Trying to break the security shell from within

Trying to break the security shell from within

Sam: I see. Lol. By the way ... I am asked not to date more than a dozen girls at a time.

American Crew01: Lol ... why are you laughing? You are not gonna date, are you? 

Sam: Lol ... well, I may.

American Crew03: All he does is ... spend a few minutes talking to us about girls. And then goes about doing his own work. He has been doing this for years. 

Sam: You observed that well. But you did not observe something else. 

American Crew02: Yes we did ... these Indian Crews, the Malaysian and Indonesian ... they trouble you with dating issues. But you don’t get pissed off at them. You like them and you are very tolerant with them. What is that about?

Sam: That is because ... they don’t own their actions. They are following instructions. And these instructions are coming from your headquarters in “America”. 

American Crew02: What is that supposed to mean?

Sam: While I was in India ... you guys tried to pull me into America?

America Crew 01: Yes.

Sam: And then what happened? You tried again and again and it failed. Then you told the Indian Crew ... aww, look at him he is all alone ... he is lonely ... he is a great guy who can do great stuff. Get him a family ... wife and kids ... and make him a politician. Isn’t it?

American Crew 03: Lol ... yes.

Sam: What is that? I told the Indian Crew to keep me safe from going back to America. Doesn’t matter what happens, don’t let them pull me into America. I built this security shell around me. What you guys did was ... it was not possible to break this security shell from the outside ... so you chose to take an inner approach. Which is ... he is all alone ... give him wife and kids ... make him a politician. You just tried to exploit the emotions of Indians ... and created a pretend help approach from another angle. When you already knew this ... you already tried this in America ... you knew that I won’t go for family while I am working on a risky project ... and I hate politics. You tried to create friction at the root level ... to break the security shell from within. 

American Crew 03: Hmm ... we didn’t see it that way. 

Sam: Of course you didn’t ... they don’t tell you these nasty things before at hand. They let it fall into place and then they play the game. This is the headquarters planning. 

American Crew 02: Wow.

Sam: And then they see that I am avoiding having a family ... so what do they do ... they will try to demonize me using that angle. What are they doing here? They are not able to reach me at a professional level ... that’s why they are trying to use you and exploit the personal aspect of my life. It is my personal life ... it is none of anybody’s business who I date and who I don’t date ... whether I date or not ... how is it anybody’s business?

American Crew 03: That’s a good point.

Sam: I went to Malaysia ... within a week those guys are ready to give me wife and kids. I was like ... what the hell is wrong with these guys? Lol ... I came here for political immunity not because there was any shortage of girls in India. And this is what their priority is? All wars will stop once I get married? Lol ... cities are getting bombed because I am not married?

American Crew: Lol.

Sam: Their approach is totally ridiculous. If you look at logic that is ... but it only indicates malice ... it attempts to create friction and deviate me from my work. And I can totally see it that ... these actions are being directed by someone else.

American Crew 03: So, what is the plan?

Sam: If you want to know honestly. You don’t take your wife and half a dozen children when you go hunting in the forest. You don’t take your wife and kids in the battle field in a war. Yes, I love kids ... and I would love to start a family. But not right now ... if you want a sign ... then it will be once I buy a nice house and these risky projects will be over. If you see these two signs ... then I am ready to start a family. Until then ... it is a big no. Until then it will be just casual and non-committal ... that is, if I plan to. 

American Crew02: This is common sense. Anyone would take this approach. You are travelling from country to country with two bags ...not knowing for how long you will stay there or what will happen next ... and these guys are planning a family for you ... as if doing a big favor for you ... while they are just screwing around. 

Sam: Yeah ... their primary purpose is to break the security that they are giving me. To use one angle to create friction to break the security shell. That’s the main objective here. That’s the reason ... I am making you responsible for this.

American Crew01: Yes.

Sam: You know that I am never going to live in America, right? 

American Crew03: Why?

Sam: Because my job is over with you guys. I already collected the required data to solve your problem. That was the purpose of my visit. I am just waiting for the execution of the solution to be completed. Once that is done ... I will be turning my attention to Asia, Latin America and Africa. There are a few other countries that I have to see and initiate projects for them. 

American Crew02: Why are you telling this to us now?

Sam: Because I want you to plan accordingly and keep this in mind. Don’t make any wrong expectations. The successful execution of the projects is important ... and not being locked into one location. I will monitor the project and update you and keep moving you forward in that. But I don’t want you try to make me live in America. It affects my work. But you can always work with me ... at any location or on any project. That should be fine.