Saturday, May 29, 2010
Created: 24 February 2011
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Crew01: What can we do to help here? What do you want us to do?

Jack: Take a few of your business analysts and let’s work the numbers here … so that you can realize the magnitude of the problem. First assess Hydia … how the industries work in Hydia … what the policies involved in Hydia. For example … you can’t sell your car in this country. Because “car” is something that we make on our own. And we don’t allow foreign cars “free” entry in our country. You might think that it is being protective and no free trade and bla bla bla but the most important advantages that come with these policies are that … the jobs of the people are secured. A guy doing his Automobile Engineering knows that there is huge industry out there and a job is waiting for him. Our manufacturers know that there is a huge clientele out there who is going to purchase his products … there are no international cheaper products … lower quality cars that are going to spoil the quality in the market. And most importantly the billions of revenue that this market generates revolves within the country … maintaining a cycle of secure jobs for thousands and the possibility of qualitative production of the products. We have a healthy positive competitive market that competes in providing better quality for a lower price. Let alone a car … even if you buy a shoe … there are companies that will give you a guarantee from 1 year upto 5 years for the sole of the shoe. Other products like watches or television sets or refrigerators have much better guarantee plans. Now take a look at your market … the quality, the products … are they generating any jobs for you, no. Take your analysts … and study each industry … study each product. Analyze how much of that product is imported … how much people are spending on that … how many jobs it can create within your own country. If you work on this closely … you will find hundreds and hundreds of products … the volume that is being spent on those products will mass up in “trillions” per annum … not billions but in “trillions”. This war and the amount that is spent on it is just the tip of the iceberg. Your “major” … major, major is this one. You see this phone in my hand … if I bring the production of this phone in your country … it will generate more than 500,000 jobs and billions in revenue that will be circulated within your economy … providing your people with a secure job as well as a quality product in their lives. If just one product can do this much … then imagine what can hundreds of key products can do for you. Benlamb knows this … this is why he mentioned this issue is almost every city he campaigned … about how your industries have been shipped out.

Crew02: But this is how the things are … this is the way we get our products now.

Jack: You are facing so many problems even though being the most powerful nation in the world … because the way things are. You have a terrible economy … because the way things are. You have low quality cheap products in your market … because the way things are. You guys don’t have secure jobs … because the way things are. Are we just going to go on and on and on … doing the same thing we are doing … and expect a different result??? C’mon!

Crew03: He is right.

Jack: Who is suffering here … cheap and low quality products … people are suffering … no jobs … people are suffering. The only people who are benefiting in this are the companies … for whom these policies have been created. And these guys don’t care about us … they don’t give a shit about us. Now is the time … where we revise our policies … restructure our system and put our people first. We put the people first and do what benefits them first. It requires getting our industries back … it requires our companies to make lesser profits … but make more quality products. And this cannot be done when the government is working for the companies … when the government is a corporate puppet show. The government needs to come back to working for the people … introducing policies that benefits the people first. And this aint no easy job.

Crew01: I have no idea how we landed in all this mess in the first place … how did we get so trashed?

Jack: Patterns sweet heart … patterns. Study the patterns and you know the culprits. I will show you how.