The Crew System and “Events”

The Crew System and “Events”

Status update ladies. Lol ... let’s see what our wonderful and adorable Crew System has been upto. I have been with you guys for so long that I know almost every setup of your’s by heart. Here is something interesting ... the fact that the Crew System was designed by Satanic Jews gives an interesting insight into the work and policies of the system.

We have been recently discussing how Jewish Bankers and Corporations use “events” to control the system for their benefit. They use events to direct the flow of the country. Details here: 

This is a part of their ideology ... create circumstances for your success. Something that comes from the roots of their ideology also reflects in other works too. Designing events to direct the flow of a country is pretty much at a large scale. Now, if you look at the Crew System ... it is segmented into smaller pockets within the community. There are several Crew Teams that exist within a single neighborhood ... which might be as small as to be contained within a few streets. And these Crew Teams manage subjects. The Jewish Bankers and Corporations at the top ... manage world politicians and international politics ... but the Crew System trickles down to a minuscule level of managing individual people.

But there are several common things that you can observe. And all of these common things originate from the roots of their ideology ... which is Satanism ... these guys are Satanists ... they worship the devil. Creation of circumstances of success ... that exploits people, misleads people and benefits only a few ... is a Satanic practice. If you want to do something nice and if you pulled a few strings to connect things together ... then that is different ... this is meeting the requirement ... you are meeting a need that already exists. But the way these guys use events and design events is for their own personal gain. 

That’s point number one. The second point is ... apart from using events to direct things the way they want ... the common thing among them is also the “dual layered marketing”. Their end result will be something else but objective of that will be something else. They cover their actions under a skin ... of doing good and benefiting the other person ... when they are only abusing the other person and facilitating their own good. I will show you how it works.

Phase One

Here is how the Crew behavior falls into place at almost every place I go to. At first, there is a lot of love and admiration. Everyone is informed about me ... there is a lot of popularity given within the local system. Why? Because in the next stages changes have to be made that would be directed at me. At every store, restaurant, hotel or shopping mall that I goto ... they know. I am like ... okay fine ... whatever. It is not important whether you know me or not ... what is important is how you behave with me. So, I have got into a habbit of ignoring that initial admiration phase. I just give it a couple of months and wait to see for some consistency.

Phase Two

Immediately within a few days ... they move on to “girls”! The guy is single ... let’s get him a date. Lol ... I am like ... yeah, yeah ... I know this too. After a few days ... why isn’t he dating? Maybe he likes to get two girls ... maybe four ... maybe six ... some Crew Teams have also shown me a line of dozens of girls. They are all yours. Love us and let us love you. I am like ... awww, so cute ... I will take that as a compliment. But I don’t date.

Phase Three

Now, is where they start getting pissed off ... phase three. The ideas that are put into their heads is ... he does not like us, he does not want to stay here, he wants to go away ... that is why he is not dating us. Here is where all the negative ideas are put into the heads of the Crew Teams. Now, they start looking for faults in my life to start abuse. If I watch any hot video online ... they will react like this ... ow my God! Did you see what he watches? He watched that video online! Ow gawd! We have to “make him better” ... he needs to “change” ... let’s drug him! Here is where the phase of demonization, friction, drugs and abuse begins.

Seems like hypocrisy ... but it is actually Satanism

Here is the interesting information for my lovely Crew System. This seems like hypocrisy. One moment they are ... we love you and admire you ... love us and let us love you ... and they are ready to offer a line of dozen women. But after a few weeks the same guys ... find watching a hot video online totally atrocious and unacceptable ... to the extent that it deserve drugs and abuse to be controlled. That’s a crazy level of hypocrisy ... you might think. But it is not like that ... it is actually Satanism. 

In the first phases what they are doing is ... like the Satan coming to you and telling ... I love you and you can do anything that you want ... here are dozens of girls for you ... just be on my team ... be a part of my team. Stop your work of helping people and screwing up my business. Love me, accept me and be a part of my team. I am like ... no thanks Satan ... if I need a girl ... I know exactly how to get her ... thanks anyways. 

Here is where the Satan gets pissed off. This guy goes around helping people, exposing my systems, screwing up my business and does not fall for the girls that I send. There has to be a way to abuse him and suppress him. Now, the pissed off Satan looks for “excuses” to justify his abuse on someone who is exposing his systems. And they cover up that abuse with stuff like ... we are making him better and he has to change ... as if to show that they have good intentions. But if you see their actual work ... then it is nothing but demonization, creation of friction, drugs and abuse ... in order to suppress the person. They make their efforts in keeping the person isolated ... so that he does not reach main media outlets ... he is abused in silence ... while their systems run unobstructed. 

Now look at this figure again.


The Plan B ... is the pissed off Satan and there is nothing good about that. In fact, everything about it is illegal and criminal. What we should be working on is Plan A ... that’s what moves the work forward. 

And when it comes to my dating life ... it is none of anybody’s business. These are just techniques that these guys use to create events surrounding your personal life in order to gain influence over you and your work. That’s why they put such a huge emphasis on girls. See Plan A ... where is the requirement for any girl? If I get a hot girl then the plan will move forward or else it will not? See real time stuff ... not just imagination that is put in your head. Dating is something totally private and it has no connection to the work. They keep you occupied by stuff that is totally useless and unnecessary ... something that the guy can himself take care of. Take a look and see where you are making more efforts. Don’t let them mislead you with stupid stuff. The Crew System is an integral part of the work ... you have to work for the people ... and not for the Satan.