Get Kulanu for the Zionist Union
Created: 18 March 2015
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Get Kulanu for the Zionist Union

The Likud Party has a lead of 6 seats with a total of 30 seats. It does not mean that we lost. These guys are malicious assholes. They specialize in rigging systems. They have rigged the American Congress ... you think they wont do any rigging in the voting process that ensures their very existence? These are criminal master minds who run Al Qaeda and ISIS. You can expect every dirty trick from the book from them to win elections.

The opinion polls give the Zionist Union a 4 seat lead ... and at actual polls Likud gets a 6 seat lead? This is rigging and they are super good at it. How do you think George Bush got his second term "after" starting the Iraq War ... after hundreds of thousands of people were protesting against him ... he was the most unpopular President to be re-elected. How? "rigged system" ... and if you let this go ... you can expect only the worst from such political parties. Did Bush do any good in his second term? A serial killer can take the Pope's position ... but the question is ... will he do any good? They will run the worst policies that can be imagined.

You did a good job. And you had the majority of the actual people with you. Now, put in your best effort to get Kulanu in favor of the Zionist Union. You still have a shot at it.