techniques of dealing with an uprising at any level. 

That is why I say ... taking them down is like taking down of Communism. The entire thing has to go down. The change of one politician or political party in America will not change anything. We have to remove their control and monopoly over politics, media, banks and business. We have to fight them at several levels to take them down. And the most prime location for this is America. If we can take them down here then the rest of the world will just follow.