This was the first wave

This was the first wave

Okay ladies ... here is something that you need to understand ... understand the nature of the work that you are involved in. These are not lock and key situations ... or cop and thief scenarios ... it is a little bit more complicated than that. You can’t just go out there and solve the problem in one shot. It needs repetitive efforts ... because there is not just one culprit out there ... there is an entire system supported by a complete organization with an ideology and motives behind it. So, it is going to take more than one shot to get it done.

The nature of work that is required is more like that of “waves” ... they hit the shores again and again ... and the bigger tides come later on.

See what you have accomplished with the first wave:

  • You freaked out the “Prime Minister” of Israel. He was struggling to remain in power and he used all dirty tricks to show more votes.
  • You exposed all the flaws of one of the most powerful political parties in Israel.
  • You raised a huge team against this party
  • You gave the strength to the Israeli people to stand up against Netanyahu and his party
  • You brought attention to the issues that matter to the people ... high cost of living and increasing cost of real estate.
  • You exposed the war mongering policies of the Likud Party

This was just one wave. Now, do you like what you have done? Do you like what you have accomplished with just one wave? The first wave is the most gentle one.

Now, this is what I want you to do. I don’t want one American Team doing everything. Setup one dedicated team only for Israel ... the primary focus of this team should be only Israel. Yes, this is an American Crew Team. And this team should not work all on its own ... this team should collaborate with other international Crew Systems ... British, Russian, Chinese, Arab, German and other European Teams who have a history of dealing with the Jewish people. 

Let me call this team as the “Team Israel” ... the primary focus of Team Israel should be to:

  • Standardize Israeli Politics
  • Cultivate and promote international standards in the Israeli society

I will tell you what I mean by that.

Standardize Israeli Politics

The major problem what we or the world is facing from Israel is that ... they live in a different society and environment than the rest of the world. If you see America, Britain, Europe or Australia ... we have reached a certain standard of life and values. We don’t fight with each other over race, religion, language and culture. We respect each other irrespective of race, color and religion ... this has been one of the most important fabric of the international society. Our ancestors fought and bled to establish this in our society. This important fabric is missing in the Israeli society.

One of the reasons might be because of the alienation of Israel ... because of:

  • Its Hebrew language that nobody speaks other than them
  • They are constantly at war and security is a concern
  • Hostile Politics
  • Desert climate
  • Very meagre opportunities for the international audience to go and settle in Israel

All of this has resulted in the alienation of Israel from the rest of the world. So ... in a way they are not in touch with how the international society has grown. Their society is still occupied with local politics, conflicts and ideology. 

What I want Team Israel to do is ... lift Israel to international standards ... of loving each other and respecting each other ... irrespective of each other’s race, religion and color. How to do it? I will give you details on that also in the coming days. What you need to see is this ... when this is not being done ... the ideology of the person goes along with him wherever he goes. For example, if you see the leaders of the Likud Party ... look at their ideology. There is a huge support for Netanyahu from the Republican Congress members ... look at their ideology. The Likud Party takes a hard stance against Iran ... and so do these Republican Congress members. A person will promote what he is among his friends. That is exactly what is happening here ... war mongering from the Likud Party is resulting into war mongering from the Republican Party ... which is eventually resulting into war mongering from America.

This alienated tiny country which is still one generation behind in terms of international standards and values is ending up creating chaos for everybody. We are losing everything that we have accomplished through the hard work of an entire generation because of one tiny country of 5 million people which has somehow remained cutoff from the rest of the world.

You are not looking at a onetime shot ... of solving the issue and walking away. I need a permanent American Team dedicated to transforming the state of Israel.