Wild Animals Controlling People

Wild Animals Controlling People

Working with the Crew ... or being the Crew ... I understood who they are ... what they could do ... their limitations ... and the forces that are active in America. This is exactly what the last 10 years have delivered to me ... the main problems in America and the forces that are active in America. In fact, I got a dream even before I stepped into America about this. I will tell you about it in brief ... you can read it in detail on my website. I am standing on a hill in a public park ... there are wild animals in the park of unusually huge size ... like 5 times bigger than their normal size. And these animals are walking around in the park ... and the people are standing in a queue as if they are going somewhere ... like a long caravan. The queue of the people would be as far as I could see ... but the unusual part was that ... the people were almost frozen ... most of them were standing still ... scared and looking at the wild animals ... as if afraid what they might do. Just a few of them would be moving very slowly and cautiously to where they wanted to go. And these wild animals ... they would not pounce on the people or kill them ... there was no blood anywhere ... they would casually walk around but the way they would look at the people as if ... they knew everything about the people and they had all the people under their control. 

When I saw this dream ... I had absolutely no idea what it meant. I was like ... what is that ... what did I just see? And I could not connect it with anything around me at that time. I just didn’t understand what it meant. But when I stepped in America ... things started revealing themselves. Firstly I had the American Crew System ... showing off ... boasting all the time about itself ... showing me how much power they have and the control they have ... the reach they have and how they could control any person in America that they wanted. Well, their objective was to impress me and pull me into their system ... but what they were doing is showing me the elements of the dream that I had seen. 

I was like ... okay, so this is what happens here, huh? There is something like a “human network” that controls the people. And this system is spread throughout most of the city. Some parts of the dream matched the behavior and powers of the Crew System. But what I did not understand was that ... the Crew System loved people. They were helping the people ... making them better and being the pillar of strength in their lives ... and the people actually liked that. But the dream was saying that the people were “scared” of these wild animals. The Crew System shows its behaviors but it’s not the Crew System that they are afraid of ... then who are these wild animals? I did not get that.

Later on ... I thought ... let’s just start talking to these guys. They are so much interested ... they need the help ... so, why not? Let’s help them out. So, I started talking about the issues of their country, oil companies, war contractors and so on ... and they were like ... ssshhhhh, please don’t talk about this. Be silent otherwise trouble may come along. And here is where I understood who these animals were ... the oil companies, war contractors, weapon manufacturers and Israeli politics. These are the animals who are unusually huge in the West and people are afraid to speak against them.

At first, I thought even the Crew System is one of the animals but their incompetence and lack of capability to perform on any of the given tasks ... pretty much shows that they are at the people’s level. If the Crew was also a huge animal then it could just take down other half a dozen animals ... and the job would be over. But it cannot because it is not a huge animal on its own. The Crew System is not one entity ... it is a network ... as a network it is huge ... but it is not one entity like these other animals. For example ... the oil companies or war contractors ... they are one group with defined objectives and specifics. Their work and the use of their powers is well defined to cater to their exact group. Whereas, if you look at the Crew System ... it becomes a totally different entity when its work and use of powers is concerned.

However, I will show you how to analyze, define and execute what needs to be done. Yes, I know that you suggested me to work from Russia. It’s a good advice ... it is more of a safety concern. But now I am in Indonesia and Malaysia ... these are Muslim countries ... they understand Israeli politics very well. I think safety concerns have been addressed to a great extent. For example, my last visit to Malaysia was excellent. They took care of everything ... right from food items to behaviors ... up to 90% of things were very well taken care of. Just sometimes a few things were skewed ... but they made sure that I was informed about it. The system out there performed very well. It’s a job well done.

The second thing is that ... working from Russia could be a safety measure ... but it is not the solution. I want every American to stand up question, reason and want solutions what is best for the people. If I myself have to go Russia for freedom of speech and be safe from these animals that control the system ... then what am I telling to all the Americans? All of you please come to Russia for freedom of speech? 

It’s not that I won’t go to Russia. I will if I want to. But what is important here is to fix the system in America. We need to give Americans the strength to speak up about their system ... specifically about these animals who are controlling their system. If we can accomplish this ... if Americans can speak up in America ... then why does anyone need to go anywhere? I myself can come back to America and work from there. 

Let’s start working on the solutions now.