Want to know what goes on in my head?

Want to know what goes on in my head?

This is what your technology is all about, isn’t it? Trying to know and control what goes on in my head ... hehe ... let me help you out ... to make things easy. I think ordinary human beings can handle 3 types of activities every day. 

  • Job or Business. Most of us go to work or run a business every day. They work from 8 hours a day to 14 or more hours per day.
  • Friends and Family. After work they spend time with family and friends for about 4-6 hours or more every day.
  • Charity and welfare. Some of us like to give back. They attach themselves to a charity or they directly contribute themselves. They may spend a few hours in a month or a few hours per day on this.

This is what a regular human mind handles every day successfully. Doing one job or two jobs or three jobs a day ... does not count as separate activities. It is the activation of almost the same neural networks and emotions of commercial activity. Now, let us say ... your life is under threat because of some reason ... now, look at the above 3 activities. Would you be able to perform the same in your job or business? Would your behavior and concern for your friends and family be the same? Would you even think of charity and welfare while your life is under threat?

Now, I will help you step into my shoes. These are my daily activities.

  1. Business. I run a small business to pay for expenses.
  2. Crew’s involvement in food and drinks. While setting up my business, the Crew got involved. We had an argument and they started tweaking my food and drinks. Every day when I buy something ... I think what it is going to do to me. Is it going to make me slow? Will it clog my networks ... will it affect my memory?
  3. Welfare. I got involved in some welfare activities. I analyze systems and show the flaws in the system in order to fix the system. For this I keep a daily track of events happening around the world and so on. 
  4. Death threats. While working on this welfare activity ... the work became kind of risky. Because the faults in the system started pointing at the most powerful politicians and companies out there. Worrying what they would do and the steps that they might take became a daily concern ... not a day goes by when I don’t think about this.
  5. Crew System’s pull and push. With already what I am having to handle every day ... some Crew Systems are setting up plans to pull me into their area and their plans. They are coming up with very well laid plans to make this happen. 

I need the first activity to support myself. The second activity of the Crew became positive to a great extent with time ... so that is not a major worry nowadays. Welfare ... this is something that I cannot stop ... it has become the reason for my existence now. And yeah ... the death threat and risk in the work is quite concerning. It has affected many things in my life. The fifth activity is not something that I can handle.

During my stay at House No.12 ... a fifth activity came into picture. The last thing in the world I would want is someone getting hurt because of me. And the guys at No.12 were running a setup ... a very silly setup to pull me back to Delhi. I was like ... man, if the American Crew comes to know about this ... they will thrash these guys real bad. So now, instead of continuing on my welfare work ... I am putting my efforts in saving the guys who were setting me up. Lol ... page, after page, after page ... I wrote more than 100 pages to save those idiots. 

I was not able to handle the 5th activity at all. I handled it but it compromised my work on the welfare front. Moreover, it shows a lack of understanding among the Crew Systems. One team wants me here ... one team wants me there ... another team wants me elsewhere ... why are you guys divided? You guys have to unite and work together ... and focus on the main tasks that are being put forward ... contribute in that. Why are you coming up with your own agendas and plans?

To the extent that I was shown a dream about this setup ... a line of prostitutes ... a setup designed to derail me from my work and hurt me ... “break my legs” to be specific. I thought it was an alert against prostitutes and paid sex ... but I worked in some companies and girls were involved in paid sex over there. Many girls who approached my company were involved in paid sex. But I never got a dream alerting me about them ... because those girls were not associated with a plan to hurt me and derail me from my work. They were just regular girls who do what they do. That was the main emphasis of the dream ... there is a setup to “hurt you and derail you” from your work. 

It saddened me in a way ... because this was the first dream that I got “against” the Crew Network. I used to look up many a times asking God ... why are these guys in my life ... what should I do with them ... do you want me to fight with them? There would never be a response ... after a very long time ... the one response I got was ... the Crew was shown as a Lion sitting next to me ... like a pet ... guarding me, protecting me and working with me ... listening to everything that I say ... going into the field and working on it using their own tools and know how. I was totally surprised with this dream ... but gradually I began to see it and I believed it.

There were two things told to me using this dream. If you fight with the Crew ... they will crush you like a Lion against a bare handed man. Well, congratulations to all Crew members who think that this is a fight between me and Crew ... you have already won ... by virtue of who you are. It’s a God declared victory. Lol ... yeah, you can defeat me and take me down anytime you want in many aspects of my life. The second thing that is shown to me is that ... you will depend upon me in order to know what has to be done out there. You would always be attentively listening to everything that I say ... work on it in the field and then come back to me and say ... whose next? That’s a small advantage that the Big Guy has given to me over you. 

A pet-owner relationship is shown ... you don’t hate your pets ... you don’t dislike the presence of your pets. The pet likes you and you like your pet. I was told to stop disliking you and start liking you ... and work with you.

And if you see even the Stallone dream ... it was not the Crew who attacked me. The American Crew did the best that they could for me ... the cannibals attacked me. The cannibals represented the politicians and corporate interests. The dream with the cross and radiations ... you did not know what you were doing. If I screen through all the dreams ... in none of the dreams the Crew has been shown in negative light. This is the first dream. 

I can’t have every day when I get up ... my mind pouncing in 5 different directions. It is practically not possible. And it is totally unreasonable that a System that is supposed to work with me ... it is trying to hurt me and derail me from my work. It is happening only because of the division of interests among the Crew Systems. My projects are global ... they affect many countries ... I need all of you to work as one. Which is why ... my lovely American Crew ... kindly take the lead ... and “you” unite them.