One Request Don’t plan for me but work with me

One Request – Don’t plan for me but work with me

One simple humble request to all Crew Systems ... it might be American, British, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian or whichever ... please don’t plan for me but work with me. This is a major obstacle that I face from Crew Systems. They listen to a few things that I say ... and then their mind starts ticking ... we can do this and we can do that ... no, no, let us do it this way, this way is better ... and bingo! There is a plan for me. Lol ... it happens all the time ... all the time.

The most important point that Crew Systems make is that ... we can do this better ... he can be better with us. It’s true to some extent but that extent is very limiting ... from my view that is. Let me give you some examples. 

Example one ... aww, he is all alone. He misses his family ... he loves children ... let’s get him a wife and kid. It has been 10 years ... to some extent we are responsible for him being like this ... let’s get him a wife and kid. I am like ... aww, that is so generous ... how thoughtful of you. You take away 10 years of my life and come to me with this ... after stopping me from my works that could have made me millions. How about $100 Million in my account? I miss that too. How about $200 Million for a nice house? Lol ... I miss having a nice house as well. How about $500 Million to revamp a few cities in Africa? I miss my work in Africa as well. Lol ... what’s with the emphasis with “the wife and kid”?

Is this about “helping” me or just putting one of your members in my life for better management and control over my life? Did I ask for your help in this aspect? Do you think I would like to bring a child into this life of mine that it is now? Do you think “this” is what I want to share with my child? That I am running around with two suitcases from country to country to save my life not knowing what will happen? Do you think I would like my son to inherit this petty business of online marketing that I am doing right now? Do you think this is the life and business that I would like to give to my family?

Example two ... he can be a great leader ... we can make him a politician ... he has the potential of being the President. I am like ... aaahhh Jesus, save me ... save me now. The main thing that is wrong with most countries are the politicians and you want me to be one of them? Let alone the politicians ... the political system itself has to be changed. Being President might be fancy for you ... not for me ... it’s yuck. It’s a yucky job that involves sucking up to a lot of people. Moreover, you are constrained to just one country ... you never get the time for other countries. What am I supposed to do with Africa while I am being the President for a fancy country of yours? I don’t work with countries ... I work with continents ... I work with billions of people ... that’s the stuff that I like. One life on this tiny planet and then it is gonna be over for good ... what’s life if I spent it being constrained to just one country? That is slavery for me.

Both the examples if you see ... they are about Crew Systems owning me and locking me to a particular location. The intention is good to help me in one task at one location ... but it is terribly constraining to what I want to do. I know you want to walk in with your powers and connections and so on ... you can help out. I understand ... that is good ... that is good for your own people and your next generations to come ... it will help us all. You are not just helping me but you are helping things become better for everybody.

It’s not that I am avoiding any country. Hmmm ... it’s like the sun that has access to every country every day. It sees you every day and helps you out every day ... it is something like that. It is not personally there in every country ... but its light reaches in every country. I would like to do something like that ... I would constantly be in touch with you every day and help you out with the issues that I can help you with. But my request is ... don’t hold me in one place such that it will deprive others that can benefit from me. Just because I am not there personally with you ... don’t think that I am not there ... I am there with you, to the extent that I can be.

You have no idea how much time and energy it will save for me every day if I don’t have to think of these Crew plans that are designed to lock me into a particular location. One Crew wants me in Washington ... one Crew wants me in Delhi ... one team wishes if I could stay in Malaysia ... and it goes on and on. It is a total fiasco out there. The first thing that I tell myself when I enter a new country is ... look for all the moves that they can make to lock you down here. Lol ... trust me ... it would be such a relief if all of you could come to an understanding on this. This is how I want to be ... this is what I want to do in life ... that is, with whatever years I have with me.

American Crew System ... I am making you in charge of this since you are the official Crew System that I chose to belong to. You are responsible to look after this ... if any Crew System does malice in this regard ... I am gonna hold you responsible. You claim to be the most powerful Crew System ... okay fine, make use of your skills. And yes, you cannot try to lock me down in Washington either. 

As far as the other Crew Systems are concerned ... you know that the American Crew System cannot do many tasks on its own. We need to work together. All of your help is equally required. 


This is the stuff that I had planned even before coming to America. Here’s the thing ... if you look at Africa, there is a lack of resources ... both natural and material. If you look at Asia ... there is a lack of knowledge and technology. Probably the Big Guy said ... you know about Africa even before going to Africa ... you know about Asia ... now let us see, if you can figure out America. Go to America and check it out. Lol ... and the stuff that I saw there ... it was simply shocking. I was like ... how can a country run with so many systems of exploitation put into place? And when I check the stats ... yeah, the country is not running ... it is sinking ... by the trillions. What is amazing is that ... Africa lacks in resources ... Asia lacks in knowledge and technology ... but you have everything ... even then you are sinking.

You are sinking so rapidly because of “the systems of exploitation” put into place in your countries. Other continents have mere natural progress that has yet to be made ... it is very easy to help them out. But what you have is “enforced flaws” put into place ... by the very same people that run your country. However, I don’t want to get into too much detail about this ... it requires an entire chapter. 

Because you guys have this unique problem occurring mainly in the Western developed countries ... I thought okay ... let’s help you out. The problems that I saw in Africa and Asia was via mere instinct ... but for the elements that are active in your country ... I was helped with a few dreams as well. It is because of these dreams that I assume ... that the Big Guy wants me to work on your issues. This is the main reason why I give you priority. Because the Big Guy is concerned about you and He wants me to help you.

Now, since I am giving you the priority ... I am requesting for this simple favor ... please try and stop these pull and push games from whichever Crew System that gets involved. I don’t want to be bothering about ownership issues.  I know you guys come up with the best offers that you can think of. When I was working on setting up a business ... you guys came and said ... hey, work with me ... I will make you the corporate face of a billion dollar company. When I talk about politics ... you guys come and say ... hey, I can make you a politician. If I had followed your advice in the initial stage ... I would be nothing but a corporate face of a company. We would never be doing all of this work at all. We would be running one company ... in one corner of the world ... benefiting a few thousand people. Period ... game over. And that would have been a terrible tragedy.

There are so many things out there that you don’t know about. I will tell you. Maybe you know a few things ... but you did not find the tools to work on them. I will show you how to get it done. Let us first accomplish something on the American Project first ... once things start moving here and we are in safe zone. I will show you some wonderful projects involving Africa, Asia, Latin America ... these projects are easy, beautiful and splendid. You will love working on them. 

And by the way ... "not planning" only refers to deviating from the work or instructing me to do this and that based upon a new plan from your end. But you can of course plan in the direction that we are working on. Plan strategies, plan moves, use your resources and people to accomplish tasks as per the direction shown. That is okay.