Obama, the Rock Star President

Obama, the Rock Star President

Well, I am talking about this law right now because Obama has shown the right characteristics and the time is right. Most American politicians will not say anything against Israel ... as if it is the most unholy and atrocious thing to do ... it is like burning down your house. Oh my God! What did you do? You said something against Israel? How could you do such a monstrous and atrocious thing? Take it back ... take it back! This is the regular American political scenario. Lol ...you can’t expect any change when this is the level of obedience to foreign governments.

I will tell you something interesting ... you know Elizabeth Warran is taking up Wall Street to task, right? Yeah, she will take the offensive against Wall Street and turn a blind eye to War Contractors and Weapon Suppliers. You know why? Because Wall Street is strictly American business ... you are allowed to kick American ass. But the issue of "wars" connects to Israeli interests ... you are not even allowed to go in that direction. Lol. 

Well, she is a great candidate and she understood this very early in her political career. This is why American politicians will openly take jabs at the President himself ... is there anyone more powerful than the President of the United States? Nope ... but the thing is ... he is American ... you are allowed to kick American ass. But have you seen anyone taking jabs at the Prime Minister of Israel? He is also human ... who can be right and wrong ... isn’t it? Don’t we have the right to scrutinize and have the right to our own opinion in a democracy? Nope, you are not allowed to say anything against Israel. That's the deal. If you have understood this deal then you have fully secured your seat in the Congress. Welcome to Israeli influence in America.

Obama taking a stand

Well, here is the good news for Obama. You took a stand ... without any fear ... and you are geared up for diplomatic action ... and you have shown that you are really good at it. I will show you a few laws that will make you a Rock Star President. You know these laws that I am showing you ... these are not just small amendments that you will be doing in your legal framework. These are “solutions” to widespread problems ... affecting millions of people. And this problem of “foreign influence” does not exist only in the United States. Israel uses the exact same strategy in varying scales in several other countries. Take a look at the below diagram.


These are just a few countries that come to mind ... there is a long list of more than 50 countries around the world who will be interested in this “solution”. Especially in Europe and Latin America ... they are simply fed up of this issue and they have no idea of how to handle it. They need tools to contain this nagging problem. 

Barack Obama ... what you will be doing is ... not making changes only within America ... but also in dozens of countries around the world in every continent. The moves that you will initiate will change lives for people around the whole world. Your legacy will be global and multi-national. This is just the first law ... there are several other issues out there ... that America faces as well as other countries around the world ... and with the excellent diplomat in action that you are ... things can get pretty beautiful for everybody. Take a look at the below diagram.


This issue does not exist only in America ... there is a long list of countries that need help. Seeing the negotiations of P5+1 on Iran’s nuclear deal ... I guess the world is ready for peace and change when you are in the lead. It will be several times easier to implement this solution in other countries around the world than in America. Because obviously ... you are seeing that 70% of the American Congress nods along with Netanyahu. 

And who is Netanyahu? The guy is a foreigner ... he is not even an American citizen ... he does not even have the right to vote in America ... let alone getting involved in our politics and controlling our Congress. Netanyahu will get his ass booted out from a polling booth in America ... if he ever dares to enter one. That is how beautifully our Constitution protects the rights of Americans and it shows the dedication of the government should be utmost for its own people. And excuse me, if you are not American then you have no entry into our political system. But voila! We have a different scene going out there right now.

We will discuss in pretty darn detail each and every element associated with FICA. I will try to make it as simple as commonsense for you.