Let’s show the people who is the boss.

Let’s show the people who is the boss.

The American People loved my work ... they loved what I wrote and they loved what I showed them. In fact, the Crew Members themselves would be stunned at the stuff that I would show. They saw me as a trend, as a movement ... that a beautiful change is going to come and it will be for all our benefit. But the thing was ... I still used to reject the Crew’s involvement in my personal life. And this aspect was also indirectly publicized. At first, the Crew System held the authority ... they knew everything ... they were the All Powerful and All Knowing ... and the Crew Members could rely on them for everything. But when I came into the picture ... I started showing them stuff that they didn’t know. 

The reliance of the Crew Members started to waver ... should we support the Crew System or should we rely on the System Analyst? If the Crew System knows about everything then why didn’t they work on this till now? Is the Crew System associated with the bad guys or they just don’t know? These are the questions that started pondering the minds of many Crew Members and the general people. They liked me so much that they wanted to follow me in many aspects. They would listen to everything I would say and make changes according to that. They also saw that I reject the Crew’s involvement in my personal life ... and the people were like ... should we also reject the Crew’s involvement in our personal lives? And this would mean a major change in the Crew System itself. 

This was just step one and only God knows what all this guy will change? We have to get him under our control. We have to have influence over his work ... otherwise we ourselves don’t know what is going to happen. The Main Crew System saw an uncertain future as a threat. Everything he runs is “people based” ... people based ... people based ... and people love him. But the show that we run is “Crew based” ... everything is based upon the Crew’s involvement. What if this guy roots us out? Should we let this nobody from nowhere change our entire system ... only because he loves people? This is just ridiculous. 

And they sat there and came up with ideas of making fun of me, ridiculing me and abusing me. Let’s show him who is the boss ... let’s show the people who is the boss and who runs the show around here. And the American Crew System they came up with a long list of ways to abuse me ... just to make fun of me ... to send a message to the American people ... hey, see your System Analyst? He is under my authority. I decide what happens to him. If he is so smart that he can save the entire country ... then why can’t he save himself from me? I am the authority and I am the power here. Every time they abuse me ... this is the message that they send out to the American people.

Even then I continued my work and it brought me even more publicity. The Crew Members knew that I was being abused but even then I was helping them. This fact started building cracks in the Crew System. Some orders would be sent by the main System ... but by the time they were in the execution stage ... I would already be informed about everything. In fact, many a times the Crew Members would not let the orders get executed. They knew that my work for the people involved them, their children and their future as well. They loved me too.

I found myself to be in a weird position. I was like a rabbit who found an elephant in the jungle. And this elephant was standing in quick sand ... and he was sinking ... he was not able to move. Doesn’t matter what he did ... he could not come out of that quick sand. The rabbit starts telling the elephant how to get out of that quick sand. Of course the rabbit does not have the strength to pull the elephant out by himself ... but he could give instructions to the elephant on how to save himself. And the elephant was like ... heh, you are a little rabbit ... I can squish you under my feet in no time. You are a powerless creature ... you think you can save an elephant? The rabbit tells the elephant ... right now, your choice is to keep going under that quick sand and head towards destruction. I know you are powerful but whatever you are doing right now is not helping you. You listen to me and I can save you. 

That elephant is the 300 million people in quick sand ... all the people want the change ... but the head of the elephant is too proud to listen to me? This is what happened in the initial stages when the work started.