Biden must have been surprised with our varied content … one day we are saving the Biden Presidency … another day, we are enforcing Biden with Elon Musk … and then another day, we are talking about impeachment and jail for Biden. Yes, I agree … its quite varied content … and that’s why, I think we need to give some basic information to Biden about the SM Network.

SM is everywhere … it is the country
At first, I knew SM as only one group that used to manage me. I started showing them the work that has to be done and they would be literally crying with the amount of work that I was giving them. So, I had to train them in how to use the entire Matrix and operate as a “network”.

This increased their power millions of times and spread their influence through several countries and cities around the world. As of now … as we speak … they are everywhere … in the intelligence, judiciary, legals, politics, media, corporations, celebrities, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and even in the White House.

I have trained them to operate as Active Citizens … each group functions independently … using facts and logic … to do what is right for the Nation. This is Active Democracy … where everyone leads the country based on their skills and influence.

There are several groups out there … pro-Biden, anti-Biden, pro-Democrat, anti-Democrat, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, pro-Republican, anti-Republican and so on.

Nation Management
I sit at the top level … as Director of Strategy and Planning … and show what has to be done and what has to be stopped … everyone operates independently using facts and logic to do what is right for the people.

I told Trump also several times that I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican … this is all about the people. But he used to call me a Democrat as Dems were protecting me.

Distributed in several groups
Obama doesn’t know anything about SM … SM activity was non-existent during his first term and they got activated during his second term but they functioned completely independently. This is something totally new for Obamas as well.

They operate in several groups … each group having its own skillsets, own influence and own objectives. The common ground for all of them is … working with facts and logic … for the good of the people.

Which group gets activated … which groups get bigger and works with you or against you … all of this depends on your actions and policies as President. Let me explain this with some examples …

Pro-Biden. These groups became pro-Biden based on the formula that we gave of leading America by Biden backed by Obamas. They wanted to support you and give you victories in leading America as a phenomenal leader. But unfortunately, you lost a lot of members from this group … as you went on a looting spree instead of reforming America. Today, this group is very weak and they don’t see any hope for a second term for Biden. Again … this is based on your actions and policies since the past one and a half years.

Pro-Democrat. And then we have another group that is pro-Democrat. Since our policies are all about people and Democracy … these groups think that it is great that our policies are implemented via the Democrat Party. So, they asked us for an alternate solution as we were losing Biden to his looting spree.

That’s where we came up with the Elon Musk option via the Democrat Party. There are two ways we can move Elon Musk in the Presidency … one is via VP and another via the Presidency directly. Both of these options will help Democrats.

These options are being strongly considered right now … as the solo pro-Biden option has mostly failed. Apart from Biden being very weak and brittle … he has a major issue with cash … and he can’t handle the stress and opposition that will rise in revolutionary reforms. Thus we had to reinforce the Biden Presidency with a strong element like Elon Musk.

Anti-Biden. These groups want Biden to be impeached and jailed for his mass spending programs. They want immediate investigations to begin in every single mass spending scheme that Biden has launched. The aim of this group is to stop Biden’s mass spending and to pull him on the right track. If Biden doesn’t change then he might as well be impeached and removed from leadership.

I had given some formulas to Trump … “don’t loot by the trillions and don’t kill by the millions”. It is based on these formulas that I repeatedly stopped Trump from several wars and told him not to touch taxpayer money. Trump followed the advice quite well … but you guys are all over the place.

Again … even this anti-Biden group also follows the facts that they get at the ground level. Your multi-trillion dollar spending programs are a fact … and it’s a fact that they are creating the highest debt, inflation and cost of living than ever. It is your actions and policies that activate the respective group.

If you were a great leader providing great revolutionary reforms for America … then the pro-Biden group would have expanded greatly and you would have massive support from SM … you would never tank in polls or popularity. But since you choose to go for a looting spree … you lost many members from your pro-Biden group. Now, your looting spree is creating an economic crisis for America and putting the country into a recession … that’s why the anti-Biden groups are coming into action.

Whatever you do … it activates the respective group at the ground level.

Pro-Trump. Even today, there are some pro-Trump groups. Why? Because Republicans are full of shit … it is better that Trump is doing whatever instead of having Republicans in the hands of the Establishment. So they are like … let him play around.

Anti-Trump. They want to electrocute Trump’s balls in Gitmo for the crimes that he has committed.

Nation Management – Managing Several Groups
I not one guy with one opinion. I am into Nation Management … I show you what each group is doing out there … why they are making such moves … what is their psyche … what they will do next. If they are planning to fail you in the Mid Terms then I will let you know why and how. If they are planning to impeach you and put you in jail then I will let you know why and how.

Despite these negative activities that you invite by your own policies … I have to design bigger strategies that will overcome all of the issues that all of these groups have.

For example … if I can show them by facts that … yes, Biden has changed … yes, he is working with Elon Musk … if I can show a different track of activities … then all of these groups will come to support you. I am at the top and I can change how they operate … but there has to be coordination from your side.

The issue from your side is that … we are planning something great and phenomenal … but we are getting shitty gimmicks of looting by the trillions again and again from the Biden Presidency. That’s why everything is going negative for Biden … you are failing more and more every single day … to the extent we have impeachment and jail options being activated for you.

Yes, you are right … there is varied content coming from our side … it is mainly because of these reasons:

  • There are several groups out there who operate independently based upon the facts that you provide with your Presidency.
  • Secondly, there is a world of a difference in what we plan and what you actually do at the ground level.

We are planning great and phenomenal things for you … but you are on a looting spree. How do you expect good and positive outcomes out of that?

You cannot lead in the conventional way in Active Democracy, Mr. Biden. You have to change your ways if you want to remain in the White House. You have to operate via facts and logic.