Your formula is ... No Power for Haters

Your formula is ... No Power for Haters

Okay ... here is how Team Israel is going to evaluate its own work. Don’t tell me that ... hey, we did what you told us. No, I don’t want you to do just what I tell you ... but I want you to move in that direction ... and do a hundred or a thousand more things that relate to what I tell you. I will give you some broad guidelines as what has to be done and how you can evaluate it ... and also how others can also see your work and evaluate it.

Study Elimination of the Nazi Ideology

Firstly, Team Israel ... your primary focus should be the State of Israel ... which is why I am naming teams as per their geographic areas or primary concerns. Your primary concern would be to raise Israel to international standards. Now ... to do this, you have to get involved in the country in various aspects. A similar phenomena would be the “elimination of Nazism”. Study Nazi Germany and how Nazism was eliminated in Germany. This was not done by Germans alone ... there was an international team involved ... a global awareness and involvement in eliminating every aspect of the Nazi ideology.

Aggressive and violent ideology

What we have in Israel is an extreme ideology ... that is very aggressive, violent, negative and biased. While the world has grown up embracing, loving and respecting each other ... these guys have grown up bombing each other. There are many elements involved in the creation of this ideology and violent society. What you should be able to do is run “integration programs” ... integration between Jews and Arabs. Both of them should be able to live side by side, work together, study together, do business together and grow up together ... as loving and equal human beings.

People love peace

It is actually easy to do this at the people’s level. It might be people from any country ... everybody wants love and peace ... and you will find that the people from both sides will be more than willing to do this. But you will find resistance at the political levels. There are some people in the top hierarchy who don’t want this to happen ... in fact they work continuously to make sure that it does not happen. 

Israeli Political Parties are “Conflict Beneficiaries”

One such political party is the Likud Party. The conflict between Jews and Arabs has been immensely financially rewarding for them. Where do you think all of these billions of dollars that are given to Israel actually go to? They land in the hands of the government ... which is nothing but the Likud Party. So, your primary job is to identify these miscreants at the top and initiate steps to pull them out of power. The characteristics that you are looking for are these:

  • Hate 
  • War
  • No peace
  • Looking down upon other religions and neighbors
  • Fear mongering
  • Quick to be violent and aggressive towards others
  • Thinking of themselves to be superior than others

Institutions that promote this ideology

All of these characteristics create individuals that distort the peace in the society.  If you see our world at the international level ... you cannot look down up anyone or be hateful and different to another person just because of his race, color or religion. But this type of behavior is promoted at rampant levels in the State of Israel at a national level. Your eyes will fall on a few institutions in Israel that are promoting and supporting this kind of dividing and hateful ideology. These institutions are:

  • The Political System. You will find a good number of politicians promoting this ideology.
  • Media Networks. You will find a lot of newspapers and TV channels that support these political parties ... and they aid as a medium for the promotion of this ideology.
  • Intelligence Networks. There are several intelligence networks that support and protect the people behind this ideology.
  • Religious Extremists. You will find that there are several religious extremists or preachers who promote this.

Now, if you go out there and promote Jew and Arab integration programs ... while the politicians are against it, the media is bad mouthing each other, people are being bombed and killed ... then it would not make any sense. So, your work begins initially at the top. I need you to catalog ... every politician, media agency, intelligence network and religious leader ... who promotes this type of divisive ideology. I need you to work in reorganizing and redistributing the hierarchy. Your formula should be “no power for haters”.

This way of working will help us easily evaluate what has to be done and how much has been done. You will get a lot of help for this from within Israel itself. Herzog and Livni seem to have the right mind. There are a lot of people in key places out there and they will help you do this.