Crime in Plain Sight

Crime in Plain Sight

If you look at Satanism ... it is essentially criminal. All of their activities are nothing but criminal activities. Lying, cheating and killing of people ... all of these are plainly criminal activities. And these guys think that these are “formulas” of getting rich and powerful. All of the things that we, the Goyim, think are vile, negative and terrible ... which should not be done by any decent human being ... these guys believe them to “revelations” from their guide “Satan” to give them more money and the ability to suppress other people.

For example, stealing from someone ... we the Goyim think that it is a wrong thing to do and it should not be done ... doesn’t matter how quickly you can get rich or how much money you can steal ... this is something that should not be done. We, the Goyim, earn money but we also put a lot of emphasis on the ways of earning money. We don’t go about doing wrong and hurtful things to others just so that ... we can get rich using any way possible. That is not how we work. This is exactly what distinguishes the principles of the Goyim and the principles of certain sects of Jews. 

The challenge that these Jewish Witchcraft lovers faced through the past thousands of years is the “legal action” being taken against them. They were banned from certain occupations and expelled from countries because of their illegal and criminal activities. So, they evolved with time and came up with better techniques to accomplish their activities. They know that if their crime is caught then there will be action taken against them. So, their primary concern was to come up with techniques which can be carried out in the Goyim society but at the same time they should remain safe from the legal action that the Goyim may take against them. This was their primary challenge.

Why target the Goyim society? Because their main source of income is “lying, stealing and cheating” ... and to do this ... they need a Goyim society. Preferably ... a rich developed country ... where the Goyim are very well off ... and this gives them the opportunity to setup their systems to leech out their resources. It is more like of a wolf and sheep relationship. If the wolf needs to eat ... it looks out for sheep. This is the main reason that you will find Jews to be distributed among the richest countries of the world. You will not find millions of Jews living in any African country. Lol.

Why do these guys behave like this? Because they are taught to behave like that ... they are taught that this is their “divine right”. It is their religion teaching them this. They have dozens and dozens of books that teach, train and equip them with this ideology. It also teaches them how to promote such systems and how to respond to the Goyim regarding these systems ... at every phase ... right from setting up the system, to its running and then fleeing the country once things turn against them. They are trained with all the phases.

So, what these guys do actually is ... come inside your society ... settle down ... carry out criminal activities that exploit the masses ... in “plain sight”. And if they feel that they might get caught or exposed ... then they also have an exit plan. Details later on this.

Let me give you an example of this ... at the level of the Crew System ... as well as at the international level ... crime being carried out in plain sight ... the suppression and extraction of wealth from the Goyim in plain sight.

Water and Electricity are one of the tools that the Crew System uses to control its members. It uses water to make the subject sensitive to electricity and then they vary electrical intensities to control the subject. You know that the human brain operates on the basis of electrical signals between their neural networks. And if the subject is made very sensitive to electricity ... using variations of electrical intensities ... you can actually control the functioning of the subject’s brain. You can make him slow, you can put him to sleep, you can make it impossible for him to think clearly and do his work. There are dozens of things that you can do to his mind ... to the extent of even putting thoughts in his mind ... both positive and negative. All of this is being done with something as simple as “water and electricity”. 

It is the very close administration of two simple everyday elements of our day to day lives ... water and electricity. How is this done in real time? These guys own several food industries. Using their supply chain ... first they make you sensitive to electricity. This is an important step ... if they don’t do this ... then everything else does not work. And as a second step ... they will rig your house or building ... wherever you stay. The first thing that they will do is ... blow up something in your building ... using a short circuit or an oversupply of power. And then they send a team to fix that problem. There will be one or two members from the electrical company that will come there to “fix the problem”. These guys do the tweaking of the entire electric flow of the building ... thereby increasing the electrical intensity several times ... many a times it is 10 times more than normal.

Take a look at the pic below. 


Those altered electrical intensities are from a place I recently stayed. I noticed this alteration made at night and left the next day itself. They carried out the same procedure over here. Something went wrong with electricity and they sent in some guys to fix. The moment I saw these guys and there is an electrical issue ... I thought ... here starts the rigging of electricity. Lol.

At any place I stay ... I always check the EMF readings. These values should be about 0.01-0.02 and not more than that. Ideally it should be zero ... but there will be some electrical appliances here and there ... so, an acceptable value is between 0.01 – 0.02 (Tesla). When I entered this place for the first time ... I checked and the readings were just fine. But now look at the readings after the alteration ... they are more than 10 times higher. These are real time photos.

(Yeah, yeah ... there was also another reason why I wanted to move out of there ... but this issue made it more urgent. Another thing that you should notice is that ... they may plant a few negative members in your surroundings ... but these members will not have any knowledge of these infrastructural changes ... nor will they have the capacity to make such changes. They work as per their given guidelines and these infrastructural changes are carried out by other Teams who have the same objective. They collectively work towards one goal. This is why I call it a “system”. They are not just a bunch of criminals working on their own ... but it is an entire network operating at various levels in our society. The mistake that they made with these electrical changes is that ... they got caught red handed.)

This was a regular technique used in India. If some water works are going on ... it’s an opportunity to tweak water lines ... if some electrical works begin ... then it is an opportunity to tweak electrical lines. And this happens once I enter that accommodation. They sit there doing this openly in plain sight ... they do this in front of everybody. If somebody asks ... what is going on ... there is an electrical issue ... we are fixing the issue. 

Well, thank God that I have some knowledge about electricity and I could get an EMF sensor to detect these changes. But the tens of thousands of other members that they control ... they have no idea what is going on. They get abused and they are unable to work ... and they start making mistakes ... and become helpless ... their last resort is to give in to the Crew System. It is the “Crew System” that can solve your problems ... the Crew can remove the pain from your body and bring happiness in your life. And then they do everything that the Crew tells them to do. Heh ... they get owners of multi million dollar companies becoming obedient to them ... using something as simple as water and electricity. And if you turn against the Crew then your life literally turns into hell. They literally start screwing with your brains. Nice system, huh?

And if you see ... all of the above activities ... they are illegal and criminal. Drugging people is criminal ... altering electricity to an extent of abuse is criminal ... spying on people is criminal ... threatening people is criminal ... controlling people against their will is criminal. Every step of their activity is nothing but criminal. Why are these guys like this? This is what they believe in ... they are taught to be like this ... these are their winning formulas over the Goyim. If they can keep the Goyim suppressed and controlled ... then they win. If the Goyim move forward independently being out of their control then it is a threat for them.

This activity is at the Crew level. Now, look at the Federal Reserve system ... setup in most countries of the world ... established by a Jewish family. Tell me, why do these guys have the right to print our money and “lend” it to our country on interest? Firstly, these guys are not even our country’s citizens ... let alone being the government ... and these guys have the right to print our money “privately”? Secondly, they lend it to us on interest? They “lend” it to us? Who the hell are they? And why are we allowing this to happen? This is so freaking outrageous.

Even then ... they are doing this ... in plain sight ... in front of everybody ... putting us in debt with every dollar that is printed. This is crime in plain sight. Just because they drafted one law and bribed a bunch of politicians to sign it ... it does not make it legal and it does not make it right. And the even more wonderful thing is ... they will bring only those politicians up in power ... who will not take action against this law. Nice ... isn’t it? Jewish witchcraft lovers ruling over the Goyim using their own money and government.