Learning from Network Behavior

Learning from Network Behavior

You can understand beautiful things from Network Behaviors. Once you enlist the attributes and parameters of the network ... then you can easily identify the network as one entity. I need Team America and Team Israel ... I need both of you to focus on this. The attributes that Team Israel will observe in their leaders are:

  • Promotion of hate, fear and division in the society
  • Looking down upon other race and religions
  • Recommending aggressive action against other races

The attributes that Team America will observe among their leaders are:

  • Unusually high attachment to Israel
  • Doing everything that the Israeli government tells them to
  • Approving and supporting every right and wrong thing that the Israeli government does
  • High amount of financial and political favor for the Israeli government

If you see these attributes among any of your leaders then interestingly you will find a strikingly similar behavior in these individuals. To the extent that you will find the use of same slogans ... the same punch lines ... and the same words used by them. They will be individuals placed in different cities distributed across the country ... they might have never even met each other in their lives ... but ... interestingly ... they will show the same behavior and they will even use the same words ... as if they were born twins separated from each other a while ago.

Students of the same teacher

The main reason for this is “lobbying” ... there are hundreds of organizations in the United States that lobby in favor of Israel and the Israeli government. These lobbies get their material from the main headquarters of Israel ... and they preach this material to hundreds of politicians in the United States. These guys are students of the same teacher. In Hillary Clinton’s words ... “we sing from the same hymn book”. That’s what is going on in the US. That’s why you find identical behaviors and terminology used by politicians placed in different cities across the country.

Israeli Government’s network in the rest of the world is very weak

Now, here is a fun fact ... that you will learn from network behaviors. In the recent Nuclear negotiations with Iran, you must have noticed a beautiful thing. Obama is one of the first Presidents in a very very long time ... who took a firm stand in doing what is right ... even if it is against the wishes of the Israeli government. It was interesting to observe the behaviors of different political leaders of the world. Israel is strongly against the deal. It used its lobbying tools to activate “its mesh” ... or its network. You will find that a lot of leaders in the Republican Party spoke up against the deal. But the deal found unanimous support from other international leaders ... of Russia, China, Germany, UK and the European Union. Which implies that the Israeli government’s network in the rest of the world is very very weak. 

If the US President supports something positive and constructive ... that means the world will follow. Israel’s influence in the rest of the world is very weak and meagre. Which is why ... the US President and the US Office is used to rally rest of the world ... in the wars that Israel wants it to do. We found this behavior under Bush ... we found this behavior under Hillary ... but if the US Office changes its stand ... that means the rest of the world will follow.

The very important thing that you learn from here is that ... the origins of the ideology is from the Israeli government ... and it is getting its stuff done using its network in the US. This tells us that ... the main countries that you have to fix ... are only two. You fix these two countries and the rest of the world does not even require an effort. That is ... when these issues are concerned.

This is the main reason ... why the world leaders must focus on fixing the Israeli government.

Happy Easter!