A Change in Israel is a Change in America

A Change in Israel is a Change in America

Read this line again ... a change in Israel is a change in America. You saw the recent speech of Netanyahu in the Congress, didn’t you? Only 30 Democrats did not attend the speech despite the President’s disapproval. A few of them attended only to watch the show. What you should notice here is that ... the immense control the current ruling party of Israel in America. Out of 500 Congressmen ... about 470 of them worship Netanyahu. 

Puppetry of the Israeli Government in America

Netanyahu enters the room ... a standing ovation. Netanyahu leaves the room ... a standing ovation. Netanyahu says something ... a standing ovation. Netanyahu smiles ... a standing ovation. Netanyahu coughs ... a standing ovation. Netanyahu farts ... a standing ovation. This is the level of puppetry that the Likud Party has established in America. This is the reason we don’t get any change in America. Because all of them are puppeted by the Israeli government. They have even stopped thinking of the American people. They do whatever Israel wants them to and follow Israel’s leadership in everything.

Republicans clearing the path to bomb Iran

Look at the Republican Party now, they are not even in power ... they only have the majority in the house ... and they are screaming at the top of their voice against a Nuclear deal with Iran. Israel doesn’t like Iran ... the Israeli government wants Iran to be bombed ... that’s why it does not want any deal with Iran. The plan is to bomb Iran once Obama’s tenure is completed and the Republicans take over. That’s the plan ... and the Republicans are working on that right now itself. Their attempts to block a deal with Iran clearly demonstrates this.

This is an American Crew Operation

We can change this scenario. And to do this ... we need to work internally in Israel itself. I have been telling you this since a long time. Now, is the time my dear lovely American Crew ... this is your task. I cannot assign this task to anybody else. I can’t ask the Malaysian Crew to go into Israel and change political parties there. They can’t handle it. But you guys have the necessary skillsets to do the same ... you are uniquely qualified for this task. In terms of political contacts, reach inside the country, finances, technology and monitoring capabilities ... you have it all. I need “you” to do this. Boot Likud Party from power.

Yes, I am assigning some tasks to other Crew Systems as well. I don’t want you to feel left out because of that. This whole project focuses centrally on America and you will be given very important chunks of work to do. I need you to free up your mind and focus on the stuff that I give you.

If we can’t boot them out ... then you are looking at a longer learning curve. But if you can ... then that is exactly what we need right now. 

Think like a system not a person

I know you are constantly concerned about me. That is mainly because instead of thinking like a system ... you are thinking like an individual person. You think that ... okay, here is a common man ... he is trying to make moves against the top politicians ... he might get hurt. What you are missing out here is this ... you are still assuming the person or the political party to be in its fullest powerful position. Here is where we are missing out a step. 

The first thing you guys need to do is eliminate these guys from power ... make them totally powerless. All of your initial moves and ground work should be to remove all kinds of power that these guys have. This is exactly how to convert a tiger into a harmless cat. 

The importance of this move is this ... a change in politics in Israel will mean a total change in politics in America. The total political scenario in America will change. 

Don't worry about AIPAC

What about AIPAC? We will talk about AIPAC also ... it comes in the later stage. For now, just focus on the Likud Party. American Crew ... this is your primary task for the next 10 days. Get the Zionist Union in power. Get rid of the Likud Party. This is of utmost importance. Your full focus should be on this task. Turn every stone possible, use every technique possible, pull every string possible ... get rid of Likud Party from power. No more Netanyahu.