Saturday, November 13, 2010
Created: 25 February 2011
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Sam takes a piece of paper and makes some sketches. Puts one paper in front of the others on the table …

Sam: Here … these are the factors that benefit the contractors. It helps them get what they want. Now, the whole world is seeing who is delivering these factors “for them”. The major psychological factors like fear, hate and friction are promoted by the politicians. What we are seeing is a show run by the richest (contractors) and the most powerful (politicians).

Puts another sketch in front of them …

Delivery of Factors to the People

The contractors control the most powerful seats in your country. And these politicians will go out there and read whatever script is put in front of them … they will present the events in the media however they have been asked to … creating the aura of fear and insecurity among the people. Here … only two entities are connected to the media … the politicians and the people … the contractors have a shady role … always out of the media. And it is their work that has to be exposed to the media.

The contractors play both the roles from the background … running the politicians … running the media of fear and insecurity … at the same time … carryout disturbances in the lives of the people. If war on danger is a coin … whose one side is ‘war’ and the other side is ‘danger’ … then these guys are playing both the sides of the coin. All the contracts of war go in their pockets … as well as repetitive disturbances to keep danger present all the time is also carried out by them.

He puts another paper in front of them. Here are the differences between the Contractors and the guys are blamed for the disturbances. And if you observe these politics … the guys who are blamed will always be from a very rich oil country or some group of people from that oil rich country. Hey, those are the guys from the mountains who did this … let’s see the differences between the two. You will come to know who is actually capable of doing it and who would have actually done it.

If you see these contractors … they have been working with your government for like a generation … owing to the profile of their contracts, they have connections with the top politicians of your country. And these guys in the mountains … they live on the other side of the ocean with absolutely no connection to your politicians.

These contractors have resources by the billions … you can right now pull up their bank accounts and you will come to know. Comparatively the resources of these guys in the mountains are meager. The contractors are living in your country … have a very good connection with the key people … they have very good access to government buildings and security systems. But if you compare their access to people and places … the guys who are blamed for it … it’s more like an expedition for them. The contractors have very, very good media contacts … because the way the story is run in the media … it is always in their favor.

Lastly, a disturbance … this fear … who is going to benefit more … who would be the direct beneficiary of this concept … that too by the billions every month! The contractors or the guys who are blamed for it?!

Sweet hearts … they are killing your own people … in your own land … in your own cities.
Take for example any major disturbance … it might be the buildings, railways or any other. All these are super secure government buildings and public places. Who do you think knows these buildings better … who do you think have better access?

All these buildings are so super secure with cameras setup everywhere … but after the disturbance … there is not a single video footage or a photo of the actual “person” at the crime scene. So many disturbances … of such large scale … in such secure places … but no footage or photo of the person. Now, who do you think is capable of keeping the entire security system clean for his act … absolutely no proof of his work done in all the sites.

The only proof that these guys … the politicians give us is … “a post on the website”. So and so group from the other side of the ocean has “claimed responsibility”. Dude … that’s the proof you want us to believe in … anyone can post that.