Barack Obama's Legacy


Barack Obama's Legacy

Obama is worried about his legacy. I was President for 8 years ... what are people going to think of me? How am I going to be remembered? Well, you are a good soul ... that's what brought this thought in your mind. If George Bush had got this thought then he would not do what he did.

Yes, yes ... I promised great change for America that would make Obama one of the best leaders of our time. I remember promising that during his re-election bid. Now, Obama is worried that he is losing ground below his feet ... he has lost control of both houses. Obama looks to me and says ... where is your promise? Time is running out.

Yes I made that promise ... but dear Obama ... I also asked for "access to the media". If you listen to what you are going to get and turn a deaf ear to what I want ... then tell me, how will things fall into place? You need both of your hands to clap ... yes, you can try to clap with only one hand ... and that's what you have been doing ... and you know very well how it is going. Put both the hands in action ... and you will clap and dance all the way to glory.

You in your next two years of Presidency ... and for a long time even after that.