Let them watch ... let them watch. No problem ... its old info. What's interesting would be ... watch what they plan to do with the information that they collect. This is what will define each of them. You will understand how each of them thinks and operates.

My only advice is ... pls don't break any bones. I am not living in a hotel or hostel nowadays ... these people happen to be related to me by blood. My family is a little bit different ... each of them happen to operate a little bit differently in some scenarios. Sometimes they can be pretty negative ... breaking bones is generally not the solution.

They don't understand the type of work that I do ... and they don't understand the type of people that you are. The right thing would be to simply "contain the planned malice" if any. Use pressure points only to contain the malice ... don't take it to an extent where you start breaking bones.

Interesting activities

So, this is the data that you guys have collected about my lovely brothers? Lol.

  • Watching nude English movies in theatres since school and college.
  • Going out with college friends and banging girls.
  • After marriage, exchanging wives with their friends and banging each other's wives.
  • Pimping out their wife for financial support.
  • Running a girl's hostel in their house and banging the girls living there.
  • And sometimes, they don't even know that their wives are cheating on them.

Very interesting data ... by the way, who the hell asked you to collect this data? Lol.

I see ... so, this is what they do and they are trying to demonize me for some movies and serials ... that's why you want to break their bones? Well well well ... see, here's the thing. Like I said before ... these are not some Establishment puppets or agents placed around me by some negative political elements. They happen to be related to me by blood ... I never said that they are all clean. Each of them have some issues ... but breaking bones should not be the first thing that should come in your mind.

Here’s some basics
This is the basic info that you should understand … it is not about nude or non-nude … that’s not the issue at all … especially given their own wonderful record of banging around. Finding fault with me and quarreling with me is all about Mom’s assets. She has assets worth about $300K.

My elder brother and one sister would rather prefer that Mom passes away and they get all of the assets for themselves. This is what they are aiming at. In fact, right in front of me … they infected Mom … with a severe infection that she was coughing all night. In such a severe infection, both … my brother and sister are fighting with me … “not to give any medication” to Mom. It seems that the medication is making her sick … she should develop immunity and get well on her own.

They came up with some bullshit … they just wanted her to pass away handing over her assets to them. I said screw balls to this crap … I fought against them … gave all required medications to Mom and made her healthy again. Thus, I am the enemy now … I am the worst guy in the house.

Apparently, everything that I do is wrong … no one should listen to me … either I should leave the house and not stay with Mom … or my big brother should take Mom to his residence. This is the scheme. I am saving Mom again and again … giving her the best food and medicines regularly … and thus I am the worst guy in the house. As long as I am with Mom … I am going to keep her in the best health possible … thus, they have fought with me on every pretext possible … salt, oil, chilly, hotel food, fried food, sugar, pizza, water and even cockroaches.

This non-stop spree for looking for pretexts to demonize me and fight with me … it is all about Mom’s assets that they aim for. It has nothing to do with any morals whatsoever. This is the very foundation of their malice and quarrels with me.

All of these quarrels and malice is led by my big brother and one sister … they team up and run this repeated bullshit from a different angle every time. This is the malice that needs to be contained. The foundation of all of this malice is … Mom’s assets. That’s what needs to be fixed from these greedy minds.

Managing Criminal Greed
Technically, I am least concerned about how many wives they have banged or how many guys they have allowed to bang their wives. What bothers me at this moment in time is their "criminal greed".

What they are trying to do to Mom in their greed is criminal ... how they are trying to dupe other siblings from Mom's assets is also criminal. It is this "criminal greed" that needs to be managed.

Whenever there are issues ... you guys get involved. On one hand, I have to stop you guys from breaking their bones. And on the other hand, I have to stop them from abusing my mother and duping other siblings. Trust me, I never expected to have to manage such a balance ... but then again, this is not the first "unexpected thing" that I am handling.