So, Trump wants to talk to me and pro-Trump SM Groups want me to talk to him? What's the harm in just talking to him for a start ... why flush him out totally?

Okay fine ... I can talk to Trump ... but do you understand what it means when leaders start interacting with me? It means support and protection for them and help in their leadership. Today, we are at a point that we cannot guarantee anything for Trump ... he has put himself in so many crimes that everyone will put so many questions before supporting him.

If Trump wants to talk ... then these things will be on his wishlist ...

  • Protection and security from legal cases as he got via our support during his Presidency.
  • And then he will want to win and get re-elected in 2024.

I am practical and honest ... tell me how can we guarantee any of the above? He himself went about committing so many crimes despite our repeated warnings ... repeated waves of the pandemic, wars, border crisis, international political opposition ... if we have to activate any SM Groups in Trump's favor ... then where are the facts to support him?

You know how all SM Groups function ... its all facts and logic. If we have no facts then the logic doesn't fall in your favor.

Its very complicated for Trump right now. How I operate is ... I pull all SM Groups on a united purpose and track ... SM dismantles Establishment and Political Party planning if it goes against us ... and enables the best option to win based on facts and logic.

There are 4 main planning elements in the scene.

  • SM is the most powerful and largest entity in the game.
  • Then comes the Establishment.
  • And then come the Political Parties ... Dems and Republicans.
  • And then comes me ... Active Democracy.

Everyone have their individual plans when Trump is concerned. As of now, I am absent in the scene ... I am not planning anything for Trump. My approach with Trump is ... get out of the way and let me work with Biden and Obamas ... this is right from the beginning of the Biden Presidency.

If I plan then I pull SM on my side ... and take care of the Establishment and Political parties ... but I am absent when Trump is concerned. The movement is already on with SM, Establishment and Political parties for Trump.

After committing so many large scale crimes ... if Trump comes to me and says ... "hey, save me!" Then its pretty complicated ... SM has its own facts about Trump ... the Establishment has its own objectives ... Political parties have their own interests. That's why I am saying ... honestly ... nothing is guaranteed for Trump ahead.

Still if he wants to talk ... I am not an egomaniac ... I can hear him out.