The Three Fold Plan Towards Elimination

The Three Fold Plan Towards Elimination

I was standing at a weird cross roads in my life. I had the support of the Crew System ... but then I also did not have it because their acts would be compromised by political interests. I had the love and support of the American people ... but then most of them would be under the influence of the Crew System. So ... in a way ... I had it ... but I also ... did not have it. Lol.

I had to break it down and understand what actually is going on. Why would the Crew System be against me? We are already working together. We are doing great stuff together ... it helps them, its helps their country ... they themselves love this work. So, now why the obstacles? Then I realized that there might be someone who does not want this work to be done. They don’t want to get it done because it affects their benefits. So, now who might those guys be? 

  • Oil Companies
  • War Contractors
  • Weapon dealers
  • Israeli Government and Jewish Elements 
  • Politicians who support all of these guys

These guys are rich, they are powerful and they have all the access to government entities that they need. Obviously, this deviation of the Crew System is from these guys. And I actually zoomed in and analyzed the works that they were proposing ... they were trying to target me at 3 different levels. The formula that they came up with was something like this.

  • Step One: Stop his work
  • Step Two: Destroy his image and 
  • Step Three: Eliminate him from the scene

If they can do this ... then they win ... and they can keep running their systems of exploitation. And this is how they wanted to execute their formula.

  • Stop his work | Abuse him at a personal level
    • Denourish his food and drinks ... maintain him slow and weak
    • Increase Electro Sensitivity ... drain out his energy and vitamins using electrical sources
    • Keep him busy with abuse on his body
  • Destroy his image | Make fun of him
    • Magnify even simple faults in his life
    • Demonize him and show our superiority
    • Put girls in his life that we control
  • Eliminate him | Initiate legal action
    • Use his relations against him
    • The girls in his life will be under our control. Make them sue him for abuse
    • Sue him for being racist, anti-semite and inciting protests in the country

The guy is being sued for racism and anti-semitism ... he is also being sued by his own relations for abuse ... on top of that he is also physically sick and ailing. What do you get? A full fledged total elimination plan. The guy is failing in all aspects of his life. Who will trust you? Nobody will. And they just got their victory. How? By tweaking stuff around you.

This is their 3 fold plan ... towards complete elimination. Some politicians was expecting this to be done by January itself ... so that they can announce their Presidential bids by January 2015. Now, they are expecting it to be done by April 2015. 

Well ... firstly I got very frustrated with their 3 fold abuse coming to me from different directions. I was like ... what the hell ... I am supposed to help this country that I don’t even live in ... and I get nothing but abuse from their politicians? This work sucks, man. That too ... abuse in so many ways? Great ... this is just great. Sigh. And whenever these kind of thoughts occupy my mind ... immediately that dream comes to my mind ... where I was shown an endless line of Americans standing in a queue almost frozen in fear ... scared to make a move because of the powerful wild animals in their country. I am like ... so this is what happens in America? You talk on stuff that you are not supposed to ... then this is what they do to you? This is why Americans are silent ... when it comes to wars, weapon supplies and Israeli influence? 

Okay fine Big Guy ... I got your point. But what makes you think that I have what it takes to speak up on this? What do I have that can match these powerful companies and politicians? Can’t they just shoot me dead and call it a day? Then I have been told is that ... I have the Crew System with me. They will be your guardian angels. 

I had no idea how that was going to fall into place. Because, aren’t we going in circles here? Then I had to sit and break down the entire Crew System itself and its operations. And that led to brainstorming into a different direction. 

Yeah, yeah ... just because I talk about God ... it does not make me the Pope or a Prophet here. This is also another technique used to mislead the people and create a bad image for me by the malicious guys.