People and Places

People and Places

Did you guys get pissed off in your History classes in school? When learning about a few things that were done to your country by some bad people? I used to get pissed off learning about the British Rule over India. It used to boil my blood learning about the atrocities that the British did to the Indian people. I was abroad ... my schooling happened in another country ... so I wasn’t learning this while in India. I was abroad ... learning about India ... my country ... that exists on the other side of the Ocean. I didn’t know much about Indians or India ... the only “India and Indians” that I knew was my family and the Indians that I met at school. Everything else that I learnt about India was from the books. I stayed for a long time abroad ... and then I finally went to India. 

When I stepped into India ... everything that I learnt about India was in my mind. I would walk around the streets ... looking at the people ... thinking these are the people that the British tortured and abused for 400 years? Just look at these people ... they are so simple, so humble, so down to Earth ... and you torture, abuse and loot from such simple continuously for 400 years? You God damn rascals. I used to be so pissed off ... my blood used to boil. 

It took me several weeks to calm myself down. Every nice person I met ... every nice place I would see ... would remind me how the British had the heart to be ruthless to these people. I had to come up with techniques to calm myself down. Some of those would be ... hey, that happened 50 years ago ... it’s over now. All of the guys who did that ... they are already dead now ... (hopefully for the better) ... you can’t blame the son for the sins of his father. Let go ... relations between India and Britain are good now ... we are friends. Everytime I think of the British Rule ... these are the things that I have to remind myself. This happened while I was just in high school ... I was like this at that time ... but even now ... the exact same feelings rise up and I have to use the same techniques to calm myself.

Sometimes, I would be pissed off at the Indians also ... okay fine, the British was were bad ass assholes ... that was evident in the very early years. How come you allow someone to be bad ass to you for 400 years? Why did you allow it? Why didn’t you fight for it from before? Why didn’t you strategize ... why didn’t you connect and work together? 

Well ... whatever ... that was my first visit to India. Took me a couple of months to normalize. 


The next interesting country that I went to is America. Just like I had prior knowledge about India before I went to India ... in the same manner I had some prior knowledge about America and Americans. I had a beautiful and fantastic picture painted about Americans. The guys who fight for what is right ... they do huge amounts of welfare works in several countries around the world. They support about 40 million Africans every year. I adored them for these two reasons. Fighting for what is right and helping weaker nations ... I loved these two attributes in them. I just knew about it ... but I didn’t see them for myself. So, I was kind of excited to see Americans for the first time ... I wanted to see these attributes in live action. 

This is what I was expecting to see ... as per the knowledge I had from books and other sources. I expected to see the best stuff that is possible in the world. It is America ... it is the Superpower of the world ... it has to have the best stuff in the world. 

But when I went there ... let me just say ... I got a lot of surprises. But yes ... I was still happy to see that the “positive energy” still exists ... it is like a burning fire in them ... to fight for what is right. Love Americans for this reason. But then ... they are puppeted and controlled ... this part was not written in any book or shown in any movie about Americans ... that several sections of American people are literally puppeted and controlled. That was strange.

Wherever I go ... I like to stay among the most populated or at major tourist spots. Because I like to see people ... how they are ... how they behave ... what they think ... how they treat each other ... how they treat me ... they culture ... mannerisms ... among public and among themselves. People are the most interesting part of the city for me ... at any new place that is. Yes, I know some loud twisted heads exist in almost every country and meeting them or witnessing their behavior is not healthy tourism.

After a few weeks ... the American Crew System comes down and tells me ... we love you and we want you to work with us. I am like ... the “we love you” part is fine ... but “want me to work with you” is not required ... I have my own plans. And then they start offering me girls ... in order to pull me in their system ... the girls are like ... we love you ... we want to be with you. These guys have no idea that I already like them ... I liked them even before I met them personally. So, leave the love part ... and at that time I was more focused on my own works ... of setting up the business, trying to get clients and as well as doing my Masters. So, didn’t have the time for girls. 


Then the work moved on ... and I had to come to Russia. Like other countries ... I did my research for Russia as well. A communist country ... leeched out by Jews for more than 50 years ... millions of people starved to death ... millions of them were executed. Some people were killed just because they “looked nice” ... they literally targeted men and women who looked nice ... and killed them. I was like ... how crazy is that? It’s like ... you pick a beautiful pet cat or dog ... and then starve it to death. How can you have the heart to do something like that? If you cannot do that to an animal ... then how can you do that to a human being? What kind of a twisted murderous devil do you have to be to go out there and do this to millions of people? It was so outrageous to even learn about this. 

This was the info from the books. And now when I finally landed in Russia ... and I was seeing Russians face to face ... I am like ... ow God ... these guys are so sweet ... so simple and straightforward. And they killed these people? They killed these type of people by the millions? You god damn assholes ... what kind of a devil are you? 

The first few weeks this is what’s running in my head. Loving Russians ... and hating the assholes who did this. In the meanwhile ... the Crew Teams out here ... think that I am alone and I probably need company ... the regular thing. I am like ... you have no idea what is going on in my head. If I date you ... I will love you so passionately that you will have no idea as to why I am loving you so much. So, the better thing to do is ... control ... because my feelings are not about the girl ... its more about the country and its history. It generally takes a few weeks to put things in perspective in the right frequency. 

So the better option was to put on a poker face ... showing no emotions at all ... so that people don’t take the wrong impression ... especially the Crew Teams. These guys are very keen in reading faces and your mind. The thing about my poker face is that ... I can maintain a poker face in front of adults to some extent. Because when adults are there ... I am thinking about work and work helps me control emotions. But when I am around kids and little children ... it is so hard to maintain a face with no emotions. Children are a totally different world ... I don’t think about my work or any tensions ... instead I try to immerse myself in their world ... and try to smile at them and play with them. The tragedy of not being able to speak a local language is you cannot talk to kids. I really miss being able to talk to kids in foreign countries.

However, I changed my hotel to another place. The Crew comes and tells me ... this new hotel is a setup ... don’t date any girl in that hotel. I am like ... this hotel is perfect for me ... I am gonna stay here ... let them play their setups around me. I chose to stay there because I don’t want to date now. The hotel guys used to play their own games ... I don’t know what kind of information or idea they had about me ... but I would be like ... I am your friend ... don’t worry about anything ... just do your thing. I saw their games for a few weeks and then changed to another hotel.

And yeah ... after a few weeks or so ... this new feeling subsides. It remains ... but then you get more control over it.

Now, coming to the important point

Why am I talking about all of this? We saw two types of people here ... Americans and Russians. On one side ... Americans are wonderful people who have a beautiful spirit to stand up and fight for what is right. And on the other side ... we have Russians ... who are wonderful people, who are simple and straight forward. On one side ... we have Americans whose economy is leeched out ... going trillions in debt ... whose country will collapse at any time. On the other side ... we have Russians ... whose country was already looted for more than 50 years and they have just started recuperating. 

And what our wonderful Jewish Corporations are doing is ... creating a clash between these two beautiful people from the world. They are working rapidly towards creating a large scale armed conflict between these two beautiful people. Russians say that the American’s are making blunders and doing wrong things in the world. Well, I must say that Americans agree with you. The American people themselves agree and acknowledge that their government is doing massive blunders on the international stage since that past 14 years. They agree with you. There is a total agreement on this at the people’s level. 

The issue is ... why do they want this conflict?

Why are these Jewish Corporations creating this conflict? Why are they enhancing events and scenarios that will lead in the clash of America and Russia? If you try to analyze it from the American perspective ... then you will not get any logical answer. And if you try to analyze this from the Russian perspective ... then also you will not get any logical reason to go for war. Then why the provocations? Why the initiatives to go for war?

These guys are criminals. You have to think from a criminal’s perspective to understand what these guys want. Leave out America and Russia ... both of you have not done anything wrong. The wrongdoing comes from these guys ... the Jewish Corporations mainly in America and Western Europe. What these guys have done is ... created systems to leech out all public wealth. These are large scale systems that are causing bankruptcy in several countries ... and this is done to such an extent that these countries are unable to function anymore and they are about to collapse. 

Take the money and blow up the house

Now, think from a criminal’s perspective. Once these countries collapse ... then what will happen? They will go after the guys who caused this collapse. Now, if you are the thief ... and you stole from a guy’s house ... and this guy knows who you are and where you live ... would you prefer to take the money from the house and run ... or would you prefer to take the money and blow up the house instead? If you took the money and blew up the house as well ... killing its residents ... then you just decreased the aggression that will come after you. The aggression towards Israel will be there ... the aggression towards the guys running these Jewish Corporations will be there ... that is definite. It is going to definitely happen sooner or later. So what these guys are doing is ... weakening their opposition that will rise after the collapse. 

If there will be a nuclear war between America and Russia ... then it is good for them. On one side America and Europe will be destroyed ... and on the other side Russia will be destroyed. The most powerful countries in the world ... where these systems were setup will be destroyed ... giving these guys the escape route. It will probably buy them time for another generation. Till Americans and Europeans will understand what happened ... and who did what ... it will be a totally different generation by then. 

This war that they are designing ... it is exclusively for them ... for their security ... to coverup their malice. And after one generation when you will blame the Jewish Corporations for this ... they will say ... hey, America started all of these wars! America bombed all of these countries! Will you blame us just because we are Jews? Just because we come from a religion, does it mean that we carried out the Third World War? This is their exit strategy ... that has already been planned. 

Think my lovely ladies ... think before you leap. Merry Christmas!