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Corporate Rule in America

Corporate Rule in America

$1 Trillion Debt Per Year
20 Million People Unemployed
Half a Dozen Cities Bankrupt

When Bush left office the debt was $10 Trillion but the expenditure on wars was only $1 Trillion. Where did the remaining $9 Trillion debt come from? We were going in debt by $1 Trillion per year during Bush itself. Why didnt we talk about debt during Bush? Because we were at war with Iraq. The Iraq War was only a "deviation" from the bad economic policies in the country that favor corporate interest.


Why Right Now?
Why Right Now?

Why Right Now?

With this worse situation at hand ... the only thing they have done is ... work on health care, immigration, gay marraige and abortion. None of them have anything to do with jobs and economy. Tell me, what on earth has "abortion" got to do with jobs and economy?

They have not touched the economic policies because they affect the cash flow of the corporate segment. Instead of fixing these issues, they are going after Syria and Iran. A war with Iran is holding Americans hostage in their crisis for another 8 years.

Who is the Victim?
Who is the Victim?

Who is the Victim?

In Libya & Syria we had protestors whom we could fund and arm to get regime change. But in Iran there are no protestors. Thus the introduction of Al Qaeda and Radical Islam again in the media.

These are the same Politics for Fear and War of George W Bush. Last time the target was Iraq. This time the target will be Iran. With already $16 Trillion debt, 20 Million people unemployed and half a dozen cities bankrupt ... only God knows the worse situation that we will be in after 8 years of war with Iran.

What Should We Do?
What should we do?

What should we do?

Thank God Obama is not a war monger. Every candidate on the Republican Party was bent on taking military action to stop Iran's Nuclear Program and so is Hillary Clinton. She went for Iran Nuclear Program, war with Libya and Syria. She is a war monger. If she wins the Democratic Party's ticket then it is going to be a nightmare. She will go after Iran with an Executive Order.

However, we still have 2 years of time before this monstrosity begins. Read more ...


How You Can Help
How you can help

How you can help

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If there are some miscreants who are armed and are killing people ... whether it be policemen, soldiers, or common people ... whoever they are killing they should be stopped.

The priority of any government should be to "disarm" anti-social elements who are killing other people. This is what is carried out under normal circumstances and it should be followed under all circumstances.

The scenarios we are seeing right now are violent actions of some groups, taking the law in their own hands, killing people (which is not at all mentioned in the media) ... creating chaos and disturbance in the city ... which is totally unacceptable for "normal" life to resume in the city.

If the people have to protest or say anything or want any reforms ... it should be done in a totally peaceful manner ... not by killing hundreds of soldiers.

Each and every country should support this approach of handling changes and reforms without violence from either side. The government itself should "disarm" all the miscreants and maintain the country in a peaceful atmosphere. And everyone should help in that approach and take efforts in that direction.

The last thing that should be done is ... go ahead and bomb the government ... kill all their soldiers ... destroy the entire country's military capacity ... in the process kill thousands of people and render millions of them homeless. This should never be done.

Coz this is a very easy formula some people have ... create disturbances, kill people, create chaos ... and when the government takes action to bring the city back to normal ... hello! lets bomb the government now. That's no god damn solution.

Tyria bad ass ... Tyria bad ass ... Tyria bad ass. That's all they are going to run in the media ... only to get an approval to get to bomb it.

Look at what they run in the media ... look whose sides they take ... look at what they want to do and look at their targets ... nice fat sheep with a lot of wool.

Cant you clearly see the running of media, politicians and money making all together.

One common thing you will see in their show is that ... whoever they want to take "action" against ... whichever country they are running the media against ... is not a current Mican ally.

Mican ally ... more precisely meaning ... the Mican companies dont get business from that country. Dont take my word for it ... do your research and fact finding. All these countries have the same thing in common Ruka, Runa, Tibby and Tyria ... they were not Mican allies ... they dont give business to Mica ... well, we all have seen what they have done to Ruka and Tibby. We know their approach to Runa.

The easy way to get business is not by taking your laptop and conducting a presentation ... but just bomb it and take whatever you want.

To bomb it ... you need a reason ... well, you know ... bombing is not a nice thing to do ... to get a reason to bomb some cities ... thats also quite difficult to get. Observe their media and see how they work it up.

These are the features you will see:

  • Totally biased ... everything will be negative about their current or to be victim
  • Pump it up ... see how they pump it up and blow up things out of proportion to justify their act of bombing or bombing proposal (Ruka ... dangerous weapons ... where are they. Tibby ... bloodbath ... where and when did it happen)
  • Nothing nice about their victims is said ... okay if they took some action on their people, what is the reason?
  • the activities of the miscreants is totally covered and censored ... there are guys with guns and killing people and soldiers ... are those activities covered in the media? Why are you covering for them? You cover for them as if they are your own men? Are they your men that are doing this stuff?
  • and most importantly ... the only solution for the problem is ... to bomb them and take over their country ... thats the solution