If you are not networking then you are only wasting time

If you are not networking then you are only wasting time

Busy offering me girls ... and you guys don’t realize that it is nothing but another technique of keeping the Goyim busy and kill their time. Ow, he is alone ... he needs company ... we love him ... let’s hook him up. All of that is plain bullshit. Every act has a weight defined to it. Look at what they are making you focus on ... and see its measure in real time ... how valuable and useful it is. My current works target a billion people at least. Now, you being the Crew ... who is immensely networked through several levels in societies of various countries ... what should be your priority? To hook me up with a girl? Can’t any simple common hotel carry out that task? Can’t any god damn hotel do this and hook me up with someone? Why do I need the Crew Network to focus on such a meagre task? Where is the importance in this?

The truth is there is absolutely no importance to this task at all. The only reason they use it is ... because it is one of their techniques to keep the Goyim busy. To bring up totally unimportant things in life ... and give it importance of herculean levels ... so they can only consume your time using this. Who I date ... where I date ... whether I jerk it off or stick it into someone ... has no value or importance at all. You see the scale of the project ... the actual work that needs to be done ... and look at what they focus on.

This is not a new thing. This is a repeated activity in many cities. When I enter the city ... it’s all about girls ... and then when it’s time to move to another place because the visa is running out ... then their approach is ... ah see, he did not date anyone among you. He does not like you ... he is going away. And I am like ... why, why do people buy all of this? That too repeatedly? Didn’t they learn this in the first city itself? For how many more cities is this going to repeat? Keep you busy with crappy stuff ... and then when it’s time to go ... ah see, he does not even like you. 

Leave all of this bullshit. I will tell you what is important ... and what should be your primary concern. The Crew System has been assigned two major tasks when it comes to my life ... and these are the tasks that you can successfully carry out very easily. The first one is “security” and the second one is “networking”. These are the two primary reasons why you are there in my life. 

The first one ... security. When it comes to security ... then I myself pick countries with politics and leaders who will understand and support my work. So that there are no legal issues affecting the work. The major chunk of the “security issue” is solved by picking the right location itself. 80% of the security issue is already solved. The only 10-20 percent would be cases where some individuals would try to play smart ass and try to initiate action against me. And this is very easy to handle ... being a network with tens of thousands of members in each city ... handling one or two negative elements should be very easy.

Now when it comes to networking ... I think a little bit of networking is what you are using to enable the security. But if you see your role ... security is one half and the networking is another half ... and you are doing just 10-20 percent of the work. In the remaining 90% of the work that you should be doing ... there is a total void. We should be networking with politicians, media agencies and celebrities ... and your efforts are totally nill in this aspect. There is a huge gap in your performance. 

And these two roles are very very simple ... these roles are defined based upon your current existence itself. You are already networked into the society in these aspects ... it is easy and you will succeed in these tasks. Let other people play their roles ... there are a lot of other roles and other measures that need to be taken. If you try to put your hands on them ... then the end results that will be achieved will either be nill or they will be a very minimum. Do what you have been assigned. Do what you are good at ... what is easy to do and let other things fall into place. 

Don’t waste your time in giving importance to stuff that has no value and no role in the project. Focus on the project. Don’t be misled. Our entire project is about telling that our “politicians are misleading” us ... but if you youself are misled ... then how are we supposed to accomplish anything?