Designing a system to fix the system

Designing a system to fix the system

Okay ... I got the news from some guys that ... hey, what’s the delay about? Why am I not launching my work? 

Yeah ... I know you are very eager to get this done. That’s exactly what I am working on. I was working on it ... and this is how it is coming to be. Lol ... I thought okay ... let’s launch the channel and keep everything offshore ... keep everything out of their political reach. So, I started putting in a framework for that. I got a set of people who would work on the frontend. But then again ... I have to keep them secure ... and to get that done ... I need a team of lawyers and support from some local politicians as well. Who could help me take care of any legal or political issues that anyone may use to target my work. 

While I was brainstorming on this ... I just realized that ... I am doing exactly what the Crew did for me. That’s what the American and Indian Crews did for me in India ... they got in touch with intelligence agencies and politicians ... and maintained a security shell around me. I am doing exactly that for my team. And then I realized that ... I have to remain invisible while this project goes on ... which is exactly what you guys do. Lol.

I moved ahead with that framework ... then I realized that ... I need to take care of my team from several angles. So, I would need to have a team that takes care of my team. And this is what you guys do as well ... you assign members to each subject ... you yourself maintain a team that manages the subjects.  I was kind of amused at the similarities in the work. I was like ... am I setting up a Crew System myself? Lol.

What you basically do is ... you use the system to control the subject. You have access at several points ... and you use those points to manage the subject. The difference in my work is that ... I need to fix the system itself. My target is not any one person. So, eventually ... I am ending up designing a system to fix the system. A system that is safe, secure, legal and powerful with a widespread reach ... and this system helps fix another system.

And in order to keep myself invisible ... I need to remove all traces of GodInTheJungle and Crew Systems from this project. So, very soon we will be separating the live political data from the story. Later, I will be removing any other content that leads to me. I need to look into the legalities for a few things.

Well ... however ... I think it is better to have this system into place ... rather than ask anyone to risk his life on this and become the bait of some wild animals ... and eventually leave the work incomplete. I know you guys care ... and it is your love, affection and need for this project to be done that you ask me to become a politician or leader for this. But that would be more of an emotional response than technical.

Another interesting thing that I noticed here is ... how you guys feel. Okay, let’s say ... you made me a politician and it worked out. I would go ahead and lead ... and get it done. And you would stay in the background guarding me and protecting me ... while I hog all the limelight and fame ... and you remain invisible. I actually felt how you feel ... when I was designing a show where the guy would say everything that I would want him to say ... people would love him, he would be famous and he would get the work done ... while I would just remain invisible in the background. This is humility of a totally different level. Observing this side of your work is helping me see a different side of you. 

I will give you a few guidelines soon ... so that you don’t jump and do something that would put things haywire. Let me setup a system framework and then we work on that.