Beat them in their own game

Beat them in their own game

This is an interesting thing that System Analysis helps you to do ... it helps you to beat your opponents in their own game. It is a little bit similar to criminal studies ... such that it helps you to detect patterns in criminal behavior, helps you understand the mind of the criminals and predict their next moves ... which helps you to catch them red handed. But if you look at the current scenario ... it is more than just one crime being done by one criminal. It is the exploitation of the system itself ... it is repeated criminal behavior using different people. 

Mostly it is a combination of power and psychology what they are using ... do all the wrong things using power and then show them as good things using reverse psychology. This is what they are into. It is modern power crime using new techniques. And if you use ... conventional and traditional techniques of dealing with them then it would be like ... using a sword on a guy standing there with a machine gun. Lol ... he will shoot you on sight ... all you need to do is step in the field in front of him. This is exactly what all of your proposals enable ... be a leader, be a politician, run a TV show from USA ... you won’t make it that way. 

What is interesting here is this ... you come and suggest me all of this. Why don’t you use your own politicians to do this? This can also be one way to put me on a path for elimination. You know that your politicians cannot do this ... you know that they will get hurt ... still you propose the same for me? That definitely shows malice. 

Whatever ... let’s come back to their game. These are their control points. 

  • Politicians and
  • Media Channels

Politicians are used on the frontend to do the crap ... media channels are used to promote it as good. Control over these two elements is helping them run their game. There are about 500 politicians in the Congress and all media outlets are owned by 6 corporations in the US. Just a handful of companies are sitting back and running this show. And 300 million people remain mere spectators of this show. These 300 million people have no say and no control over what goes on in their country.

Their show has a lot of flaws and a lot of weak points. You know what they say about the devil’s plans? It is beautiful, intricate, involves many from different angles ... but it can as easily be torn down as a spider’s web. Why? Because it is malicious ... it is designed to mislead people and hurt people. That’s why. It’s the same with these guys. 

What I will do is ... I will show you a few key weak points in their plans ... who it affects, how it affects, how much it affects, who is controlling this, why, how and what is the ideology behind it. And the victims of these plans ... they themselves will take up this fight. And these guys know it ... they already know that it will happen. They are already taking measures to handle the oncoming reaction. What we need to do is ... enable this reaction much before in time. They are waiting for the system to break down totally ... and then the reaction comes along. We need to make it happen before everything collapses and before the worst case scenarios appear. It will kind of help everyone.