Interesting Image Manipulation Techniques

Interesting Image Manipulation Techniques

They came up with numerous techniques to manipulate my image. Their winning formula was ... if we can destroy his image then we can destroy his work ... destroy his image to destroy his work. I was very popular in the Crew System and something had to be done to control the crowd. And they came up with very interesting and humorous ways to do so.

They used a technique of “extremes” ... they used to praise me to an extremely high level ... and then use an excuse to drop me at a very low level. The truth was that none of those levels were true. They were using this method only to pull away the confidence of the people away from me. Here are some techniques along with an explanation of each of them.

He is a Prophet. He is a god.

Lol ... ow my God! This guy is a prophet! Look at him ... he is not afraid of anybody. Look at his beautiful work ... it changes the lives of hundreds of millions of people. He is not into politics. He is not associated with any political party. Nobody is even guiding him. He does this all on his own? He has to be a Prophet. He is god send. No, no ... he is god himself ... let me bow to him. Lol ... this is one extreme level of praise used to pull the mood of the people to an extreme level. 

The next thing what they do is ... they sit and wait and watch ... to find anything that they can use to nullify what they just said. They will see that I am watching a movie at night ... and then there is a nude scene ... I am watching a nude scene. And they are like ... hey! The Prophet is watching a nude scene! Do Prophets watch nude scenes? Do god send people watch nude scenes? Lol ... he is not a Prophet. He is not god. He is a fake. He is a dog. He is a liar.

If you look at both the extreme levels of depictions ... both of them are not true. And they are designed only to rattle the minds of the people. First show them one extreme and then trash them down to another extreme. What does it do? It only rattles the hopes and expectations of the people and makes them lose trust. 

When did I say that I am a Prophet? When did I say that I am god? All I am saying is that ... there is a problem over there ... go and fix it. They are very cleverly deviating the attention of the people from the problem that exists in front of them to something that does not even exist. They are playing with imaginary stuff that does not even exist in front of them. I always tell them ... don’t take my word for it ... go out there, verify the facts and then take appropriate measure. Don’t do stuff just because I said it. But the stuff that they talk about has no connection to the problem being discussed.

He got the dreams. Obviously, God chose him.

They use the dreams as an excuse to justify their argument. He got the dreams ... he is the chosen one ... he is the Prophet. And now I am supposed to show the behaviors of a Prophet? That is utterly ridiculous. One person getting a dream does not make him a Prophet. Does it look like I am spreading a new religion? Calling the world to a different God? If you see God’s previous behaviors ... you will find that he chose only those people who could be excellent examples for that religion to spread that particular religion. 

I am a simple System Analyst. I got a little bit of help from the Big Guy for my work. If you don’t like it ... take it up with the Big Guy ... why bother me? That is point number one. Point Number Two ... who told you that God is there only with the Prophets? Has God never guided anyone with a sign or a dream other than the Prophets? Haven’t you heard of missionary workers, scientists, reformers or rulers who got dreams or signs? Who told you that you need to be extremely religious for God to love you and care for you? God loves everybody. He is there for everybody.

And thinking that God is there only with the most religious ... is only thinking that God is limited and incompetent. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you are and where you are ... God is there with you. God is always there with you ... whether you are there with God or not ... that is a different point. That is point number three.

Point number four ... look at my work. Do you think political systems should be handled by the most religious? Should our governments be run by Imams and Priests? Do you think that’s the message of my work? The message of my work is ... doesn’t matter who you are and what your beliefs are ... you have a right to say in the governance of your country. That’s the message. Everyone should have a say in governance ... everyone who is qualified and experience should have a say in the top politics of their country. Do you see anything wrong in this message?

Here’s the Muslim card

  • He is Muslim
  • He supports Arabs
  • He is blaming America
  • He is anti American
  • You want to follow a Muslim?
  • You want a Muslim to run your country?
  • He will start Sharia law in America ... lol

I am talking about the flaws in the political system. They leave that on one side. And they focus on something else that is not even connected to the problem. What is that? That is nothing but another technique to deviate you away from the problem being discussed.

Some people think that Albert Einstein was an Atheist because he did not believe in a particular God. Does Einstein’s religious association affect his scientific work? Do you think about Newton’s religion before using the Newton’s Laws in Physics? Do you wonder if there was a nude scene in the movie that Newton watched before he wrote his theory? Lol. No, you don’t. Why? Because they are scientists ... they talk about science ... they talk about facts. The actual facts that you can see and measure. That’s exactly what System Analysis does ... it measures the actual actions and its impact on the people. Give me one reason why it would be wise to deviate away from the science that Newton is showing and use this personal life to evaluate his science? You verify scientific theories with facts ... not with the person’s beliefs. You would do that only if you want people to deviate away from Newton and what he is saying. And that’s the exact technique what they are using. 

He is a Monster card

Here is another extreme ... that is totally illogical. 

  • How does he know all of this?
  • He is the devil
  • He is Satan
  • He is a Monster

Just like they try to pull of the Prophet card ... they also try to pull off the “monster” card. This requires no further explanation.

The Anti-Semitism Card

And here is the anti-semitism card. This is the closest one that they could pull off to my work. But they pull off this card only to call me a racist and an anti-semite ... again in order to stop my work. Tell me, if you are a Jew then how does it give you automatic immunity to any kind of scrutiny to your work, doesn’t matter how destructive it is? If your work is affecting millions of people and getting thousands of people killed ... then how come looking into your work, scrutinizing it and analyzing it to stop wars ... to stop conflicts ... called anti-semitism? The moment you question anything Jewish you become an anti semite. 

If you have truly not done anything wrong ... if you have truly not done anything that deserves hiding ... then why worry at all? Why don’t you let the other guy do his job? Obviously, if you have not done anything then at the end of his work ... he will find nothing against you. How about being a little bit open and honest?

Deflection from the main problem

If you look at all of their techniques ... all of them are designed to deflect your mind away from the main problem that is being discussed. They don’t want you to look into this problem ... they don’t want to discuss it. Let alone solving the problem, they don’t even want your attention on this. This is exactly what they are doing with these techniques.