Revolutionize America
Corporate Rule in America

Corporate Rule in America

$1 Trillion Debt Per Year
20 Million People Unemployed
Half a Dozen Cities Bankrupt

When Bush left office the debt was $10 Trillion but the expenditure on wars was only $1 Trillion. Where did the remaining $9 Trillion debt come from? We were going in debt by $1 Trillion per year during Bush itself. Why didnt we talk about debt during Bush? Because we were at war with Iraq. The Iraq War was only a "deviation" from the bad economic policies in the country that favor corporate interest.


Why Right Now?
Why Right Now?

Why Right Now?

With this worse situation at hand ... the only thing they have done is ... work on health care, immigration, gay marraige and abortion. None of them have anything to do with jobs and economy. Tell me, what on earth has "abortion" got to do with jobs and economy?

They have not touched the economic policies because they affect the cash flow of the corporate segment. Instead of fixing these issues, they are going after Syria and Iran. A war with Iran is holding Americans hostage in their crisis for another 8 years.

Who is the Victim?
Who is the Victim?

Who is the Victim?

In Libya & Syria we had protestors whom we could fund and arm to get regime change. But in Iran there are no protestors. Thus the introduction of Al Qaeda and Radical Islam again in the media.

These are the same Politics for Fear and War of George W Bush. Last time the target was Iraq. This time the target will be Iran. With already $16 Trillion debt, 20 Million people unemployed and half a dozen cities bankrupt ... only God knows the worse situation that we will be in after 8 years of war with Iran.

What Should We Do?
What should we do?

What should we do?

Thank God Obama is not a war monger. Every candidate on the Republican Party was bent on taking military action to stop Iran's Nuclear Program and so is Hillary Clinton. She went for Iran Nuclear Program, war with Libya and Syria. She is a war monger. If she wins the Democratic Party's ticket then it is going to be a nightmare. She will go after Iran with an Executive Order.

However, we still have 2 years of time before this monstrosity begins. Read more ...


How You Can Help
How you can help

How you can help

Ah! Its simple. All we need you to do is share. Share the content on this site with your friends on Social Networks and help us unifying the people in our cause. This will help everybody to be on the same page.

We are targeting to reach One Million Americans Every Month. You can donate, volunteer, help with networking, telecalling and blogging.



No Date 03

Sam: So what are you guys mad about now? How much are you going to trouble a guy who cannot protect himself … you must feel like a great hero. Congratulations.

Crew01: Yes, we were annoyed with the fact that you avoid even talking to us after you got what you wanted.

Sam: I got what I wanted? Now listen to me … loud and clear … I work day and night to get what I want. Your daily involvement in the little things of my life are not only annoying but also embarrassing for me. I am not trying to do wonders here. I am doing simple things that every Tom, Dick and Harry can do. Your involvement is not only unwelcome but totally disturbing for me. You got my loans screwed up and now I am relying on favors from others to make ends meet here. If I cannot get something on my own then so be it. I will work on something else that I can get on my own. Pls simply stop getting involved in my life.

Crew01: Sorry man … we were just trying to help.

Sam: Apology accepted.

Crew03: You are a user. You used us.

Sam: I see … so which is the colossal & complicated project I am doing that I need your divine intervention.

Crew03: Lol.

Sam: Maybe I have used you and your ideas to make a few 100 million and then disregarded you.

Crew03: Nope.

Sam: Or I have used you to get funds into my company and expand it to have about a 100 employees.

Crew02: He is right 03. Shut up and cut the crap.

Sam: You know very well who the user is. Leave your past behind where it belongs. I have told you guys dozens of times in every way I could communicate, I want you out of my life. I am least interested in you people.

Crew03: O yeah, if you don’t like us so much. Take a swing, I am standing right here in front of you.

Sam: J weird. Damaging your physique will not change your soul. Moreover, people who tend to get physical are generally intolerant and show a lack of reasoning to be able to make a change with intelligent argument.

Crew02: 03, whoever told you that hurting someone physically was a blessing. Lol.

Crew01: Yes, a horse will carry your weight and help you out. A dog will do your chores and help you out. But have ever heard of any animal reasoning with you intelligently to make you better? Only humans are blessed with this gift and it is GOD’s method to change a man with reasoning. That is why you have all the big holy books. What do they contain, nothing but reasoning to change a man for the better. The most influential people in the history of mankind were prophets who made a change with love and reasoning.

Crew02: To be able to hurt someone is not a thing to be proud of coz a broken piece of glass also has the capability to hurt you. Leave out other animate beings around you.

Crew02: Sam don’t mind this guy’s imaginary crap that doesn’t exist. If he can’t get any real fault with a person then he will makeup some imaginary stuff that doesn’t exist.

Crew03: You are a liar.

Sam: Yes, and I am a hypocrite and I am gay … lol … lol. You don’t stop at anything do you.
Everyone laughs.

Sam: What do I have to get from you guys that I would stoop down to lying. And I am not gay, I am a lesbian. Lol. Jesus.

Crew03: How did you come to know that we portray you as a hypocrite?

Sam: Never mind that but that is one of the most hurtful things that you guys have ever done. You made me feel so hollow and deceitful. Why, why would you do that? What has gotten into you?

Crew03: Then why do you visit the Church.

Sam: Firstly, it is none of your business and I don’t need your permission for that …

Crew02: Coz he wants to learn why they do missionary work.

Sam: That is old … I know about it more than enough now. Jews, Christians and Muslims follow the Word of the same God. Christianity and Judaism most closely resemble Islam than any other religion. It is just that the Jews don’t accept Jesus as the messenger and son of God and the Christians don’t accept Mohammed (pbuh) as the messenger of God. When you study or learn anything about Judaism or Christianity, you learn what was the word of God several hundred years before Islam.

Crew02: Yes and you know what was common and what were the changes that came with other religions with time.

Sam: Exactly, for example the drinking of wine, it was allowed for the Jews and Christians but systematically disallowed for Muslims.

Crew03: Ow I thought you didn’t like Christians.

Sam: I don’t like you (the Crew), you son of a gun. Why shouldn’t I like someone who obeys to the word of the same God that created me.

Crew02: Guilty, guilty, we plead guilty.

Sam: Good, at least you have the guts to be honest.

Crew01: Sam … we were just testing you man.

Sam: O so, you set me up. It was a long setup man.

Crew02: You must be tired.

Sam: Tired, frustrated and exhausted.

Crew03: We are sorry about that Sam.

Sam: Actually … there is so much stuff I realized that I could do on my own. And not requiring much of your involvement at all. You helped me realize that, thanks.

Crew02: Yes Sam and we realized that everyone is not the same. You can go on your own now. We wish you good luck.

Sam: Thank you gentlemen, thank you very much. I love you for cooperating with me.

Crew01: Could there be any chance that you work with us any time in the future.

Sam: Don’t you think we are too different to be able to agree on something and work on it together.

Crew02: Sam, if you work with us we have a beautiful plan for you.

Sam: If you guys have the plan, the resources and can make it happen, why don’t you guys just pick any other guy among the thousands available there and go ahead. You make your own contribution and I will do my mine.

Crew01: We can pay you in millions to work with us.

Sam: Sweet heart, charity is not welcome.

Crew03: We can give you everything that money can buy, anything that you want.

Sam: I will not be judged for what others did for me.

Crew02: We can improve your body via the best cosmetic surgeons to be one of the most handsome figures.

Sam: Thank you very much, I am satisfied by the way God has created me.

Crew01: We will …

Sam: Ah, cut it out. What’s wrong with you guys? What you should realize is that it is not going to happen. If it had to and it was the right thing to happen then 3years is a pretty much long time and it should have happened. We just don’t click. The main regret is that so much time has been wasted. Now I am trying to work out something simple and beautiful and I don’t want you guys to screw it up again.

Crew02: Do you even know what we have planned for you?

Sam: Lol. You are dealing with only one location. Not good enough, not interested. Do you know what I have planned?

Crew03: No.

Sam: Then pick your bag of excessive power and capabilities and keep walking.

Crew03: Listen to your heart Sam. We will help you with what you want to do most.

Sam: You always have an excuse not to let me do what I want to do. And I am listening to my heart and doing exactly what it wants me to.

Crew03: We can make you so sick; you will have to leave your work in-between.

Sam: Screw yourself. I will never give-up and I will never give-in. I told you guys in the beginning itself, you have got the wrong person. If I want to do something I will work on it day and night and if I am not comfortable with something, it is not going to happen.

Crew01: okay okay … I don’t think we are reaching anywhere, we will catch-up later.

Sam: That is something we can both agree on. Cya later … take care.

Crew01: Cya Sam.

The crew walks away and talk among themselves.