Well, we don't have to take the next step to create the Musk Presidency ... Elon Musk has to step forward to get it done. We have already taken the first step ... Musk has to take the next step.

We have made a very tactical move of managing the Midterms to balance the power in America. We did not sway it in favor of Republicans and we did not give a sweeping victory for Biden either. We have very carefully created a mechanism to shoot down further mass spending by Biden by giving the House to Republicans ... and very nicely, we have not created a red wave that Trump and Republicans were expecting ... thus giving us the opportunity to create the next Democrat President.

If Republicans got a sweeping victory in the Midterms then it would give a 100% approval rating to Trump becoming President again. Trump paid the Republican Party to move his endorsed candidates ahead and fail the Republicans that stood against him. But many Trump endorsed candidates failed in the general elections despite getting a sweeping victory in the primaries. This shows that Trump's money doesn't work everywhere ... its good that we sent this message to Trump and to the Republican Party.

Yes, this was a major restructuring work that was taken to ...

  • Firstly, eliminate disastrous leaders from winning the White House again ... which are Trump and Biden. Once you are a disaster then you don't get a sweeping victory again even when you don't change your policies.
  • Secondly, this balance of power helps us in creating the Musk Presidency ... and also it keeps the options open for Biden to lead America. We don't have to take the next step ... it is Elon Musk or Joe Biden that have to take the next step ... its then that things will work. Otherwise, America will remain held hostage in series of frauds who love to loot and cannot solve any crises.

This is the key glitch that Michelle has to work on ... that's one of the reasons we brought her in the game. If Biden shows no interest despite a dismal failure in the Midterms ... then she should simply move on with Elon Musk to lead America. On the other hand, Elon Musk doesn't even need to wait for Biden. I tell Michelle to discuss things with Biden because they are close ... at this moment in time ... there is no need to wait for Biden at all.

Biden has one foot in the grave ... and now, he has one foot out of the White House as well. Lol.

There are several solo modes that can designed ahead ...

1. Elon Musk. He needs to wait for no one to lead America and to become President. This is something that you can learn from Trump. He didn't ask for anyone's approval to run for President in 2016 and he is not waiting for anyone's approval to run for his re-election in 2024 either. This is something that you can learn from Trump ... in operating solo ... to lead with facts and logic.

He led the country away from several disasters using nothing but facts, logic and the media ... only this much work made the Republican Party, a party of Trump. Leading solo creates fantastic and successful results in this era of misleading from several directions.

2. Michelle Obama. Interestingly, Michelle is not a Presidential candidate ... but even she can lead solo in creating the next President ... using other candidates like Bill de Blasio, just in case Elon Musk is not interested. Michelle is being entrusted with a lot of "President making power".

3. Joe Biden. Our third preferred candidate is Joe Biden. I seriously doubt if he can snap out of Trump's control and try to lead America independently. Many SM Groups believe that ... Biden is old school and he has failed to bring a new perspective to the game ... he failed to coordinate and failed to do anything in a new manner. Many predict that Biden will stick his policies of mass spending and stick to his loot till the last moment of his one term Presidency.

We never know what will enfold ahead ... everything is planned using facts and logic ... and how the selected and elected leaders perform. Nobody thought of planning a Musk Presidency in 2020. Everyone had their hopes pinned either on Trump or Biden backed by Obamas ... based on what Trump, Biden and Obama have done, Elon Musk has entered the scene.

The response, coordination, change, leadership and a fight for what is right is extremely important for the chosen leaders to get elected as President and to remain as President. It takes two to tango ... everything is not a one man show ... proper coordination from the other side is also important to run the country.

Till date, the selected and elected leaders have only proved themselves to be parasites and greedy pigs ... who go on a looting spree and pay attention only when their ass is on fire. The game is not being played by both sides ... it is one side just sitting there leeching and looting while maintaining all disasters in the country. If anything they have done is ... they have added more disasters to the ongoing disasters ... this is the wonderful leadership that our selected and elected leaders have brought to the game.

What is the meaning of "not coordinating" with us?
This is exactly what SM Groups interpret if the Presidential candidates refuse to coordinate with us ...

  1. The candidate does not want to understand the crises.
  2. The candidate is not interested in solving the crises.
  3. The candidate will allow all of the current crises to continue.
  4. The candidate will not stop or solve any crisis.
  5. America will continue to get drained by the trillions every year.
  6. Additional crises will be added under this candidate's leadership.
  7. The candidate is either a pussy, a greedy pig or a party puppet.

This is exactly what no coordination translates into in real time. This is exactly what has happened with Trump, Warren and Biden.

The opposite is also true ... those candidates that have the highest probability of working with us are given the Presidency. I told Trump one simple thing ... "want the White House? Then work with me." This is the easiest formula to get the White House. Why? Because coordinating with us means ...

  1. The candidate will understand all crises.
  2. The candidate is interested in solving all crises.
  3. The candidate will start taking measures to stop these crises.
  4. The candidate will start working to solve all crises.
  5. Trillions of wealth drain will stop from America.
  6. Additional crises will not be added to America.
  7. The candidate will take America into a new era and go down in History as one of the greatest US President.

This is the difference between working with us and not working with us ... and this is the basis of creating each Presidency.

The important thing right now is ... not me designing the next step ... Michelle needs to work on the next step from her side or either Musky should step forward. This is not a one man's show or a one man's game ... everyone needs to play their role.