They have designed a one way show

They have designed a one way show

Another question from the Crew Members is that … okay fine, let us say if we fire the Security Company and hire your company for the work … then wouldn’t we be paying one company instead of another?

I don’t want funds from any US Government division

Good question. Here’s the thing … I don’t want your tax payer dollars for this work. Thanks to the Big Guy I have a lot of people who would be interested in sponsoring and funding my work. Secondly, my projects sustain themselves … my projects earn their own money and pay for themselves. I don’t need government money to run this project. In fact, I am thinking of formulating a policy of not taking any funds from any US government division.

How is that possible? Of course, it is possible. Would you rather listen to a person who says … hey, this won’t cost you anything. All you need to do is make a few changes in your system and it will automatically fix everything. Or would you listen to the same Security Company that is ripping you off by the billions and not giving you the solution … and making things even worse?

Design of a one way show

Just see all the steps that I am asking the Crew Systems to do or Team Israel to do … does any of those steps involve spending billions of your tax payer money? Nope. In fact, this is where the major problem is … what they have done is … they have designed a one way show. If you look at our example of the Bank and the Security Company … we have two different entities. The Bank has the authority to say no and fire the Security Company. But what these guys have done is … put their person as the Director of the Bank. This Director promotes the same ideology of the Security Company. 

People remain a mute audience to their show

In the current scenario, the Director of the Bank comes and tells you … we have a major problem … there is a threat out there and we need to spend by the billions to fight that threat. The employees of the Bank have no choice but to nod along. Even if some of them disagree … they do not have power over the Director of the Bank. This is exactly what they have done. They have crawled into political positions. They favor and promote everything that the Likud Party tells them … regarding threats, wars, funding … everything. And they themselves decide to do the spending. The people remain a mute audience to their show. It is our country, our money and our life … and we have no say in it. This is a one way show ladies and gentlemen … this is a one way show.

This is the major reason … we need to expose them. We need to show the people what is going on behind the curtain. Because simple commonsense tells us that … when we spend on something then you get something in return. I go into a shop and pay them $100 … then I expect something in return … and if we are not getting something in return … then there is a problem. Either the shop owner is not honest and he is misleading you … or something has to be wrong. Would you go into that shop and trust him with another $100? No right? But look at our lovely “war promoting politicians” who are working on “eliminating” the bad guys … since the past 14 years … we are spending again and again and again. How many times are we going to be fooled like this? How many times are we going to be ripped off like this?

Taking down countries within weeks but never eliminating terror groups

ISIS came into existence yesterday. Our army can go out there and eliminate an entire country within 2 weeks … the entire air force and army of the country can be taken down within 2 weeks … a country that that was running since more than 1000 years can be taken down within 2 weeks. But when it comes to ISIS and Al Qaeda … they tell us that they need not 10 years or 20 years … it seems they need 30 years to eliminate ISIS. Which means that the present youth will grow and probably even die … but this War on Terror will go on … they want to continue this war, this spending, these threats and insecurity throughout our entire generation. This is what they want our kids to see throughout their entire lives. 

Ladies and gentlemen … this is beyond ridiculous and totally unacceptable.