Love, People and Systems

Love, People and Systems

Here is an interesting thing that I noticed of how I react to girls and the Crew’s attempts to hook me up with someone. Now that I have been to a few countries ... let me share some varying reactions on this aspect. 

Firstly, I don’t like anyone touching me ... let alone dating, sex or whatever. You say hello ... hug, kiss and then you stand apart and talk. You can stand close but you can’t touch. I don’t care who you are. I don’t allow even my brother or sister to touch me while we talk or sit together. If I have to touch someone or if someone has to touch me ... I have to literally prepare my mind for that to happen. For example, if my barber is going to touch me while cutting my hair ... I literally prepare my mind for the moves that he or she will make while cutting my hair. I don’t like anyone touching me. One of the worst situations that is so difficult for me to put up with is ... being in a crowded queue where there is physical contact with strangers. I try to avoid such situations and if somehow I get into such a situation ... then I pray for it to get over as soon as possible. 

That’s the way I am. I don’t know why I am like that ... but that’s the way I am. If a touch has to happen then my mind has to be prepared for that. Now, coming to the aspect of love. 


Every guy likes cute and sexy, right? So do I. If you are Indian and you are cute and sexy ... then there is some level of attraction. That’s normal physical chemistry. I thought I liked Indian girls because I am myself Indian ... it made sense.


Then I went to Germany. There are many German girls who are cute and sexy ... but I don’t know ... I wasn’t attracted to them in the same way. I was like ... yeah ... fine ... you are cute and sexy ... okay ... but ... I don’t know ... the level of attraction was down to a 20%. I thought it was probably because of a difference in culture. But then after spending some time in Germany and getting to know them ... I got a little bit closer. They were very warm hospitable and welcoming. They welcome you in every aspect of their life but never force anything on you. You feel very comfortable in Germany. Then this level of attraction rose up to upto a 50%. 


And then I went to America. Even before going to America ... I already had a very good impression about them ... I love the American people. And they also have cute and sexy. But they also have a very powerful Crew System over there ... and they literally killed any attraction that I had towards them ... they literally stabbed it to death. Lol. The thing with Americans is that ... they love to help and they love to tell you what to do. The Crew tries to own you and control your life ... and that literally killed any kind of attraction that I could have for them. If you measure the level of attraction to the cute and sexy from America ... it would be like a minus 100% ... down in the negative.

And they would be surprised like ... why doesn’t he like us? It was like ... I still love the American people ... but I would never ever be a puppet into someone else’s hands. My fight with the American Crew is a very long one ... but over the years we came to an understanding that ... we will focus on the work. When it comes to work ... they are my closest friends ... because both of us connect very closely with the same vision and purpose. We are like two lions on a hunt ... two lions will be more productive in a hunt than just one lion. We work in the same manner. They use the power and connections ... and I show the direction. 

But when it comes to dating any Americans ... it will only be feasible once the job is done. Because once the job is done ... it will take down all of these control systems that they have setup ... and it changes a lot of parameters.

Latin Community in America

While I was pushing away the Americans ... I was moving closer to the Latin community. They were totally the opposite of Americans. Simple, humble, down to earth and a loving people. They are two factors to their credit ... cute and sexy ... but also simple and humble ... and I really liked that. I noticed that I like girls who have these two characteristics in them. At the same time, Americans would be furious ... they were like ... we offer him so much and he likes someone else? What does he see in them? 

After a while, they calmed down ... let him like whoever he wants ... controlling him to such an extent is not fair and then they backed off.


And then I went to Indonesia. These guys were simply so adorable. They had 3 factors to their credit ... cute and sexy ... simple and humble ... and also very polite and well mannered. The guy maybe the most illiterate and low wage worker in Indonesia ... like a girl or a guy working at a food stall or supermarket ... but they will conduct themselves in a very polite and well mannered style. Like everybody out there is polite and well mannered ... and that made them so cute and so adorable ... that I wanted to give them a kiss. Every time I interacted with a nice girl at a shop or bank ... they would be so polite that at the end of the work ... I would be like ... thank you for your help ... can I give you a kiss now? Lol.

Initial feelings ... after a while they subside a little bit. So, I noticed that ... I like cute and sexy ... simple and humble ... polite and well mannered. 


Malaysians are almost the same an Indonesians with a mild difference. But in Malaysia, I stay at a tourist spot ... so there are a lot of foreign tourists there. And I get to see many of my American friends there ... and the relations with Americans still remains the same. 


Before going to Russia ... I did some study on the Communist Rule. I studied about how millions of Christians were starved to death, millions of them were executed and killed by the government and how they ruled with terror. And when I stepped into Moscow and saw the people ... I was like ... ow my God! These guys are so simple and so beautiful ... they tortured and starved these people to death? What kind of heartless devils were they? My attraction towards them crossed any measurable parameter ... I was like I love you guys like a gazillion times. 

In the initial days ... every time I would see the people ... my blood would be boiling thinking of the atrocities that were committed against them. I realized that I liked these people because of a new factor that was the abuse that these people went through. These people were targeted just because they were Christians ... they were targeted because of their religion. The Communist Rule was a devlish rule designed by Satanic Jews ... who hated Christianity. They did the worst to these people ... destroyed thousands of Churches, killed tens of thousands of priests, executed millions of people, starved millions of farmers to death and ruled over using terror. They went through this monstrosity only because they were Christians and guys who were abusing them were none other than devil worshipers? This boils my blood.

You know ... there is one guy I like very much ... you call him Jesus Christ. I love him because of his fight for the people and his love for the people. He was given a tough time only because he was fighting for the people ... for what is right for the people. They stopped his work in the worst possible manner. If I was there ... I would show him how to fight ... I would tell him don’t go on a head on collision with the government ... just relocate, get help from outside and then fight for the people. Combine power with your work ... it will help you deal with guys at the top ... otherwise they will only do the worst to you. I wished I was there by his side ... things could have been different.

And there are two things that I like about Christ ... one is Christianity and the second one is Christians. These are the two wonderful things that Christ has left in this world ... both of them are a blessing for the world ... just like he was. Both of these entities work for what is best for the people to create a better world. For example ... if you see Africa ... billions of aid from Christian countries flows into Africa. If you see Ebola or Zika Virus ... it is the Christian countries who will invest in billions and they will be the first ones to come to the rescue ... doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. This is the lovely thing that we have in the world because of Christ ... and I love the guy for that.

I already have a soft corner for Christ because of the way he was treated and the difficulties that he faced in his life. Now, if you tell me millions of Christians were starved to death only because they were Christians and their rulers didn’t give a rat’s ass about them ... then yeah, it boils my blood. 

If you see the people from ex-Communist countries then these are the factors that they have ... cute and sexy ... simple and humble ... a history of abuse for several decades mainly because they were Christian ... abused in the worst possible manner by the millions ... abused with hate by devil worshipers. I am a guy who does not even like anyone touching me and I am in Moscow ... with my arms wide open saying ... let me hug you, hold you close and tight, and kiss you ... and protect you from every evil that is possible. 

Now, that is exactly what we need to make happen. How do we make sure that the evil of Communism never ever touches our lives again? That’s what we need to work on. Because the same evil is coming at us ... it is coming again at us in the form of wars started by America. This evil that you got rid 25 years ago ... it is coming again and this time with a terrible nuclear destruction.

Love and Systems

Now, here is what I noticed ... I show more attachment to simple, humble people with oppression in their history because that's where I am coming from. Indians are simple and humble ... we had 400 years of British oppression against us. This is where I connect. 

But here is the difference ... we got rid of the British rule ... we ended the colonial rule not only in India but all over the world. This was not done just by Indians ... it was a collective action of all world leaders. We recognized where the problem was ... we recognized exactly who caused the problem ... we recognized how it affected the victims ... we recognized how monstrous it was ... we recognized how inhuman it was ... we openly spoke against it, we fought against it and we formulated laws at an international level so that such a thing never ever occurs again. 

This is what we did when it comes to Colonial Rule. Can we say the same thing about Communism? Do we openly say who designed Communism? Do we openly say who led Communism? Do we openly say who benefited from Communism? Do we recognize the monstrosities committed during Communism at an international level? Have we successfully identified the culprits and put in international laws so that such systems are never designed again? Let alone creating laws against these systems of exploitation ... we are afraid to even talk about it. 

If some change has come then it has come to some extent in ex-Communist countries. But these culprits are still on the loose ... designing and running several systems of exploitation in other parts of the world. There has to be an international collective action for the successful dissolution and termination of these systems. And for this to happen ... the first country that has to change is the United States of America. If we can make the change there then the rest of Europe can be easily taken care of ... in fact, it will simply follow.

Now, how do you do this? There have to be defined measurable techniques of getting things done ... this is how you evaluate your work. The measures that have to be taken in America correspond to the same measures that were taken to overthrow Communist Rule in Communist countries. These guys run the country by holding key segments of the country in their hands ... such as ... politics, media, banks and industries. When we got rid of Communist Rule ... we also got rid of their control over politics and media in the country. If you look at America ... all of the politics and media is owned and run by Jewish Bankers and Corporations. You can talk as much as you want ... you can hope as much as you want ... but as long as these guys still own and control your government and media ... you will not get any change. The exploitation will continue and the conditions simply worsen for the people. 

You can see it for yourself ... look at how things have been simply deteriorating and worsening for the American people ... for Europe and now even for Russia. The problem that exists in America and Western Europe ... its affects are reaching the shores of Russia. It is America that is $18 Trillion in debt ... it is America that is continuously involved in war ... but this problem is expanding at such a vast scale ... that it is engulfing the entire Middle East in war ... it is getting European countries involved in war ... now even Russia in involved in war. 

The main core and origin of this issue is America. If you don’t make any move into America ... and change its political structure ... and get involved in its politics and media ... the world is only going to be consumed by this ever expanding war and chaos. The solution to this problem is taking away the control of government and media from this corporate segment just like it was done in Communist countries. Once you do that, everything will change in America. America will be a different country. Once America changes ... all of NATO politics changes. 

So my dear lovely lovely Crew ... stop holding back people who are rising against this system. Work with them ... help us raise an alternate voice in the media ... so that we can raise the people and demand for change. Our work can only be measured by our reach in politics and media. If you are being used to silence people ... and keeping them away from politics and media ... then know that you are only being a helping hand for these systems of exploitation ... that are bringing down several countries of the world. Understand the end result of your work ... look into the next 10 steps as to how it will affect the work ... realize how you are being used ... doesn’t matter what pretext or excuse they are using ... see the end result. Will it silence the people or will it help the work?