Change your Defense Techniques

Change your Defense Techniques

Here is one thing that I observed ... you are very quick in defending me. But the technique that you are using to defend me becomes difficult in the long run. I will give you an example. Let’s say a Cheetah is walking around the streets in your neighborhood. The first thing you do is secure your children and then you go for the Cheetah. You don’t go for it all alone by yourself ... you form a group, get animal control, get some cops ... you get people with the right technology and then you take care of the animal. 

What you don’t do is ... sit at home and guard your children 24 hours worrying of an attack by the Cheetah ... without making any effort to subdue and catch the Cheetah. What is important here is that ... you subdue the Cheetah ... catch it and eliminate it from the scene. You should not be worrying about your children ... you should not be guarding your children 24/7 and your children should be free to move around without you worrying for their safety. That’s how things should be.

Here are the three steps that we have been asked to carry out:

  • Make the tigers powerless
  • Rip them apart and
  • Break them into pieces

I was thinking why am I being asked to make the tigers powerless first? Then I realized that this is the exact strategy that our lovely opponents are using. They first move their person into power ... get him a nice powerful political seat ... and then use him to do the trash. This is their strategy. This is exactly what the Big Guy is probably addressing. 

Let me give you the exact definition of “power” that is being referred to here. For example, let us take Hillary Clinton and Julian Assange. Hillary was holding the office of the Secretary of State when she made the moves against Julian Assange. These top politicians have access to and control over:

  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Police Department and other security agencies
  • Justice Department
  • Finances
  • Maybe even thug rule

So the first thing that you do is remove them from power. This eliminates their control over government agencies ... like Intelligence Agencies, Police Department and the Justice Department. The only thing that will be left out is some financial capacity to buy thug rule. Then you take care of that. You are a network ... so, obviously you have access to all the thugs in their circle.

But once we remove them from power ... rip them apart and break them down into pieces ... I doubt if they will stoop down to thug rule. What you guys need to do is this exactly ... I know that you are concerned about me and want to protect me ... but in none of my dreams I am shown that I am living in a heavily guarded castle or as if there is a lot of security around me. In every dream, I am walking around openly and freely. In fact, we were standing there in room full of tigers. The tigers were afraid of us ... we were not afraid of them. So, what you need to do is this:

  • Change your defense techniques
  • Don’t just guard me 24/7 but also go after these guys
  • Attack them from a hundred different directions
  • They should have a dozen things to worry about every day
  • The last thing that should come in their mind is ... going after simple common people

Here is one thing that you should know about the guys that we are going after. All in all they will be like 3-4 entities ... and this is what is common among all of these entities:

  • These guys are liars
  • They are five star criminals
  • They are killing people by the thousands
  • They are misleading us and exploiting us
  • They are creating chaos at massive levels

These are the common attributes among all of the guys that we are going after. I will give you an example ... Hillary Clinton ... she went into Libya in the name of democracy ... she ended up creating a safe haven for terrorists and their training camps. She went into Syria again in the name of democracy ... she got about 200,000 people killed and more than 10 million people displaced from their homes. The conflict is still raging on till date. In South Korea, a few people died in a sinking boat ... out there the politicians resigned because they were ashamed of how things were handled. That is the level of decency and integrity that they have. And look at our Lady Hillary ... 200,000 people dead, more than 10 million people displaced from their homes ... and she is going around the country giving speeches ... trying to run for President.

It’s time to take out the trash.