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Corporate Rule in America

Corporate Rule in America

$1 Trillion Debt Per Year
20 Million People Unemployed
Half a Dozen Cities Bankrupt

When Bush left office the debt was $10 Trillion but the expenditure on wars was only $1 Trillion. Where did the remaining $9 Trillion debt come from? We were going in debt by $1 Trillion per year during Bush itself. Why didnt we talk about debt during Bush? Because we were at war with Iraq. The Iraq War was only a "deviation" from the bad economic policies in the country that favor corporate interest.


Why Right Now?
Why Right Now?

Why Right Now?

With this worse situation at hand ... the only thing they have done is ... work on health care, immigration, gay marraige and abortion. None of them have anything to do with jobs and economy. Tell me, what on earth has "abortion" got to do with jobs and economy?

They have not touched the economic policies because they affect the cash flow of the corporate segment. Instead of fixing these issues, they are going after Syria and Iran. A war with Iran is holding Americans hostage in their crisis for another 8 years.

Who is the Victim?
Who is the Victim?

Who is the Victim?

In Libya & Syria we had protestors whom we could fund and arm to get regime change. But in Iran there are no protestors. Thus the introduction of Al Qaeda and Radical Islam again in the media.

These are the same Politics for Fear and War of George W Bush. Last time the target was Iraq. This time the target will be Iran. With already $16 Trillion debt, 20 Million people unemployed and half a dozen cities bankrupt ... only God knows the worse situation that we will be in after 8 years of war with Iran.

What Should We Do?
What should we do?

What should we do?

Thank God Obama is not a war monger. Every candidate on the Republican Party was bent on taking military action to stop Iran's Nuclear Program and so is Hillary Clinton. She went for Iran Nuclear Program, war with Libya and Syria. She is a war monger. If she wins the Democratic Party's ticket then it is going to be a nightmare. She will go after Iran with an Executive Order.

However, we still have 2 years of time before this monstrosity begins. Read more ...


How You Can Help
How you can help

How you can help

Ah! Its simple. All we need you to do is share. Share the content on this site with your friends on Social Networks and help us unifying the people in our cause. This will help everybody to be on the same page.

We are targeting to reach One Million Americans Every Month. You can donate, volunteer, help with networking, telecalling and blogging.


Arab Muslim countries coming to America's Rescue!!

Arab Muslim countries coming to America's Rescue!!

What is stopping Obama from keeping Americans first?

Currently, America has a major job problem. The same occurred in the MiddleEast 25 years ago and the government started a process called Omanization in Oman and Saudization in Saudi Arabia and so on. What the process does is ... it prefers local talent over foreign talent. If an Arab finds a job that he can do ... and it is being held by a foreigner ... then he simply contacts the HR Ministry and the foreigner is replaced by the Arab.

What is stopping Obama from keeping Americans first? The process will easily bridge the employment gap.

What is it?
Simply put … it is preferring local talent over foreign talent.
This has already been implemented in the Middle East since the past 25 years and it has done wonders in their economy and brought jobs for millions of their citizens. In fact, the government sponsored training programs for which they had maximum foreign workers and chucked them out as and when they got qualified local talent. Lol ... and it worked!

The Process
This is how the job replacement works. The citizen needs to show competitive qualification and experience for the job that he aspires for. He needs to show that he can successfully carry out the work. It is then that the replacement initiates.

For example, Microsoft hires a lot of foreign workers. If an American says ... hey, I can do this programming job very well myself ... and I am on the road hunting for work ... while this company has hired from abroad ... that becomes a valid case.
In fact the most qualified Americans can pick the juiciest jobs that are carried out by foreigners to their benefit.

Here is one problem with foreign workers over American workers. Foreign workers cause economy drain ... they move their savings to their homelands. They invest at home on properties, spend on their families, whatever ... but it causes cash to flow out of our economy. Thus weakening our economy. On the contrary, American workers spend their money in America thus rotating the money within the economy ... which is better for the country.

Benefits of the program

  • Instant job creation for millions of Americans
  • Strengthens the economy by rotating money within the economy
  • Limits cash drain from the country
  • Empowers the American people in the hiring process
  • Provides training to Americans for high demand skillsets
  • Increases skills and talent in the local workforce
  • Applies to low wage jobs as well as high end jobs
  • Creates a wide spectrum of opportunities for the resident workforce

Current application of this process
Some of the countries where this process is currently active:

Question and Answers

Immigrants are hardworking and decent people. Should we start firing them?
This is not an anti-immigrant move. If you are an American citizen or an immigrant then this does not apply to you and you are immune to this process. Only work visa holders and illegals are targeted in this program.

What do we do with the resultant unemployed foreigners in the country?
Job replacement is not on one day notice. It takes 2-3 months for the transition ... where the foreigner is relocated to his hometown. The transition time maybe longer if a family is involved.

Inflow of talent is good for the economy.
Yes, I agree inflow of talent is good for the economy ... when the economy is "growing" ... but when we are going down with millions of Americans being jobless ... then other recovery strategies need to be put into place. 

What's wrong with Americans being employed in America? It only provides a stronger economy which all of us want.

We already have US laws and worker filtration using the H1 visa process.
Yes, US laws and H1 visa processing already does a lot of filtering ... but this is mainly "companies and government" working together ... and we all know how good it is for the people. This process actually puts people into action and helps them go for the jobs that they want.

We need our market and products to be competitive. We need the best talent from around the world.
The replacement is carried out by only qualified and experienced residents of the United States who can successfully carry out the job.

We need people for the work that we cannot do.
Yes, in the short run. But the government should initiate training programs to generate a more skilled work force locally that should be able to handle the job.

We need people for the work that we "don't want" to do.
Let's keep the options open in this case. Lol. Remember, we are only targeting the works that Americans "want to" do.

It will tarnish America's reputation in the job industry.
The work is being done by qualified people in house ... how is that bad for anyone or the economy? Keeping the world employed is not your responsibility nor does it help your economy.

We don't want more government in our lives. We should limit the government.
This is not about giving more power to the government ... this is giving more power to the people ... giving them more authority over companies in the hiring process. The best part of this program is that it is "people driven" ... you go out there and approach for the job that you want.

We should get our manufacturing jobs back.
Getting manufacturing jobs back is a long process ... this process creates minimal disturbance and provides a smooth transition. And I agree that it is not a long term solution for the bad economy ... but it definitely provides immediate relief that may last for 5-10 years.

This is sad. America has to follow the Middle East now?
I know ... but it is never too late to learn ... even though it might come from those whom you taught.

People may take this in their own hands and start stalking and harrassing foreigners.
You never approach the person directly ... it is not like the Stop and Frisk policy. You approach the company and the legal boards. We should put in complimentary measures to avoid stalking and harassing of foreigners. The important thing here is to get Americans employed amicably and peacefully.

It is not moral to take away another person's job. Why should we judge people based upon their "nationality"?
It is not America's responsibility to keep the world employed. It's common sense that it does not help the economy. Every country needs to be responsible for its own citizens. Since, when it is morally obligatory for America to take care of everybody? That too at the expense of its own citizens?

Your children come first and then the neighbor's kids. What kind of a dad you would be to pay for the other kid's education while your kid sits at home?