The Human Management System in America

The Human Management System in America

Now, you guys must be wondering ... if we have to fix America then why am I talking so much about the Crew? Why don’t I focus on the politics, oil companies and war contractors? Well, if you want to know what goes on in America then you need to know of all the working forces in America ... how they work, what they do ... in order to understand what people actually face in America. Then you will get a better picture of the measures that need to be taken to fix the system.

I mentioned about the Crew getting involved in food and drinks in your everyday life ... but that’s not the only thing that they get involved with. They get involved in your entire life.

  • Food and drinks. This is just the start. This is how they control the functioning of your body.
    • The organs of your body. Lol ... through the food and drinks drugs are provided to control the organs of your body. 
    • Brain. The main focus is the brain. Should we slow it down or clog it? 
    • Muscle. With a combination of drugs and radiations they control the muscle form and tone on your body. They can easily deplete any muscle from your body ... hands, legs, chest, stomach and so on.
    • Hair. With the control of nutrition in your food supply, they can either increase or decrease your hair.
    • Heart, lungs, liver. They can have similar impact on any organ of the body. They can either make it function well or they can weaken it down.
  • Radiations. Radiations are nothing but variation of electromagnetic fields (EMF) via common sources from everyday life. These EMFs can be available via old cables, electric equipment that use winding and coils like fans, coolers, ACs and so on. Once the drugs are in your body, these EMFs are used to activate those drugs or complement those drugs. 
    • Radiations can slow you down and make you sleepy or they can even wake you up. 
    • Radiations can shrink or deplete the muscle on your body or it can also improve the muscle on your body. With varying frequency and drugs they can be used in both ways.
    • Even your “neural networks” or brain cells can be affected using these EMF fields.
  • Job or Business. The food, drinks, radiations was only at the personal level. The Crew System is also able to impact your job or business. If you are working in a company then the Crew has access to your company’s hierarchy and you can be given a tough time at your work place. If you are running a business then they control your clients and they can control your cash flow. These are the pressure points used at the corporate level.
  • Friends and Family. Just like you are subject to these pressure points as a person so are your friends and family. They use your friends and family to convey the message to you. They can make your friends good to you or bad to you ... because your friend is also subject to the same control level. Today he will be good ... tomorrow he will be different. Today he will be your friend ... tomorrow he will run away from you. Why? Because he does not want his life to be torn apart just because of your friendship. 
  • Society. Your neighbors, the places you visit, shops, stores, clubs, sports ... all of these guys can be tweaked as well. They control your world ... starting from the very cell in your body to everything around you ... except God ... you always have the Big Guy with you. God, I love you sooo much.

These are the capabilities of the Crew System ... the human management network. If you speak to any member from the Crew System ... they will say ... we are just making him better. We are making him the best. Lol ... that was their stand while I was in America. I was like ... yeah right, I know myself very well and I suck right now. They had nothing to pressurize me with at that time ... no job, no business, no family, no friends and zero interaction with society. The only thing that I used to do was odd jobs to pay for college and expenses. They couldn’t take that away ... so, the only thing that was left as target was my body. They used to sit around playing with this every day via food, drinks and radiations.

They used to make a note of everything that I used ... every store I went to and every product that I used ... and then they used to skew it. Their objective was to take away what he likes and make his life miserable. He will apologize, beg for forgiveness and do as I say ... that is what they wanted. I was like ... yeah right ... you see this finger ... I have two of them. Lol. 

Obviously, they did not like my response. They used to tweak my food items in such a way ... that sometimes it would slow you down ... sometimes it would make you sleepy and drowsy ... sometimes it would deplete nutrients from my body. Simple everyday products would do weird things to my body. Sometimes when we would talk casually ... I would tell them ... just normalize what you have done. I don’t want your “enhanced performance” ... I am pretty good as I am ... just make it normal. They would mock me saying ... ow, our Sam wants “everything” ... he wants his food to be normal ... he wants his body to be normal ... that is just so selfish. I was like ... these Americans are such pigs. I regretted even asking them something. 

The Crew was playing hard on me then ... but actually they were struggling to find a role in my life. They wanted to be involved in some way or the other with me ... so that the Crew being with me is justified. I did not have any high ambitions ... I had cancelled all my commercial projects. There was no way that the Crew could justify that it provided a helping hand. So, there was a lot of pressure on them. 

This was the phase with the Crew about 7 years ago. Why I am mentioning this now is ... let us say you want one American to speak up against its system ... especially on the topic of wars and Israel. Now, imagine that guy’s life being torn apart ... right from abuse to his body ... to giving him a tough time at his work place ... threatening his business ... to his entire social life. His existence in America can be made a total hell. Whoever this guy might be ... a businessman, a politician or a celebrity ... all the above activities can be easily carried out in America. 

Now, do you understand why there is a weird cold silence in America against wars and Israel? Why no major politician or celebrity or anyone speaks up against these wars and the spending on these wars?