Guess who? Yup … you guessed it right … Donald J Trump. All you need to do is … think of the most horrible and disgusting self-serving thing that is possible … and there is a pretty good chance that Trump has already done it.

  • Throw your colleagues under the bus … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Bang Pornstars … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Kiss the Devil’s ass to save your ass … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Loot by the trillions … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Create a genocide to get an additional year in office … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Create wars to fail the opponent’s Presidency … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Drop tens of thousands of children in the desert across the border in the middle of the night … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Allow America to burn and Americans to die by the thousands per day … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Bang your daughter … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.
  • Kill your wife … Trump: Yes, been there, done that.

You can think of the most horrendous and disgusting thing possible and Trump will most probably say … yes, been there done that. And the amusing thing is that … once you think that Trump has done the most horrible thing possible … and voila! He will surprise you by doing something even more horrible, disgusting and self-serving.

Yes, Musky … this is Donald J Trump that you are trying to befriend.

Trump banging his daughter
This is actually the first time that I am writing about this topic … only because I am compelled to do so. We have lost Joe Biden to disasters … we can’t afford to lose Elon Musk as well. Musky needs to know who he is dealing with.

Its Trump’s first year in the White House and I am designing his Presidency to make him the “Founding Father of Modern America” … the President who will take America into a new era. Guess what some SM Groups tell me … “Your plan is very nice but … the Founding Father of Modern America is banging his daughter.” Lol … my first response was … “Ow shut up … why do you even have to give me such details.”

Here are the some of the reasons why we did not talk about it yet.

  • Your personal life is none of our business. We don’t care what you do in your bedroom. Your personal life is none of our business … this is the policy on which SM has been trained upon … mainly because Establishment elements use this “spying into personal life” as hundreds of excuses to pull down candidates, to create friction, to control, to delay and to create chaos in a person’s life. So as a rule … what you do in your personal life … we don’t want to hear it … and we don’t want to know it.
  • Work Evaluation. The work that Trump would be doing … it would change lives of billions of people and create trillions of new wealth. So, what two people do in their privacy … is extremely tiny and negligible when compared to the phenomenal changes that would come for the world.
  • Gang bang family. The Trump family is a gang bang family. They are pretty liberal about sex … daddy bangs one Playmate and passes her on to his sons to bang. A Playmate mentioned this live on television that she spent time with both … daddy and sons. That’s the type of family that SM brought into the White House against Hillary Clinton. I tried not to think about what father and daughter might be doing together … because work matters … the actual end result of the Presidency is more important.
  • I invited her to join Trump. I am not even mentioning the name of his daughter … out of respect for her. Her husband was Jewish … he immediately joined the Trump Presidency. The major concern was the the Jewish Establishment would use Trump’s son-in-law to mislead him into disasters. So, I said … “if he listens to his son-in-law then it means that he really likes his daughter … so, let’s pull the daughter in the team … who would serve as the guiding force for Trump to surpass the son-in-law’s misleading”. So, technically she joined the Trump Presidency because that was a request that I made.
  • Our voice, eyes and ears. This daughter became our voice, eyes and ears in the Oval. She would be there with Trump in each and every meeting that he had … in both domestic and international meetings.

In this scenario, if I talked about Trump banging his daughter … which I cannot verify 100% on my own … then she would have to stay away from Trump … thus her very role in the White House would be compromised. So, I thought … let the father and daughter decide their own personal relationship on their own … without any outside interference.

Now, she has decided to quit politics … she will not be working with Trump ahead … it would be appropriate to mention it to safeguard the next President from Trump.

Kills his wife
Yeah … just when you think that Trump has done the worst … he will surprise you and do something even more worse. As if banging his daughter was not enough … Axed-President Trump moves ahead to kill his wife. Reportedly, Trump got Ivana Trump murdered.

As per the report … this is basically what happened. Little birdies made their trillions and flew to Mommy’s nest and started singing how each of them became a trillionaire. Mommy became interested and wanted her share of trillions … if Daddy wouldn’t shell it out then she threatened to blow the whistle.

Daddy sends a few guys to beat her to death and then throw her off the stairs … and then claims that Mommy died because she fell off the stairs. Here’s the info on that:

The cause of death stated by the investigator is “blunt impact injuries to the torso”. But the thing is … when you fall off the stairs then the key places where you get hurt are head, hands, elbows., knees, waist … these are the parts of the body that absorb the impact of the fall. You get blunt impact injuries to the torso when you are hit by a baseball bat or a golf club or something like that.

Interestingly, nobody in Trump’s family bothered to investigate how Ivana Trump got these injuries … her funeral was hushed up and she was buried. Wouldn’t you want to know … when there are injuries on the body of your beloved relative that are not consistent to the event that occurred? Wouldn’t you want to find out the actual cause of death?

You wouldn’t want to find out the actual cause of death … when you already know what happened … when you were involved in what happened. Ivana Trump just didn’t die … all signs point to clear murder.

An angle that you have to focus on here is … when Trump wants to save his money and his ass … then he will even kill his own wife … divorced wife that is. He loves his daughter Ivanka … and then kills her mother because his money and ass are more important.

Couldn’t he share a few hundred billion with her … couldn’t he allow his children a few years of happiness with their mother?

Trump is about Trump
This is what you need to understand Musky … Trump is always about Trump. He is a self-worshiping asshole … he doesn’t give a shit about the mother of his children … then who the hell are you? Who am I … in front of this self-absorbed psycho?

He creates genocides for himself … he loots trillions for himself … he kills millions of people for himself. We had planned to make him the Founder of Modern America … but he turned out to be a complete psycho.

Obama n Biden bow to scum
Michelle is an excellent person … she has good values and she actually walks the talk. She says … “when they go low, you go high”. But what Obama n Biden do is … when this lowest form of scum that exists out there … when he flashes some cash, they bow to him and kiss his ass.

A psycho criminal is on the loose out there because Obama n Biden are not moral enough to indict and convict him. Obama n Biden bow to scum. What Obama n Biden fail to realize is that … when you bow to scum then you show yourself as lower than scum. So much for “saving the soul of America”, Mr. Biden.