17th March is a very good opportunity

17th March is a very good opportunity

Get rid of the Likud party ... get the opposition party in place. The opposition party is also a Zionist party ... it will have a few common features. But it will be easier to deal with a new comer in the market. They would easily evolve to changing times rather than the old rugged players who are used to controlling the system to run their way. It will be much more easier to work with the opposition party in power.

We will show a lot of pitfalls and weaknesses of the ruling party of Israel. All the opposition party has to do is ... blame the other party for all the crap done and start a new chapter. It is as simple as that. 

Okay let me give you some details on this one. 

The first tiger is the current ruling party of Israel

17th March is a very very good opportunity. 

I want the American Crew to put its fullest effort in getting rid of the Likud Party. Put in your best efforts in getting the opposition party in power. I am not saying this because this is something that I want. This is what the dreams are signalling to. The first tiger that will be ripped apart is most probably the current ruling party in Israel. All the events are pointing to this only. 

Make the tiger powerless

If you take a look at their work ... this is exactly what they have done. They have played two faced politics ... running one face in the public arena ... while running another face internally. We will rip off their skin and break down each and every policy that they have formulated. And we will expose that to the people. But before you "rip off the tiger's skin" ... a very important signal is given in the dream. And this signal is ... you should "make the tiger powerless". Once the tiger is powerless then it becomes very very easy to do the work.

This is exactly what is suggested in the dream ... first you initiate steps to make the tiger powerless and then you rip it apart and expose it. That's how the sequence of the works should fall into place. Obviously, it makes sense. If the tiger is standing there in all its power and strength ... and you go out there trying to rip off its skin while it is still alive ... then you know what will happen. The key here is to "make the tiger powerless".

There are two ways to go about that when you want to take care of the Israeli government. Either you do heavy marketing and create an entire revolution ... and boot them off power. That's one way ... or you just get an opposition party in power. This would be the easiest way to go about it. 

In the dream, I was shown that ... there are 3-4 tigers in a room. I point out to the tiger and you go out there and pick the tiger in your arms ... as easily as if it was a cat. When you walked towards the tiger ... the tiger was totally powerless and afraid. When you picked the tiger in your arms ... the tiger was afraid not knowing what is going to happen next. I saw that dream ... and I was like ... how on Earth am I supposed to make a tiger powerless? And who are these tigers? That have to be exposed to the world?

So, here we are ... standing at an excellent excellent opportunity ... don't miss it for the world. Remove Likud Party from power. If you cannot then we are looking at a lengthy tedious process in which we could face some resistance. Do it ... do this now. I am counting on you "American Crew". You are required on this task.

We still have one more week to go before elections. Put in your best foot ... channel in funds, do immense marketing and keep a strict eye on voting and vote counting.