Relax ladies

Relax ladies

Ladies ... ladies ... relax. Don’t freak out ... this information is nothing new. Me not dating ... is not new information at all. In fact, it is almost 4 years old information. And the American, British and Indian Crew Teams already know about this. They already know. When I move into a new city or new area ... they just sit back and play a few games of their own. 

About 4 years back ... I decided ... no family for me. It was a difficult decision ... it’s a long story ... read the story notes. The thing is there are a lot of parameters involved in this work ... there is risk ... and I don’t want my family to put up with that risk. It would not be fair for my family to be at risk because of a project that I am involved in. So, I looked in the mirror and said ... no family for you. It was simply a devastating decision to make ... but I had to make it for this project. 

It took a lot of time for me to get over this decision and come to terms with it. I thought I would be able to handle it within a few months ... but then a few months turned into one year ... and then one year turned into two years. After about two years ... I was more capable of handling the decision. I looked into all parameters that would be involved from all directions ... and it was the right decision to make. 

The Crew Systems were themselves shocked at my decision ... while I was trying to deal with this new decision ... they were jumping in from all sides ... trying to give me a helping hand and assuring me of safety from all angles. They would connect with the police department, intelligence agencies and even top politicians ... just to make sure that everything was safe for my work. 

That’s why I didn’t pay much attention to girls. After a while, even if I looked at some girl ... the Crew Team would think that I am interested in her ... and they would make efforts in trying to make her available for me. And this would extend to crazy levels ... where they would even try to break up the girl from her current relationship ... just to make her available for me. But I wouldn’t be interested in dating ... and the girl would stand there alone broken from her current relationship ... waiting for me to approach her ... that would be quite terrible for the girl. I would feel very bad for her. That’s why I gave standing instructions to the Crew Teams in India ... if I want to date ... then I will “talk to her”. If you find me talking to a girl ... then you can assume that I am interested in her. I had to say this so that they don’t go around breaking relationships.

But then I made sure that I don’t talk to any girl. Because it would give the wrong impression. Couple of years passed by ... without me even talking to any girl. The only girls that I would talk to would be from my family or any girls at work. And outside in any shops or stores ... it would be only work related talk and then that’s it ... no casual talk at all. I was myself surprised when I realized how I was living. But what to do ... I was occupied by work and didn’t have time for all of that. 

But when I left India and came to Indonesia ... things changed. I crave to know about people, city, the country ... its culture and its history. So the “not talking” thing could not be used anymore. Because in India ... I already knew everything about India ... I already knew about its history and culture that I needed to know. I could pull of the not talking thing in India but in new cities ... I have to know stuff. So, when I started talking to Indonesian girls ... the Indian Crew was surprised. They were like ... he doesn’t talk to Indians and he talks to Indonesians? Grrr... that’s why the Indian Crew initially claimed that I went abroad just for sex. Because they were pissed off that ... I did not interact with them and I was interacting with others. But then again within a few months ... they saw that I was not sexually involved with anyone ... so they cooled off ... and they themselves supported the idea that I should interact with people and get to know the different places that I go to. It’s not that the Indian Crew hates me ... they love me ... that’s why they used to make so many efforts to hook me up with someone. 

The reason for me not dating for such a long time was that ... the elements that we are dealing with ... they guys are very influential ... they tend to use legals and high level politics to silence the people who speak up against them. I did not want to fall into that trap ... and I did not want to risk my close ones into this situation. And their techniques involved bamboozling the girls into making wrong statements about you ... in order to demonize you and stop your work. Julian Assange is a typical example. Your girlfriends end up being a pressure point that can be used to manipulate your work. But then again these guys are all lies and malice. Their own systems that they have setup are all lies and malice against the people ... and so are these techniques. If you are honest then you don’t need to fear these assholes. But the legal system that they use requires verification and evidence. So you just need to maintain ... a record of your relationship ... indicating it was consensual and within legal limits. That’s an easy way to ward off legal issues that can be used against you. 

That’s what Julian Assange should have done. He should have kept some kind of record that would indicate the consensual nature of the relationship ... it could be a simple phone record or a record of a conversation. These records would eliminate the possibilities of any legal procedure that might be used against you. You should remember that these guys might be powerful ... but they are still dependent upon the current legal system that is in place. So, if you have your records ... indicating the openness, legal and consensual nature of the relationship ... then they will not even try to approach your girl friends in order to pressurize them into making wrong statements against you. Because your records would expose their malicious attempts. This not only protects you but it also protects your friends from these negative elements. It secures both of you. But then how would Julian Assange know that these guys would stoop to such low levels?

When you think about it ... it is quite easy to handle the malice from these guys. So, if you are dealing with “politically sensitive content” that involves Western governments ... then it is advisable to keep a clean record of your relationships. Because your relationships are one of the pressure points that these guys use. Otherwise, you will either be demonized or you will buckle under pressure and stop your work. 

But then again ... this is just me seeing how to handle action from these Corporations. But we have the Crew System in the equation as well ... and these guys are total nuts. If anyone plans against me ... to try to initiate action against me ... I have seen people getting fired from their jobs and even businesses & hotels being shut down. When it comes to security ... these guys are doing a good job. Although, I don’t suggest such drastic measures. So, all of these forces being involved makes the environment around me pretty darn volatile. With time ... you get used to it.

So, you still wanna date me? Lol. Yeah ... dating ... such as in “having sex” ... is still off the shelves. But about an year ago in Indonesia ... I decided that I could at least make some casual friends. You can talk, have fun, get to know the city and culture ... but not that intimate to go ahead and have sex. We can do that. And the Indonesian Crew pounced at that offer. They were like ... I am your friend and I will not try to be your wife ... don’t worry, trust me. Lol. Indonesians are lovely people. The unique thing about them is that they are very polite and well mannered. 

But then I was busy with the work ... couldn’t take out much time ... so I couldn’t even do that. But in the whole process some Crew Teams also tend to do some crazy stuff like ... if he does not want a family then why does he need to get hard? Let’s drug him to be impotent. That was the initial response 4 years ago. And then when I don’t date ... they start calling me gay. When it comes to new cities ... some of them also start claiming that I don’t like the city and its people ... that’s why I am not dating. So, don’t get carried away in such crazy and weird ideas. 

(Hmmm... I think I should mention that ... the "I will talk to her" rule does not apply anymore ... just to avoid any misconceptions.)

And here is where the American Crew sits back and plays its comedy show. It will push the local Crew Teams to go and offer me girls … only to enjoy the show. They already know about the whole thing. Go and offer him sex for an hour. Ow, he does not like that girl? May be you should get him a girl that looks better. And then the Local Teams keep trying … while these guys keep enjoying the show. It’s just comedy.

Another prank is that ... ah look, he is alone ... go get married to him and give him a family ... he loves family. They already know that I have rejected starting a family as of now ... and they know that it will result in definite rejection. But just for fun and comedy ... they will push Local Crew teams with this prank ... in order to sit back and enjoy the show. And yeah ... I don't date married women nor do I date under age girls.

Another prank that the American Crew will push the Local Crews is for ... ah look, he is hot and single ... he wants to stay in your country, hook up with him, marry him and help him stay in your country. Many Local Crews fall for this ... they think that they are doing a noble job by offering girls who are ready to marry me. Lol, but what they don't know is that ... Americans already tried this ... I rejected it and it did not work. I think that getting married just to stay in a place is like selling a part of yourself just to stay in the country. I really don't like the option and I have never even considered it. And thank God, He creates other ways for me.

Relax ... take it easy ... like I said ... dating is not the priority. The work is the priority. I will make a few friends ... if and when I want to. That’s not very important. Work on getting me a few supportive politicians ... and I will change this entire game that you are seeing on the world stage.