Don’t get upset if I don’t date

Don’t get upset if I don’t date

Here’s the thing ... don’t get upset if I don’t date. I am having to tell this at many places. The thing is ... the American Crew already knows about this ... I don’t date in the configuration that you are guys are expecting me to date. It’s not that Russians are not pretty ... it is not like that. You look fine. But it is not about the looks. Americans offered me their Miss. America and some of best actresses and pop singers ... saying that ... hey, we will give you $1 Million every year and hook you up with the finest women we have ... just work with us. I rejected all of that. Because working with the Crew System is like selling your soul to a company. They attach some material benefit to it ... but the entire concept itself seems weird to me.

Americans already know the stuff that I have rejected ... and they are probably sitting there and laughing at the offers that you guys are giving me with the type of women you are attempting to give me. They already know that I don’t get involved in such configurations. But this is more like entertainment for them ... they will just sit back and play one card at a time. The first card they will play is ... ah, look at the guy ... he is so nice and sweet ... so humble and so cute ... don’t you want to date him? That’s attempt one. Second card goes like this ... ah such a nice guy ... he is alone ... all by himself ... don’t you want to give him company? Then you will make even more efforts to try to date me. 

They know that ... even that will fail ... after that the next card is ... ah, look at him ... he is involved in world politics ... he loves people ... such a nice guy, don’t you want to date him? And you try even more ... while these guys sit and giggle at your efforts. Then the next card is ... he is going to be famous and rich ... a cute and lovely guy like him ... he loves people and he is going to be famous and rich ... can’t you get one girl that he likes ... that’s a shame. Step by step by step ... they keep playing this game ... at almost every place I go. 

Yes, they do this ... because they like me to some extent ... but they also know that I will reject such configurations ... which makes the show entertaining for them. So, what I would say is ... stop being their pawns. They already know that I won’t be dating anyone until and unless this project starts moving forward. I did not come all the way to the other side of the world just because I wanted a date. There are a lot of beautiful women in my country itself ... I don’t need to go here and there looking for women. I came here and I travel to specific countries because I want to move this project forward. I need to meet some politicians who will work with me on this project. All of this dating game is a waste of time ... to which I don’t pay much attention. 

That’s why at most places ... this is what I say ... you stick to your routine and let me stick to mine. Just because I don’t date ... I don’t want to create a weird atmosphere for everyone around me. Be open and do what you do. But if you really want to help and do something useful ... then get some positive politicians to get in touch with me. That’s when the real game will begin.

I am not referring to the normal attraction between a male and a female. This is just fine and it happens at a few places. I don’t want you passing orders and controlling everyone. That would be even more weird. Lol. But when the Crew Teams start getting involved ... it goes like this ... first the existing women in the surroundings try to approach you ... and if you don’t pay attention ... then they replace the existing set of women with women that look 20% better than the ones before. Even then if you don’t pay attention ... even these women are replaced by even better women. After a while comes a stage ... where the Crew Teams get pissed off at me ... because I am not paying attention ... and they have done their best ... they have already brought the best women that they could and nothing happened. So, they get pissed and call me gay ... or they say that I just don’t like their women and country. 

Trust me ... this is not the case. I like people of almost every country ... people are beautiful. Almost everyone have a unique quality that you can like. You can find good in almost every people of the world. My situation is different and my work is different. And work takes a priority right now.