Israeli Manufacturing Plants in America

Israeli Manufacturing Plants in America

Obama is standing at a very very good opportune moment. He has made a beautiful decision to do what is right in the best diplomatic manner ... although it upsets the Israeli government. As usual the Israeli government led by Netanyahu ... is making their regular moves of pressurizing US politicians and threatening them with this and that. Obama can use this opportunity to make a beautiful move. Let me show you a few things.

Study Israeli Lobbying Systems in America

If you study the lobbying movements of the Israeli government in America then you will find many interesting things. The “Israel Lobby” is not just one organization that does the lobbying in favor of the Israeli government. There are hundreds of Israeli organizations in America with hundreds of centers spread across the entire country. Check these links: 

These are just the names of a few Israeli organizations in America ... these organizations again have hundreds of centers in several cities across America. 95% of these organizations have “support Israel” at the top of their agenda. 

The “Political Invasion” of America

Now, here is where the problem is. If France came to America and setup hundreds of French organizations who top priority is to promote French interests ... would that be fine? If the German government came to America and setup hundreds of organizations with centers in several cities across the country ... whose primary objective is to promote German interests ... would that be fine? No ... absolutely not ... in fact it would be seen as an “invasion of the country”. 

Look at the characteristics of an invasion. How do you define an invasion ... what are the characteristics that you need to see for an invasion? Let me show you the exact parameters. We went out there to bomb Iraq ... to take over their oil fields, get the contracts and setup a puppet government that will do as we say. If we don’t like someone ... we will remove him from power and we will promote the ones who will listen to us ... this is called a puppet government ... that you generally get after a “bombing invasion” of the country. 

Now, look at the Israeli control of the US government. Those who support Israel are moved up in power ... those who don’t support Israel are moved out of power. The Israeli government has access to 2/3rd of the US Congress. We have to do what Israel tells us to do ... or we are threatened. Many of us are even silent out of fear when it comes to Israel. What is this? This is nothing but a “political invasion” of the United States by Israel.

Manufacturing of Pro Israel Candidates

Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas. He is saying that ... if I run for President, the first thing that I will do is strike down Obama’s Nuclear deal. Tell me, why is the Governor of Texas talking in favor of the Israeli government? What has the State of Texas got to do with the State of Israel? How are the two connected to each other? Rick Perry is supposed to focus on the American people in the State of Texas ... or is he supposed to rally behind the Israeli government?

Not just him ... there are dozens and dozens of Republican leaders whose top priority seems to rally behind the government of Israel. What Israel has done is ... established a massive lobbying system that reaches into several cities across the country ... that promotes everything that the Israeli government does. Powerful lobbies like AIPAC ... these lobbies have become “manufacturing plants” that produce “Pro Israel Candidates”. Yes, it is like a manufacturing plant ... that literally configures, trains and produces candidates that are Pro Israel ... doesn’t matter what the Israeli government does.

Foreign Control over the American Government

These lobbying systems are like manufacturing plants and training camps that produce these candidates. And they have this activity established across the country ... to the extent that 2/3rd of the Congress members are “programmed” in this manner. Now, here is the issue. The American President says ... okay here is what I want to do. But the Israeli Prime Minister says ... bullshit, I won’t let you do that. What the Israeli Prime Minister does is ... activates his network in America ... that goes around lobbying to the entire Congress against the President. Let’s say, the German Chancellor did this ... would that be okay? If the French President did this ... would that be okay? If a foreign leader has the capacity to turn the government against your President ... is that okay?

What you should realize is ... Netanyahu is NOT an American. Netanyahu is NOT an American politician. He is an Israeli citizen ... he is an Israeli politician. How can the American people allow a foreign leader from a foreign country to have so much political control in our country? This is exactly what Obama should question. This is the exact legal loophole that they are using. Our political system is kaput and does no good ... and this is one of the major flaws that is affecting the American people.

Netanyahu wanted war with Iraq ... our politicians gave him a war with Iraq. Resulted in thousands of our kids dying in war, trillions of our tax payer money spent in the war, millions of our soldiers returning with post traumatic stress. What did Netanyahu lose? Nothing. Now, Netanyahu is ramping up his rhetoric against Iran ... another major war, requiring the lives of thousands more of our kids and trillions more of our tax payer money. What does Netanyahu lose? Nothing.

Ban Foreign Lobbying in the United States

Ladies and gentlemen ... it is time to “ban foreign lobbying” in the United States of America. No more AIPAC ... no more foreign organizations promoting foreign political interests. You have a problem? Then we have an embassy in your country. Kindly speak to our ambassador. There is a reason we send ambassadors to other countries. No, you have something of super major concern ... okay fine ... meet with our Secretary of State or even our President. But you don’t come into our country ... manufacture political candidates who you will control indirectly using a lobbying system. You have no business trying to get in touch with hundreds of our politicians. With all due respect, our politicians have a lot of work that they have to do for their own assigned States. 

Obama should take action

This is nothing but a “political invasion” of the United States by Israel. And Obama is standing at a perfect opportunity ... where Netanyahu will activate all of his “Pro Israel Candidates” using his lobbying system. 

  • Obama should start questioning this activity in America 
  • Obama should look into legal grounds for this activity
  • Obama should expose this activity to the American People
  • Obama should question ... how can a foreign government have so much access and control in our country? How can this be allowed?
  • Obama should initial legal procedures to ban foreign lobbying systems in America

If Obama initiates this move then ... you are looking for a massive shakeup in the American political system and the beginning of beautiful things to come ahead.